The Local Radar

Hello and welcome to a new series I’m committing to; The Local Radar, where I plan on doing my part to share the incredible talent coming out of Australia and New Zealand.

Each month I’ll be sharing five artists who you definitely need to check out, and to kick it off I’ve got some incredible tracks and musicians.

Mia Wray – Work For Me

Mia Wray is a Melbourne singer, who released her single, Work For Me earlier this year. Fans of vocalists like Florence Welch and Bishop Briggs will adore Mia’s voice and how strong and present it is. She dances over this track so seamlessly, letting layers and layers of harmonies provide the framework for this track. The song is incredibly dynamic and over the course of just a little more than three minutes you go from this simmering siren call vocal set-up to an anthem building on a killer horns section and electric guitar. The vocals keep soaring, and it’s a hook sure to get stuck in your head.

Liyah Knight – Mine

The next track is called Mine, and it’s the first single from Sydney-born artist, Liyah Knight. This track alone is enough to get you keen to hear whatever Liyah decides to deliver next. It’s a bite-sized track, but there’s plenty of soul injected into it, giving you Mahalia or SZA energy in a beautifully unique way. Liyah’s voice is front and centre, only enhanced by a simple guitar riff and some synths, even at the songs climax. Not one to miss, for sure.

BLESSED – Something To Believe In

Earlier this month, Western-Sydney rapper, singer and producer BLESSED released his single, Something To Believe In. It’s hard to put the track into a box, genre-wise, as it pulls together these indie-rock sounds into a pop/rap space to create a uniquely intimate and honest track that hits you in the gut with it’s production and humble vocal performance. It’s a song that breaks down genre barriers and definitions and BLESSED just pulls it off so effortlessly.

PLGRMS – Limbs

I first spoke about PLGRMS back in 2018 when they opened for Dean Lewis. They’ve popped back on the radar since then, with a bit of a comeback single in their track, Limbs, which came out in early September. Limbs is a cinematic and dynamic, ever-growing track that completely envelopes you in the best way possible. Synths, intricate pockets and soaring vocals really combine magically on this track, it’s one of those ‘driving through a tunnel’ kinda songs, if you know what I mean.

MiCCY – Tug of War

If funk, soul and everything in between is what you’re after, MiCCY, a 21-year old from Queensland, has truly got you covered with this absolute tune of a single, Tug of War. If a neck-breaking bass line and disco-synths aren’t enough to keep and capture you, her vocals most definitely will, with MiCCY literally swimming over this track. The track is the perfect combination of influences that pull from funk, soul, RnB with some throwback 80s sounds in the mix. It’s everything you could ever ask and if it’s any indicator of what MiCCY’s got in store, it’s well worth waiting for.

Keep an eye out – I’ll have more amazing artists with more amazing tracks coming your way soon! In the meantime – get around all the socials so you don’t miss anything and let me know if you find a new tune for your playlists!



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Duckwrth // SUPERGOOD

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re well and thriving and if you’re not, I hope you are soon. 

Today I wanted to drop in to share with you an album I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, and that is Duckwrth’s SuperGood album. 

I can’t say I’ve always paid a ton of attention to Duckwrth and what he’s up to, and other than adding a couple singles to some of my playlists, he’s not an artist I always have on my radar. So how did I come across this album and why has it become a staple to get me through the week?

The visual teaser for one of the tracks, Kiss U Right Now, appeared on my recommended on YouTube. I loved the aesthetic of it, how much of a teaser it actually was and the song itself was beautiful and super sultry and smooth. Had me hooked straight away. So obviously I ran to Spotify like I always do and checked out the whole song, which led me to finding the SuperGood album. Praise be!

Now of all of Duckwrth’s songs, the one I listen to the most is a track called MICHUUL., which I love for it’s groove and rhythm, and that’s only readily available throughout this album. 

It also comes along with a few notable features, including EARTHGANG, Australia’s very own KIAN, Julia Romana and Kyle Dion to name a few. It’s a good selection of artists to add to what’s already shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of 2020. 

The opening track, New Long Song, is such a perfect debut for the album, mixing in some old school sounds with beautiful vocals and super smooth lyrics. I love Duckwrth’s rapping voice. Then add onto that how much I love his singing voice and you’ve got this perfect mix. The song is also incredibly dynamic. Take’s you to church a bit. 


Quick, which features our boy KIAN, is another favourite of mine. Super percussive and rhythmic, which I really enjoy. It’s really different for KIAN, and he and Duckwrth melt together perfectly on this track. It’s a collaboration I wouldn’t have seen coming, but I’m entirely here for it. 

Super Bounce, which features EARTHGANG is super smooth. It’s one of my other highlights from this record. I get a few D’Angelo vibes from this tune, but it’s also just beautifully intricate in all the sounds and rhythms that are combined throughout the track. In particular, the keys and the synths in this song really come together beautifully, and everything just floats so seamlessly together. 

If you’re looking for some new music to listen through, a new album to put on and work your way through, or some new tracks to add to your playlists, I highly recommend SuperGood. I’m clearly very enthusiastic about it, and I’m gonna be keeping a closer eye on Duckwrth from here on out and you should too. 



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Hello friends!

For today’s post I wanted to check in and share some of my favourite recent releases.

Big up’s to the hoardes of Australian artists who are really stepping up and filling the music space within our country right now, especially with so many COVID restrictions still in place that have brought the music industry to a bit of a halt. So many incredible artists and so much incredible music. All of the artists featured on this list are Australian artists and if they’re not enough to give you a bit of an idea of how elite the music coming out of this country is, I don’t know what is.

Hopefully you find a new favourite.



I Am – Genesis Owusu

incognito – CODY JON


as long as you care – Ruel

Beyond the Pine – Tash Sultana

Dribble – Sycco

Limbs – PLGRMS

One and Lonely – CXLOE

Gravity – Yorke

Easy – Troye Sivan

Fall Apart – merci, mercy

Like We Do – SVNO, ONEFOUR, J Emz

Lola – A.GIRL

III by The Lumineers

Hello friends.

I hope you’re all well and enjoying your weeks, as far into the week as you are whenever you’re reading this post.

Today I wanted to speak about an album that I wasn’t really sure I was going to enjoy when I first realised I had to listen to it. For that to make sense, I’ll have to share a little bit about what I’m doing with my life at the moment, and that’s contributing writing to arguably Melbourne’s most loved freely distributed music magazine, Beat. Feel free to have a Google and see if you can spot any of my writing!

Anyway, amongst reviewing concerts and interviewing an artist every now and then, one of the other things I get to do is listen to new albums and review them for the fortnightly album review section of the mag. I put my hand up to have a listen to the recent Lumineers album, III, and was lucky enough to get it.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 3.15.53 pm.png

If you’ve read a few of my other posts or checked out any of my playlists, you’d know that I enjoy a couple of songs from the band, namely Sleep On The Floor, which I’ll forever and always be in love with, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.

That said, I was beautifully surprised, shocked, and incredibly moved. I nearly got emotional several times while listening through the album.

The album follows the story of a fictional family, the Sparks, and it depicts the struggle and evolution of this family having to live with a member fighting an addiction, and how that impacts the various members of the family. It’s a harrowing story and while it’s not a topic I’m incredibly close to personally, it made me really emotional.

There’s so much that I respect The Lumineers for, sonically, especially. Wesley Shultz has one of my favourite voices ever, and his vocal performance only amplifies the emotion and empathy behind all the lyrics in each song.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 3.16.57 pm

They also tread the line of allowing the album to really live and become energetic in songs like Gloria and Leader of The Landslide. I love how some of the songs sit so gently in your chest, either gently strumming a guitar or a melody on the piano, while others really hit you in the gut, songs like Life In The City and Jimmy Sparks. I also really enjoyed listening to the different parts of the story and understanding the story of how the family unfolds. The entire record really allows you to build this cinematic movie within the music and a really clear story that can only really be put together once you’ve listened to the album in it’s entirety.

highly recommend you read the album review done by Atwood Magazine on each song, their meanings and the intricacy within the album, You can read that HERE.

This was such a beautiful album to listen to, it’s already been saved and playlisted on my Spotify. An absolute gem of a release.



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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