Sri Lanka // Some Film & Some Tunes

Hello friends!

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had an amazing few last days of 2019, and are having an amazing first few days of 2020. I know I’m aiming to make 2020 a year of experiences and growth, if those can be classified as very broadly defined resolutions??

I’m huge on experiencing stuff, and one of my favourite things is experiencing new places, or just something different to the norm. I love going away whether it’s with my family or my friends, and I’m hoping to do heaps more in 2020. Fingers crossed.

In line with that, I thought I’d share some of my favourite film shots I took on my Pentax on the last holiday I went on, to Sri Lanka with my family over November and December. It was a short one for our standards, just over two weeks, but we saw and did so much in those two weeks, that Sri Lanka is easily up there with one of my favourite places in the world. It’s one of the few places I’ve traveled that I can see myself moving to or spending a couple of months living. I also thought, as this is a music blog, I’d share with you a playlist of some songs I listened during the drives around the beautiful, tiny little country.


Subside – Eloise
Morning Dew – Matthew Quinten
Show Me How – gem
Gloria – The Lumineers
CYH – Audrey Mika
Sweet Time – Raveena


Where Do You Go – Yebba
Easy – Mac Ayres
Let’s Fall In Love for the Night – FINNEAS
Ice Cream Sundae – Inhaler
Fool For You – Snoh Aalegra
You, Dear – Eloise


Like Someone In Love – Bruno Major
It Runs Through Me – Tom Misch, De La Soul
How Deep Is Your Love – PJ Morton


Have Mercy – Eryn Allen Kane
Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles
Frozen – Sabrina Claudio


Y U Gotta Be Like That – Audrey Mika
Peach Pit – Peach Pit
Castles – Freya Ridings
Solita – Kali Uchis
Vain – KIRBY




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The Soundtrack // Rye 2019

Hello, hello and welcome back to another post!

Today’s post is a short-ish one, but one I love a lot. Over the 24th to the 26th, six of my friends and I took a 50 minute drive out of Melbourne to Rye, a popular coastal town in Victoria. We packed the cars with bathers, drinks and board games and hit the road.

It was a really easy drive, considering we left early on the Sunday morning. Because our AirBnB wasn’t available until 2pm that day, we stopped at Sorrento, where one of the boys in our group had his family’s holiday house and spent a little while there. The walk over to the beach was a short and effortless trip across the road, and the few hours we spent at Sorrento beach were incredible. We played beach frisbee, lay in the sun, listened to music and laughed plenty.


Once the AirBnB was ready, we made our first stop at the super-market to pick up food for the stay, before heading to the house, a beautiful little three bedroom, two bathroom AirBnB with the perfect kitchen and dining area for us to dump our things.



The Monday, the one full day we had in Rye, was one of my favourite days of the year. We made the short drive to Blairgowrie, where we walked down amongst the rock pools to get to a deep, blue, beautiful rock pool sitting beneath a huge rock, perfect for jumping off, which is where we spent majority of the day. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, the water was the bluest I’ve ever seen and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The rest of the day was spent making another stop at the supermarket, an hour or so at another back beach then back to the house for games and drinks.



The following day was a rush of getting the AirBnB clean and out of the house by 10am, with a pit stop for mini golf and fish and chips for lunch on the way home.


Music was constantly playing in Rye.


As soon as we were up in the morning, the UE Boom was on and it provided the perfect soundtrack for everyone to wake up one by one and come into the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs. While we all got ready for the day and drove to the beach, a selection of songs became very prominent for me personally, and of course our games and drinks late into the evening were partnered by the portable speaker sitting on the kitchen table behind us.

Here’s the Rye 2019 playlist:


Loverboy – Tash
Alright – Jordan Rakei
dear marie, i’d love to meet your mum – Cody Simpson
Killer Queen – Queen
Deep Down Low – Valentino Khan
Get To Know – Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt
My Favourite Part – Mac Miller, Ariana Grande
Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch, Zak Abel
Senorita – EDEN
How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris, Disciples
Please Me – Cardi B, Bruno Mars
Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
Feels – Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry
Be With You – RUFUS DU SOL
American Love – Smallpools
Gold Snafu – Sticky Fingers
Controlla – Drake
Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen
Rehab – Amy Winehouse




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Very Specific Pt. 4

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.25.09 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to another installment of what is quickly becoming one of my favourite posts on my blog, Very Specific. Let’s get right into it.

This Very Specific playlist is dedicated to songs made to put in the background of travel videos. Now, whatever style you may have, I’m positive you can find something in this list. I myself have used a few of these, and my taste in travel videos has changed time and time again since they first became popular. Whether you want up-beat, high energy, in your face, or chill, cruise-y and atmospheric as heck, I’ve got you covered. When I say that, I also mean that besides this post, I quite literally have a playlist for this very specific use on my Spotify. Check it out.

Orbit (Hazey Eyes Remix) – SŸDE, Ashe

Waiting Here (Niklas Ibach Remix) – Jake Isaac, Niklas Ibach

Stay – Chet Porter, Chelsea Cutler

Waiting For You – Verzache, Swell

Feeling High – Khwezi

Fool For You – Big Z, Jackson Breit

High (Yahtzel Remix) – Peking Duk, Nicole Millar, Yahtzel

Cutting Shapes – Don Diablo

Dancing In The Moonlight – Welshy

How Hard I Try – filous, James Hersey

Sun Models – ODESZA, Madelyn Grant

Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For – Tep No

Catch & Release (Deepend Remix) – Matt Simons, Falken Van Den Aker, Bob Van Ratingen

Aloha – Møme, Merryn Jeann

Adventure Of A Lifetime (Matoma Remix) – Coldplay, Matoma

Beach House – Hockey Dad 

Heartbeat (Solidisco Remix) – Autograf

Take The “A” Train (Mint Royale Remix) – Ella Fitzgerald 

Eva – Punctual

Sleep Walk – Santo & Johnny

That’s what I have for you today! Actually, I have more. Since you’re here, and we’re on the topic…here’s my last travel video from when I went to the USA last year with my family! Tip – definitely a lot better if you watch it in HD…*cue my sister’s poor excuse for an American accent*

But yeah! Hope you enjoyed that video, even watching it now makes me want to go back, or at least get on a plane.

Hopefully you listened to a few of these and picture yourself snorkelling, or scanning your ticket at the airport gates or jumping off a cliff into a blue ocean. I am keen as a bean to get some more travel in, whether or not my current bank account permits it is yet to be seen. I’d love to hear about your travels or favourite holidays you’ve been on, let me know in the comments!



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