Harry Styles Interviews Timothee Chalamet and I Lose My Mind

Hello friends.

As you may be able to tell by the title, I’ve gone somewhat crazy over an interview between Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet, and honestly, rightly so?

i-D are well known for executing some amazing interviews in their own right, but handing over the reigns to a cultured king such as Styles, could possibly be their best move yet.

I mean an Oscar nominated 22-year old and a platinum selling 24-year old chatting, philosophising and showing us all up with their casual genius, it’s what the people want.

I think what genuinely intrigued me so much about this interview was the fact that ever since Timothee started gaining more traction and popping up on everyone’s radar more and more, the comparison’s were instant. I don’t know if it was the too good to be true mop of hair, the slightly awkward yet graceful lilt they both have while speaking at interviews, the floral suits that they both seem to wear effortlessly, or the wise-beyond-years, ‘you’re definitely from another universe’ type of poise they both unconsciously hold themselves with that made it happen, but whatever it was had people begging for a union of the two. And i-D made it happen.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.13.21 pm.png

As the article mentions, I think the connection between the two that draws people to them as a duo is that they represent this new version of an alternative masculine figure who isn’t so overtly masculine and is 100% okay with that. In the music industry and the film industry, with so many masculine figure heads and power players, whenever one of these type of people pop up as they tend to do every now and then (think Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Cillian Murphy) people tend to pay extra good attention.

Being as young as they are, Harry and Timothee are making waves, and for all the right reasons.

But on to the interview, which you can read HERE.

I mean, they begin their phone call by addressing each other as Mr Chalamet and Mr Styles, so if that doesn’t set the entire tone of the interview, I don’t know what does. First things first, Harry asks incredible questions, and it’s clear he’s taken some time to actually think of some genuine questions to ask. One thing that definitely struck me with the interview, was that it was less like an interview and more of a conversation between two people who’ve entered their respective industries at incredibly young ages. There’s a huge sense of maturity and understanding, way beyond their years, and one can only assume that comes with having to grow up ridiculously fast to keep up with their own lives.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.17.36 pm.png

They cover topics like addiction, understandably as it’s the topic of Chalamet’s latest film Beautiful Boy, the intensity required of his character and the impact it left on him after filming was done. They speak about friends and family, the impact their professions have had on those relationships, journaling, pressure to be political, social awareness, social media, Harry’s role in Dunkirk, the concept of masculinity, (which garners one of the best responses I’ve ever read in an interview, ever) and having control over their careers more and more as they’ve developed and grown.

What I found so interesting was that while regular interviewers tend to ask questions within a similar vein of those asked by Styles and in return Chalamet in their conversation of an interview, the depth at which they both take the questions, and the directions they chose to go with it are slightly more direct and in depth than I think we would have gotten had the interview been a regular interview between a journalist and the interviewee.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.14.32 pm.png

I think what I’m trying to get to in my ramblings, is that reading the interview was a much needed breath of fresh air. Somehow through the typed, paraphrased I’m sure, interview, you can get a real sense of genuine want to be having the conversation and talking to the other person which I think is rare these days. As lovely as many musicians and actors and producers etc. are, it’s hard to find interviews that don’t have some sense of obligation.

I mean sure, they spoke about Timothee’s recent films and Harry’s music and even his acting career, but it wasn’t in a way that I felt was being promoted towards the reader in an effort to get more attention on those particular topics. Of the entire interview, only maybe only two minutes worth of reading is dedicated to those particular points of interest, and the rest of it is completely in the palm of Harry as the interviewer and Timothee as the more-than-willing interviewee. It’s refreshing to read Chalamet flip the questions on Styles as well, making that sense of conversation rather than interview all the more evident.

I don’t know man, I just really enjoy reading an interview for once.



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Hey friends!

Today I thought I’d touch base with what’s now become one of my most favourite websites to exist, Visualify.

I wrote a post all about Visualify a little while back, which I softly suggest you give a read, because I get most of the rambling done in that one, but if you can’t be bothered then I’ll fill you in.

Last year, quite a few people, me being one of them, shared their Spotify 2017 Wrapped, which gave you a run down of your listening habits for the year, such as how many minutes of music you listened to in total, the artists you listened to and the songs you listened to the most, how many songs you skipped, which genres your listening styles fell under and quite a bit more.


The Spotify Wrapped only captured everything at the end of the year. It only gives you a roundup of the entire year, and once I was shown those stats and details of my listening habits, I was hungry for more.

Thus began the search for an app, a website, a number-cruncher of some sort, that could show me my stats throughout the year!

Enter Visualify.

Visualify shows you your rough listening habits in terms of artists and songs on a monthly basis, a weekly basis, and of all time, encompassing your entire Spotify listening history. Which is sick.

For this post, I thought I’d give you an update on how my Spotify Visualify is shaping up during the month of August!


THIS MONTHTop Artists Jon BellionDrakeChris BrownBruno MarsCardi BTop SongsNew York Soul - Pt. ii - Jon BellionJim Morrison - Jon BellionGuillotine - Jon BellionHand Of God - Outro - Jon











THIS YEARTop ArtistsJon BellionBruno MarsChris BrownAmineDrakeTop SongsHeaven - Julia MichaelsMoon River - Frank OceanAll The Stars - Kendrick Lamar, SZAKill V. Maim - GrimesI Like It -















ALL TIMETop Artists Chris BrownJon BellionEd SheeranKehlaniCalvin HarrisTop SongsMi Gente - J BalvinGuillotine - Jon BellionHeebiejeebies - Amine, KehlaniCRZY - KehlaniKiwi - Harry Style



















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Courtesy Of: My Best Friend

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Hello friends! Today’s post is an old favourite of mine, one I haven’t done for a while, a Courtesy Of! This time, we have one of my best friends, Kate, returning to share some of her top ten favourite songs at the moment!

Bennie and The Jets Revamp – Elton John, Pink, Logic: My dudes give this one a listen. Kate showed me and another friend when everyone had left her birthday party and we were cleaning up, and it was incredibly unexpected. Logic’s part is undoubtedly my favourite.

Getaway Car – Taylor Swift: I can’t say I’ve listened to a lot of Taylor’s reputation album, but I definitely don’t mind this song to be fair. It’s not bad at all, but I’m not sure how much I can get around her new songs, I’m still an aggressive Our Song fan.

Two Ghosts – Harry Styles: If you’ve read my review of the Harry Styles’s concert, then you know this is no surprise considering Kate’s in the same boat as me when it comes to this man.

I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen: Now when it comes to Bruce Springsteen, I have to admit, I never listened to his music at all. Never came across it in my life or heard too many of his songs on a regular basis. Until I became friends with Kate. Considering her dad is obsessed with Bruce, one of his songs are always on when I get in the car, and Kate can pick one of his songs within the first five seconds of it playing.

Barbie Tingz – Nicki Minaj: Ahhh, Barbie Tingz. A bop. Definitely my favourite of her recent two releases, so I’m glad Kate’s getting around it too!

Sleep On The Floor – The Lumineers: This song is so beautiful. Since getting Kate’s list I’ve been listening to this song everyday, I chuck it on in the car or on the way into university. Also, give the live version a listen as well.

Blitzrieg Bop – Ramones: This is a song that you either know of and can name straight away, or you’ve heard but have no idea what it’s called or who it’s by. I fall into the latter option, because I was so confused when I read the song name. Obviously I’m familiar with the Ramones, but the song threw me, until I listened to it and realised that I’ve literally been listening to this song my whole life, and it’s it nearly every early 90’s teen film.

Whole Wide World – Cage The Elephant: This was another song I’d never heard until I asked Kate for her list of songs. It fits her. I don’t know how but I can definitely see her loving this song – check out the Spotify Single version of this song, I really enjoyed it. Also, there’s another version of this song by Berhana, if you find it, give it a listen, it’s like the Priya version to the Kate original of this song. It’s the two of us in two versions of the same song. Insane.

If I Could Fly – One Direction: Kate sent me this list before we saw Harry Styles live, so she probably freaked out a little when he performed If I Could Fly. We all know how I feel about this song, so it’s no surprise my best friend feels the same.

Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars ft Cardi B: Oh my goodness this song is still a tune. Five months into the year and it still goes just as hard as when it was released in January. No doubt.



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The Truth About Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a hologram.

There. I said it, wake up everyone,

I finally came to this conclusion, last night on the 24th of April, watching him live, when I realised that no-one who sounded like that, acted like that, performed like that or looked like that, could in fact possibly be real. The moment of realisation allowed everything I had ever known for the past seven-eight years, to click into place.

But for the sake of content fluidity, I guess I can start from the beginning.

The night started earlier that evening with some train delays that set us off a couple minutes later than we intended. However, considering we were meeting on the train two hours before the opening act got on stage, it wasn’t a huge issue, and Kate, Jess and I met up on the crowded train a little after 5:30.

It wasn’t a long ride into the city, but soon we were getting off at Richmond station for a drink and something to eat at Precinct. A cocktail and bowl of chips later, we decided to head off towards Hisense Arena, following the clumps of girls all making their way over there.

It was a short walk, and an even shorter line to get inside, followed by the usual bag search and metal detector thing, but soon we were in, enveloped by this hugely nostalgic feeling, seeing hundreds of girls, some young, but mostly our age and older, a couple of boys, either fans or best friends and boyfriends being dragged along and a couple of older groups, all walking through the arena. At this point Jess and I had to split up from Kate who had bought her ticket later and was on the other side of the stage.

Finally we found our seats. Hisense Arena isn’t a massive arena, compared to Rod Laver and Etihad Stadium where One Direction have performed previously, so to be quite honest, you could see perfectly from any seat. Still, my blind self made sure to bring my glasses with me. I hadn’t waited a year and half to not be able to see the man.

A couple of flash light signals later, we spotted Kate across the arena and began enjoying the opening act, The Preatures.

I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the band, but I definitely enjoy their music whenever it comes on Triple J during work, so I really enjoyed their set. Jess and I continued to marvel at the complete 70’s/80’s vibe they had, that surrounded their whole performance. It was a really fun set to watch, as well as listen to. I particularly enjoyed their song Your Fan, a song about being a fan of a huge band who splits up and wanting to continue being a fan….fitting as hell?? Definitely recommend listening to that song, I’ve linked it for you, especially if you’ve gone through the experience of being a massive fan of a group or a band only to have them split up or end their journeys. It was a tear jerker no doubt.

Finally. Finally.

Harry Styles, in a black and gold embroidered suit, walked out.

We love an on trend king.

It was insane. As I recalled in the car drive home, I definitely broke some skin on Jess’ hand from how tightly we were clutching each other as he and his band walked out. You have to understand, the whole experience was so special because we’d literally been on this ride for nearly eight years. It was insane seeing him again, especially considering the last time we had seen him live, it was the three of us again, watching One Direction at Etihad Stadium in 2015.

However this time, rather than having Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn standing beside him, he had Mitchell on lead guitar, Sarah on drums and vocals, Clare on keyboard and vocals and Adam on bass guitar and vocals, with Harry’s voice front and centre.

My first major melt-down was when he opened with Only Angel. The angelic build-up for his entrance set the entire tone for this song, and when the song got to that 0:52 mark I was never more ready for the song to kick off into the groovy rock sound I have learnt to align Styles with.



There was only a few seconds between Only Angel and his second song, Woman, which set the crowd off again. The amount of screaming was incredibly reminiscent of an entire period of my life, and anyone who knows, knows. There is something so distinct about the scream from a fangirl that you know instantly. It was insane.

Ever Since New York had tears welling up in my eyes within the first few chords being strummed, and it was the first of many songs where I was thrown back to my first time ever seeing One Direction in 2013, where I was standing right at the back of Rod Laver Arena, completely frozen, my hand over my mouth, on the verge of tears but just in awe. The final few accapella moments of the song, with nothing but the band’s backing vocals and his voice filling the stadium was magical, and I’m so I was quick enough to whip out my phone and capture part of it.

Two Ghosts had me shooketh. Shooketh. That’s all for that one.

Carolina nearly started a riot. I can’t describe the feel of this song adequately without you just listening to it.

One thing I will say before I continue. His entire album was made for a live experience. All the songs were 10 times better in the arena than they are in the studio versions.

Harry then blessed us all with Stockholme Syndrome, a One Direction song released in 2014, that had everyone going mad. Every single word came flooding back like muscle memory, it was insane. Harry also wrote Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, which is performed by Ariana Grande, and I definitely love his version of it a little bit more, but I’m obviously biased.

His next song can’t be linked like all the others, because there’s no studio version of it since it’s not been released, which frankly, offends me. Medicine is up with there with Kiwi as one of my favourite Harry Styles’ songs and I’m in desperate need of a recorded version. My Spotify is dry without it. If you’re keen to listen to it, here’s a link to a YouTube video with the song recorded at the concert, in surprisingly decent quality.

His next song was Meet Me In The Hallway. Another topic we discussed in the car back, was how bloody sad all his slow songs are. For a man of his age, he writes about incredibly deep topics and his lyrics always seem to just, punch you in the gut, take your breath away. There’s so much weight behind them all and this song is no different. It also definitely links back to this constant stigma that he and the rest of the boys faced in One Direction when they were writing songs, that led to most people shrugging them off as cringe-y and fake. Their current careers, especially Harry’s and Niall’s have honestly proven just how talented they all really are when it comes to song writing and it’s a shame people are missing out on it because they refuse to give it a chance.


Meet Me In The Hallway is incredibly cinematic and atmospheric. It’s soon become one of my favourite songs on the album. It created the perfect segue to allow him to climb off stage and walk down the partition in the middle of the mosh-pit, stopping to clutch hand’s and give hugs on his way down to the back of the reserved seating, where he and his guitar played Mitchell climbed up onto a tiny stage right in front of the back seating to sing Sweet Creature. One of my favourite slower songs, Sweet Creature is this perfect acoustic song, that seemed to shrink the size of the arena down and put everyone in the palm of his hand.

A lot of the atmosphere he created, I believe came down to the person he is. It’s rare you find someone who’s so talented, yet has remained so kind and humble as Harry Styles has. He obviously isn’t ashamed of his beginnings, or the fact that his main demographic is a group of incredibly loyal and supportive females (…) and everyone felt incredibly safe in the space he created. There was this really obvious underlying understanding that majority of us started from the same place, around the same age, with the same group of people, and he just embraces it. Whether it’s pulling up a country’s flag or proudly wearing the array of LGBTQIA+ and varying sexual orientation’s flags thrown on stage around his shoulders as he sings, he manages to shrink whatever stadium stage he’s on, into this tiny space where everyone is having the time of their lives, and it’s something he’s managed to do since he started in One Direction.

Though, nothing compared to when Mitchell left him on the stage alone, and Harry started another One Direction song, one he had written, If I Could Fly, undoubtedly, my favourite song from their last album. Again, it was another song where I’m pretty sure had Jess and I frozen just watching him. He let the audience sing the final chorus and it was ridiculous how loud we all sang it back.

He moved back to the main stage, and continued with another song that isn’t yet released, Anna. This song again, is a tune. It’s a bop and I’m in dire need of a studio version. You can listen to it here.


Intent of making everyone lose their minds once again, he did his own rendition of What Makes You Beautiful, the song that started it all, and I have to say. His version shits all over the original. It was amazing and his style of singing it, the style the band played it with, made it so much more edgier and rough and jaw-dropping to listen to, let alone watch live.

Harry’s banter with the crowd was nothing knew. He regularly paused to hold entire conversations with people in the crowd, tell us about how much he was enjoying the tour and Australia, singing Horses by Darryl Braithwaite and egging us on to finish the chorus. It was one of the best parts of the concert.

He made sure to thank everyone tremendously before he started Sign Of The Times, the song that kicked his solo career off, as his ‘last’ song.

Three minutes and the entire song of Horses later, he was back on stage for the encore.

From The Dining Table was the perfect warm-up for the encore and it was just another opportunity for everyone to really get an opportunity to hear how incredible his voice actually is.


After the song, he took the opportunity to introduce his band, before kicking off into his iconic cover of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. If you’re a regular around here, you know how much I lose my mind over that song and the intense love I have for it, which made it all the more special.

But, again, if you’re a regular, you know there’s one Harry Styles song that gets me going like no other, and the absolutely tease that he is, he left it as the final song of the show.

Any bit of my voice I had left was completely obliterated as soon as he sang the first line of Kiwi, and that whole song was unforgettable. His stage presence was off the charts, and he practically did laps, stalking up and down the front. Having honestly spent the last year going mental over this song, singing it in my room too many times to count, singing the guitar solo and screeching “I’m having your baby” from the top of my lungs, it all culminated into the most insane 2:56 minutes I have ever experienced at a gig.


/a whole man/

Harry Styles was everything I wanted and ten times more than I ever could have imagined.

My dudes.

Only 42 days until Niall Horan. Twelve year old ‘Niall girl’ Priya is quaking.



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As bloody well predicted, my Gig Guide has developed quite a bit since my last post about my gigging adventures back in July. I’m so pumped for 2018 to just get here already because my friends and I have a bunched of concerts booked and planned and ready to go.

SO LET US BEGIN! I’m gonna do this by month because that’s how I did the last one, and I liked it that way:

Kicking off 2017, I’m going to see The Kooks with two of my best friends, tickets for which we literally booked half an hour ago. Honestly last month and this month were crazy for concert tickets, everyone seemed to be announcing shows in Australia, and these were definitely tickets I was very excited to hear about.

Oh my goodness this is probably in the top three concerts that I’m the most excited about next year, and that’s Billie Eilish. I’m going with three of my friends, all of whom love Billie just as much as I do. If you aren’t aware of how much I love this gal, check out my post that I did, all about the angel and how much she rocks. She’s performing at The Howler, which is one of my all-time favourite gig venues. Cannot wait to get into a pork burger and a cider.

March is where it is at honestly. So to start off March, two of my best friends and I again, are going to see Jet perform at the Melbourne Zoo Twilight gigs that happen every year. Honestly, 8-year old me, singing Are You Gonna Be My Girl on SingStar Rock had a meltdown when I bought those tickets.
Then as I mentioned in my first Gig Guide, I’m going to see the smooth as heck, Bruno Mars at Etihad Stadium with my family, shoutout to my dad for scoring us all mosh pit tickets. I’m so pumped for it.
Then literally four days later, the same best friends that I’ve mentioned twice already and I, are getting in the mosh pit for Ed Sheeran. This will be the second time I’m seeing him and if it’s anything like the first time, we’re in for an amazing show.

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m seeing Harry Styles in April and I’m waiting for the moment I get to hear Kiwi live. All these fan videos from his US concerts can only keep me going for so long, and with the music video come out too I’m so pumped for it.

Then finally, (as of now), I’m going to see my boy Niall Horan (post linked). I cannot wait to see Niall live. The last time I saw him was when One Direction toured, all five of them, and they came to Australia, and I’ve never got to see him again, since they never bloody come here. But finally, after much patience, he announced his tour and I was thrilled to get tickets. Cannot wait. Will scream.

I will definitely be giving more updates, or at least updating this post if there are any changes in the near future, but for now, that’s all! Let me know if you’ve seen any of the acts I mentioned above live, or, any acts you would recommend seeing live!




So, in the time that I’ve uploaded this post, and the time of writing this now, 12:53am on December the 30th, I have added two more gigs to the lineup above. Let’s get it.

While previously I was only attending The Kooks in January, I’ll also be attending the Australian Open tennis tournament. ‘But Priya’, you say ‘that’s definitely not a concert’. You’re right. What does constitute as a concert is the official Australian Open Live Stage that you get access to when purchasing General Access tickets. On the day we booked our tickets, we’re also gonna be joining a lil mosh pit for one of my favourite Melbourne bands ever, Jakubi, who are opening for Rudimental. Insane.

An exact month after we go for The Kooks, my two best friends and I, who I’ve mentioned too many times above, are going to Let Go Fest. Let Go Fest is a relatively new festival that’s started up in Victoria, my state, however the lineup is incredible. It was only released a couple of days ago, but with Gang Of Youths, SAFIA, Bag Raiders, Remi, Middle Kids, a silent disco, a free ferris wheel and a ton more, we didn’t hesitate to get tickets. Cannot wait.



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So let’s dive into what’s happened this year for me…gig wise.

So this is a funny story. I really like Adele. She’s fantastic. I enjoy her music. But not to the point where I was about to sit in front of my laptop minutes before her concert tickets went on sale. Then one Saturday I was at work, when my family group chat went off. My aunt literally offered to buy my cousin and I Adele tickets so she’d have someone to go with. She’s a legend. Obviously we offered to pay her back, but it ended up being an early birthday present for the year. I was pretty chuffed with that. In the end, my aunty, three of my cousins and my mum and I all ended up seeing Adele in March, and I’m really thankful to my aunty for paying for those tickets, because she was amazing. We basically bought tickets for a concert and a comedy show because that woman was hilarious.

Ahhh April. It was a fun month. I saw Gretta. Like, delicious burger, amazing cider, front row for Gretta Ray. It was such an amazing show, but you already know about that. If you don’t, you should probably read my post all about Gretta and how amazing the experience was.

I’m so excited for the upcoming month. It’s so close. In August I get to see one of my favourite female singers ever, Kehlani. I am in awe of that woman and how much she kills it. She can do no wrong. But, kicking off the month on the 5th, is another gig at my beloved Howler here in Melbourne, to see Dean Lewis. I cannot wait. You can bet you’ll be getting a post about that as well! Plus, peep ya gal’s 19th birthday 😉

I know this makes no sense to include since this is meant to be a yearly overview and these are very much next year, but I booked them this year so…surely they count?

Bruno Mars! I’ve been waiting to see him, and my dad managed to snag a bunch of general access floor tickets from work. I had already bought two with my own money, up in the stands which I promptly sold to some lovely sisters a few hours away from me. I’m so excited though.

Ed Sheeran. Ever since I saw him in 2015, I vowed that I would definitely be at his concert the next time he came. And I honestly thought we’d missed out on tickets when my two best friends and I all failed to bring up tickets. But then he announced another concert and each of us were able to secure single tickets in the general admission (mosh) section, so all was good and I was chuffed.

Harry Styles. Yup. After the pain that was his one night, 1500-seating concert announcement, which failed to provide tickets for the rest of the Melbourne population wanting to go, the man thankfully announced another tour later in the year. I had that ticket page open for three days I tell you. And I got two tickets straight away…that TIMED OUT. I don’t even know what happened, but I had pressed purchase, and in the ten seconds that it took for my internet to load through the purchase, the website timed out. Somehow, somehow, I managed to wait in the queue for literally thirty seconds, before I was able to get another two tickets up in the stands, which I promptly bought while screeching over the phone to my best friend who was on speaker throughout the ordeal.


So that’s what I have planned so far. So far. I unfortunately was not able to make it to Splendour In The Grass in Byron…due to insufficient funds. But I’m not too mad about that. I’m definitely looking forward to all these shows and maybe a few more? We’ll see.