Giveon // Define RnB

Sometimes there are just moments when you hear an artist for the first time and you have to collect your jaw up from the floor.

This being one of them.

Recently I’ve heard so many people really dragging on RnB, comparing the classic old school RnB to now, and talking about the lack of quality RnB music being shared. And to that I say, please sit yourself down and shut up.

There are so many incredible RnB artists brimming below the surface of mainstream music and media, and I think they’re defining a new era of RnB. I even have an entire playlist dedicated to these artists and their music, which you can find HERE. One of those artists for me personally at the moment, is Giveon. Since discovering the baritone earlier in the year, I’ve had his music on replay, whether it’s his album TAKE TIME or his feature on Chicago Freestyle, one of the tracks from Drake’s latest album, Dark Lane Demo Tapes.



Giveon is the definition of ‘tall, dark and handsome’, but like sonically it checks out too?? If that makes sense?? Let me know if it doesn’t, because I totally understand. 

I think I fell in love with how much space his voice alone fills up, and how it swells and ebbs throughout all his songs. He seamlessly moves from moments of simmering just below the surface and kind of holding back, before transitioning to singing with his entire chest, which never fails to hit you in the gut. 

The first song of his that I fell in love with immediately was THE BEACH. It’s got that beautiful, soulful guitar tone that y’all know I just love. Add in a super sultry bass line and Giveon’s baritone voice, and you’re in heaven. LIKE I WANT YOU is another favourite of mine. It’s super simple and beautiful, and it’s my favourite song of his to just sit back and let the lyrics wash over me. There’s more of that guitar in there, plus a plethora of ethereal, ambient harmonies that just fill the space so beautifully.


Of all of Giveon’s catalogue, I think FAVORITE MISTAKE is my top pick. The flow in the melody was so intriguing to me when I first heard it, which is why I wasn’t immediately as obsessed with it as I currently am. But the chorus hit, and I was hooked. I promise you, this is a song that’ll genuinely have you floating above the clouds. Grab a glass of wine, throw this song on repeat and you’re guaranteed to vibe the hell out. It’s my go to. 

Let me know if you check out Giveon and his music. I’ve been so in love with everything he has to offer since first discovering him! If you do let me know what you think in the comments! 




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