Gift Guide for The Music Lover

Hello hello friends!

I know what you’re thinking. “Priya. Why are we talking about gifts? Christmas is over.” I know, Christmas is done, but just because the ‘season of giving’ has passed by, doesn’t mean the opportunity to give has as well. I don’t know about you but I either tend to be super, duper prepared, or not prepared in the slightest. I either have presents sorted weeks in advance or I’m struggling the night before I need it to sort something out. I know this would probably have been some help around Christmas time, but I didn’t think of it back then, so we’re doing it now, because birthdays exist too.

That said, one of the hardest things when it comes to buying gifts, aside from making the time to get them, is the struggle of what to get. So much to consider, and while the deluge of Christmas gift guides has well and truly passed, I thought I’d drop one more on your feed. Bookmark it for the entire year if you must!!

Here’s a lil guide on potential gifts that any music lover is sure to appreciate!

A record player: So I’m talking from experience, but when I got my record player from a group of my friends for my 21st birthday, I cried. It was so unexpected but it was something I’d always wanted, just never pulled the trigger and bought myself. This is always a popular one, and there are heaps of options out there to pick from.

Vinyls: Already have a record player? Well let’s be practical and get them some more records!! Nothing beats getting a fresh sleeve with a brand new album pressed onto vinyl and listening to it for the first time. It’s also super satisfying to add it to a physical collection. Most artists are now releasing vinyl pressings of their music so it won’t be hard to find something that you music lover will like!

Merch: This is a pretty cute one in my opinion. I think merch is severely underrated as a gift, but it genuinely means a lot for someone to consider an artist or band you love, and support them through a gift to you. At least, that’s how I choose to see it! A hoodie, a beanie, a t-shirt, (vinyls count as merch too), a poster, anything from an artist or band they love, will mean a lot – bonus points if you get matching merch!

Concert tickets: This is such a lovely gift! Especially if you know the person you’re buying for is sure to love the artist! That’s one thing to consider – I’d be 100% positive that they genuinely really loved the artist and it isn’t just a general appreciation. If that makes sense? Take them for someone or a band they love rather than someone they may just sing along to when their song plays on the radio. I’ve had concert tickets gifted to me and I’ve gifted concert tickets myself, and it’s always a hit!

Ukulele: Hear me out. If the person you’re buying for loves music, loves singing or playing the guitar or the piano or anything similar, a ukulele is such a good gift. Honestly, whether you’re shopping for a little kid or an adult, a beginner or a professional, there is honestly an option for all quality and budget levels. It’s one of the most popular instruments our music shop sells, and that’s just throughout the year. Around Christmas it goes crazy! There are plenty of brands to choose from too, so it’s definitely worthy of featuring on this guide.

Headphones: I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with these. Once you’ve figured out the type of headphone they’re most likely to want and use the most, you have so many options out there, I mean you can even read my Headphone Guide if you want an extra hand cos why not? They’re such a practical gift, especially if you’re gift-ee is someone you know is listening to music all the time! I know personally, I have a different set for the gym, a set for recording, a set for using with my laptop and a pair that I keep in my bag for on the train and general use. They cover Plantronics, Beats by Dre, Apple and Audio Technica, so already you have four brands to choose from. I know in 2019 Air Pods were a hugely popular gift, so you’re definitely spoiled for choice!

Sheet Music: Here’s the thing. I feel like no-one really considers this, but I’ve come to realise it after working in a music shop for over 4 years. Sheet music is bloody expensive. I don’t know how, but classical musicians, and anyone who chooses to buy their music in paper form, fork out so much money to have physical copies of music, which is why I guess so many people have gone digital. However, if your music nerd does in fact read music and play from sheet music, this is always something that makes a great gift. It’s super easy to find out whether their favourite musicians latest or most popular album has been transcribed into a collection, and most of the time it’s super easy to track down and order online. Does your musician have a favourite classical composer? Maybe suss out their collection and see what’s missing, there are some insanely beautiful editions of classical music that make incredible gifts.

Music Store Voucher: Okay, so this may seem boring, but I feel like it’s the obvious resolution to a lot of issues that arise, when buying for musicians in particular. I think I’ve stated this before, but musicians are some of the pickiest people on the planet, especially when it comes to their gear and their instruments and accessories. And fair enough. Music gear is super expensive, so most musicians really want to test out things for themselves, do their research and be 100% sure about what they’re investing in. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is suss out their favourite local music shop, put some money on a voucher, and give them a gift they can essentially choose themselves.

Portable speaker: Another underrated gift. I remember a little while back UE Booms were the best thing ever, and in my opinion, they still are. Whether it’s a UE Boom, or any other reputable brand of speaker, you never know that you actually need a portable blue tooth speaker in your life, until you finally have one. Going to the beach with friends? Portable speaker. BBQ in the backyard on a public holiday? Portable speaker. Getting ready for a night out all by yourself and want to pump some tunes? Portable speaker. Speakers in your car blown out? Portable speaker. Honestly, so many instances where a portable speaker would come in handy start arising as soon as you have one, I couldn’t imagine my house without the four we already have!

There you go! Hopefully this list helped you out a bit or at least gave you some ideas to work from!



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Paige’s Space // An Interview

Hello hello.

This is a very exciting post for me, considering I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this artist for the most part of 2018.

Before you continue reading this post, make sure you’re all caught up, so if you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing and make sure you check out the first post I did about Paige, which you can find HERE.

Paige just recently released a new song, Alignmentsand while it still hasn’t beaten her song So Far for me, it’s still an absolutely beautiful song, and I’ve had it on replay since it was put out.

If you’re up for some incredibly warm acoustic guitar, the chill-inducing harmonies that I’ve come to expect from Paige and lyrics that make you wow-out-loud, then listen to Alignments. You will not be disappointed.


On top of being a beautiful musician and singer, Paige is also a gem of a human being, and generously agreed to answer some questions for you all! So if we could all send some universal ‘thank-you’s’ Paige’s way, that would be sweet.


How early on in your life did you decide that music was going to be the avenue you wanted to pursue as a full time career and were there any other options you had in terms of interests that could have possibly lead you down a different route?

Very early on [to be honest]. When I was 5 I first performed in front of my school and that’s when I knew I loved it and didn’t have to think twice. Although I also was hugely fascinated in space and astrophysics which is something I’d love to do but sadly I suck at maths loooolll.

Were there any artists who influenced you in a major way as a young child?

My first influences were always Disney Channel stars. Miley Cyrus was a huge one for me because Hannah Montana inspired me a lot to become a musician. The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato e.t.c. Lady Gaga has always been a huge inspiration for me throughout my life and how she is so bold and fearless as an artist.

What’s the idea behind your Instagram name, @paigesspace?

I guess I kind of just wanted to have something that associated with space because I love space so much haha.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 11.32.56 am

What was you initial reaction when you saw Billie Eilish sharing your Instagram page and fan-girling over your voice and your covers, as well as your original songs?

Hahaha it was definitely overwhelming. I was in a state of shock for a good week. Just really hard to believe.

What has that type of support meant not only for you as an artist, but as someone who has a huge musical presence on your social media?

It’s meant the entire world. I will never fully be able to express my gratitude for all of it.

You’re a huge believer in manifestation, you’ve credited a lot of your success to the fact that you’ve put your dreams out into the universe for them to manifest, what are your personal beliefs around manifestation and the powers of the universe, and how does that impact the music you create?

Wow what a good question! I genuinely believe that you attract the things that come into your life…. It’s not just a matter of sitting in your room and just asking the universe for your dreams to come true and getting them, but with hard work and manifestation I do believe that’s how your dreams come to life. My beliefs inspire me to write songs such as “Alignments” which is based off of the idea of not blaming the universe for ALL the things that go wrong.

Billie has shown her continual support, singing your recent single ‘Alignments’ as her favourite song at the moment. Do you feel a certain pressure when someone like Billie is promoting your music, to live up to the hype she’s built for you?

I think it’d only be natural to feel pressure but I feel more so driven to work harder to be a better artist for all the people watching me. It’s definitely a nerve wracking feeling but it’s only going to help me grow as an artist

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 11.33.09 am

What advice would you give to young musicians, singers and songwriters, in regards to sharing your music online, specifically posting covers and original music on Instagram like you do?

Just to sing what you love, post consistently, post up some songs people are also familiar with, but also remember to do it because you love it and it makes you happy.. That way you won’t be as scared.

How do you generally begin constructing a song, and what are some of the topics you particularly find yourself writing about?

I find chords and then sing melodies to them, then begin singing about how I feel. Usually I find myself singing about a girl or love because love is what drives me the most.

Who would be five artists that you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

Sooooo many. If I had to only pick five I’d pick Alessia Cara, Billie Eilish [of course], Rex Orange County, Ruel and last but certainly not least Kehlani.

You’re located in New Zealand. Do you see yourself staying in NZ and basing your musical career from there or can you see yourself moving away to pursue it elsewhere, such as Los Angeles?

I definitely 100% don’t see myself staying here. I want to branch out somewhere bigger with more inspiration although I LOVE my country I’d love to go some place new. LA would be amazing.

Of the songs you’ve recorded, which is a favourite or a standout, released or unreleased?

Probably a song I wrote called “Waves” which I’ve spent almost a year on producing with a producer called Noema Te Hau III. Probably because it’s been the hardest I’ve ever worked on a song. Hopefully it will be out soon enough!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 6.46.15 pm

Do you have any plans to release a full album, is that something you’re working on?

I’m just in the middle of recording an EP which includes 5 songs. Very excited to let it out!

What inspires you?

Experiences, Pain, People, Nature and Love.

If you could pick any decade of music to listen to on repeat, which decade would it be and why?

EARLY 2000’s!!!! It’s what I listen to the most because it reminds me of when I was younger and what I was listening to while I was experiencing things for the first time. I also love the artists from early 2000’s.

You Should Hear is all about sharing incredible music recommendations and artists, what one song, and what one artist would you recommend everyone listen to at the moment?

Definitely listen to ‘Better’by Tommie. She’s soooooOOooOOoooOoo good!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.00.50 pm


And that’s it for the questions! Anyone who read my first post about Paige, would understand how much I’m all about Paige and her music, and in turn, how exciting it is to be able to share this with you all! So a massive thank you to Paige for being so kind and answering these for me and for you all!!

Also, currently listening to Better by Tommie, and Paige is.not.wrong.



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A Musician’s Wish List // UPDATE

Hello friends.

Welcome to an update on me being a brat and wanting things. What makes this the update? I got what I wanted. I’m a more than a few dollars poor-er, but we got there.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check out my original WISH LIST post, where I shared all the items I was saving up for and hoping to get my hands on in the future.

Well, the future is now.

After saving for a couple of months, a slight increase in income due to now not being categorised as a ‘teenager’ and a very generous donation in the form of a birthday gift, I was able to get, not one, not two, not three, but four of the items I featured on that post.

The first item of the list I got was no surprise as I ordered it before the post even went up, however, it did take quite a bit of time to get to my work, so it was closer to my birthday that I was able to get it, and that’s the AKAI MPK Mini.


We love her. She was worth the money I put aside especially to pay for her, and some. I’ve already recorded quite a bit using this MIDI keyboard, and the drum pads are such a blessing, considering I’ve been physically drawing my drum kits into my GarageBand sessions with my computer mouse pad, which has been hell. Personally, I love playing my drum kit in live, and while at university I have the affordances of using an Octopad and some drumsticks, at home I’m limited to my computer keyboard and mouse. Thanks to the AKAI, I can finally get some human rhythm into my songs. She’s a gem.

The next item I got was for my birthday and I will forever and always be grateful for it. If you recall, on my first wish list post, I mentioned that my Mac Air was on it’s way out, (rip), and I was in dire need of a new one, but was not in possession of the funds to get one right away. In comes the family, who agreed to split the cost of a fresh MacBook Pro with me, plus with some upgrades to the system and hardware.

Again, we love her.


Honestly, I noticed the change instantly. How quick it worked, how fast everything happened, how good the graphics were and how smoother it ran my programs…ALSO, it connected to the wifi from my bedroom, which is the blind spot in my house that doesn’t get great wifi at all, so you could say I was blessed this year for my birthday.

The third purchase I made was a rather spontaneous one, considering I didn’t go to work that day with the intention of buying two microphones, but here we are.


Considering I used to record my guitar and my vocals using my iPhone headphone speakers, this is by all means, an upgrade.

I didn’t intend to buy two when I first thought of buying a good condenser microphone, but as I purchased them from work, the margin for the staff discount worked out to even cheaper if I bought them both, and considering how often I find myself tracking live guitars, I thought it was a perfect deal! Also, the fact that our store is never getting this brand back in stock and this was the last box may have been one of the deciding factors too.

So what I have I done with these so far? Well, besides giving them all a real good test, I’ve recorded a couple of covers, one of which I handed in as an assignment for my university course, which, because I’m actually genuinely proud of, I’ve decided to share below.

And finally, what was the final item ticked off on my wish list?

Tickets to Falls Festival.

Honestly, I’m so keen. I’ve never been so ready for an event to come as I currently am. Falls Festival runs from the 28th to the 31st of December, and features some of my favourite acts.




My best friend Jess was able to get tickets for us and three other friends with camping too, so we’re already preparing for an incredible end to the year. I mean, I’m gonna see Toto perform Africa live.

Considering how shattered we were when we lost out to scalpers last year during the online sale that sold out in less than a minute, we are beyond pumped.

So yes, that is my update on my musician’s wish list! Hopefully you liked getting this update, as a follow up to my initial post that outlined some of the items I was hoping to get my hands on!



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Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 2

Hello friends!

Today’s post is not a new one. I have made a post like this before, and quite a few of you enjoyed it, so in the tradition of sharing new music, old music, popular music and secret music that I think you should be hearing, here’s a second instalment.

All Over – Tiwa Savage
2000 n Something – Kaiit
I’m In Love Without You – FINNEAS
Wait (Chromeo Remix) – Maroon 5
High & Dry – Roman GianArthur
#wholelottagangshit – Mix’d Millenial
Dirty Harry – Grace
Apple Juice – Jessie Reyez
Holding Out – Atticus Street
Aunty Tracey’s Cookies – Joyride
Honor – DJ Cassidy 
I Need – Clark Beckham
NBK – Niykee Heaton
S.O.B – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Follow Me – SYDE
1999 Wildfire – BROCKHAMPTON
Haircut – Ryan Beatty
Thunder – Roy Blair
Not Sorry – Paige
Never Be The Same – KLP
Walking – Dom McMallister
Marceline – Willow
We Are The Young – Andy Kong
Haven’t Found A Lady – Kooyeh
Still In Love – Thirdstory

There you go! Hopefully you find a new song or two to enjoy!! Like I said in my last post, these songs are all pulled from a giant Spotify playlist, songs you should probably heara playlist that was honestly the inspiration for the premise of this entire blog, so you’re sure to find some hidden gems on there. Genres, definitely do vary as well, so you don’t know what you’re going to get once you press shuffle!



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