January Tunes

Look, I’m asking the same thing – how the heck did we arrive at our January Tunes so fast? I genuinely feel like I’m still in October, but at the same time I’m hoping to 2020 is going to be a great year!

January has already been a busy month for me personally. Work is slowly but steadily picking up, I’m thankfully back at the gym after renewing my membership, I’ve booked my first holiday for the year, and I’ve got so many plans starting to line up. And it’s only January. How’s your January been?

So to kick it off, let’s begin with the songs I was listening to nonstop this month. As is to be expected, there were some great releases, and I also enjoyed quite a bunch of old favourites, as you’ll see.

Heat – Chris Brown, Gunna: Here’s one partially brought to you by TikTok. 2019 may be over, but the hours I spend pouring over TikTok’s, sending them to my sister and the various group chats we’re in with our cousins, trying and failing to learn the dances and imitating all the memes, has only kept increasing. That said, TikTok comes through when it comes to music, and obviously I had to include this one in the first monthly roundup for the new year.

By Fire – Hiatus Kaiyote: I got recommended this song by my friend who plays the bass guitar in our band, and I’ve been going mad over it ever since. The vocals in this, the syncopation, everything about this song is insane. It’s a music theory nerd’s dream, and while that may not be me, I can still appreciate it to the best of my ability. Plus, Nai Palm’s vocals always hit you in the gut, regardless of whether it’s in her solo stuff or with the band.

10/10 – Rex Orange County: This song sounds like the anthem to growing up, and though he released it a while ago, it came back onto my radar when I heard it on the radio while I was in the car. The chorus is always getting stuck in my head, especially this month.

Need Somebody To Love – Ady Suleiman: Ady has such a beautifully simple voice. It’s so nice and relaxing to listen to. He can hit all the notes, low and high, and this song is such a vibe. It also has that classical guitar in there, which I think only matches the mellow energy of the song, and it’s been such a chiller to just throw on in the morning when I wake up. Plus, you all know how much I love a horn section, and it’s so seamlessly worked into this song.

I Can Love You – Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim: Okay. So this one stemmed from TikTok too, but only because I heard a remix and had to listen to the original right away. This original will always get me. Always. There’s no point during the day or the week or the month, where listening to this song just isn’t a vibe. It’s that old school RnB I tell you.

Jam – Starboy, WizKid, Chronixx: My love for this song definitely grew and grew this month. I’ve been listening to it non-stop. The mix of sweet saxophone with a slight dance-hall infusion just makes it the perfect track for me, and I can’t help but have a boogie each time it’s on. I’ve even got my sister onto it considering it just always happens to come on shuffle on our way to the gym. It’s the saxophone I tell you.

Braid My Hair – Mario: My good friend Daniel showed me this song, and I added it straight away. Again, old school RnB. It just knows how to do it for me. If you ever want to make me happy and completely content, just throw on the first old school RnB playlist you can find. That said, Mario has a special place in my heart. Man’s smooth.

Partner In Crime – Ocean Alley: I don’t know if it’s just because it’s getting warmer and warmer here in Australia, but I’m bringing Ocean Alley right into 2020 with me. They just match my vibe, all the time. At any given moment, there’s an Ocean Alley song that can perfectly match my mood or the way I’m feeling, and they encapsulate the mix of surf rock/reggae/pop that I love. I’m also just in love with all of them too.

Grave – Summer Walker: Another song I’ve been obsessed with this month. I feel like such a fraud saying this, but I got over the little Summer Walker obsession really quickly. I’m the first to say she has an incredible voice and beautiful songs, but I stopped listening to her as much as I used to, that is, until I heard this song. Holy. Moly. This is the perfect mix of her smooth, smooth vocals and another master-class in musicality on the drums. And don’t get me started on the switch-up at the end of the song.

Drive and Disconnect – Nao: Severely underrated in all senses of the word. Nao deserves so much more, and this song is one of the perfect examples of why. The voice, the lyricism, the beat, it’s all there.

Kickback – Omar Apollo: I get to see Omar Apollo after listening to him for close to three years at the start of February and I’m so excited. I love this song as I tend to love most of Apollo’s music. He comes through with a reliably groovy bass-line, something I’ve come to expect from him, and I cannot wait to see this performed live.

Piece Of Your Heart – MEDUZA, Goodboys: Alas, another tune proudly brought to you by TikTok. That’s all I have to say.

Juice – Lizzo: I don’t know why I always feel hesitant to tell people that I really don’t listen to Lizzo a lot? It’s not something that happened on purpose because she genuinely has some bops, it’s just something I never got around to. However, I was at a house party towards the end of the month and this song came one, and everyone lost their minds. It was so infectious and just raised energy levels straight away. Plus, there’s also Harry Styles’ cover of it that’s been everywhere and for good reason.

Talkin Bad Blues – Lindsey Lomis: Lindsey featured on the December Tunes, and she’s starting off with a feature on the January Tunes as well. I can’t get over how talented this girl is, and she’s nearly six years younger than me. Just another talented teen making me feel completely inadequate.

Come Thru – Summer Walker, Usher: Another Summer Walker song. This song came on in a TikTok, so again, have to give credit to the highly addictive app. I genuinely spend hours on TikTok and it’s becoming an issue, but I don’t see myself changing. I mean, when it consistently delivers amazing music, such as this incredible RnB slow jam, how can I really complain.

Roulette – Church & AP: Okay. Yo. Listen up. Please, give these guys a listen. I discovered them on Instagram, uncharacteristically, and I’m obsessed. They’re a duo from New Zealand, and I’ve spent several days on end bumping their music and nothing else. They remind me of a harder version of BROCKHAMPTON, mixed with a bit of grime type of music. They combine the parts of Skepta’s music that I vibe with, with really groovy drum and bass pockets, and catchy choruses and I honestly hope I get the opportunity to see these guys live.

Drink From The Water – Mako Road: My love for this New Zealand band only continues to grow in 2020, beginning with this song. These guys pull off a change of pace mid song like no other, and I cannot wait for them to blow up. I’m calling it now, but they’ll reach Ocean Alley status eventually. It’ll take some time, but calling it now.

There you have it! These are just some of my favourite songs that I was listening to in January to kick off 2020. What were some of your new finds for the start of the year? Let me know in the comments! Hopefully you gave some of these a listen and maybe found a new tune to add to your playlists!



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January Tunes

Hello hello.

As if. The first month of the year is done. Finished. Over. We’re a month into 2019. Again, we’ve entered the year way too fast for me to keep up, heck I’m barely managing to keep up with this blog this year, but we’re gonna try. The great thing about another fabulous month coming to an end, is the return of my monthly tunes.

If you didn’t catch my post all about Falls Festival, make sure you have a read of that to hear about all the music that started off my year, and how amazing the festival was. In the meantime, here’s what I was listening to in January.

Aubrey – Running Touch: There’s just something about this song that has me coming back to it again and again, and ever since seeing Running Touch live at Falls Fest, I’ve been pumping his music non-stop, especially AubreyMy Hands is still without a doubt my favourite Running Touch song, but this one is climbing higher and higher each time I have a listen.

Wild Horses – Bishop Briggs: Be warned. A fair amount of songs on this list are by artists I saw at Falls Festival, and Bishop is another one. This song was one I didn’t listen to a ton, until after the festival. Mia and I absolutely bumped this song on the drive back, as well as majority of Briggs’ discography, which I was not mad about at all.

Crave You – Flight Facilities: Another set that I didn’t expect to love as much as I did. Flight Facilities were an amazing set. We were close to the front, right in the mosh, surrounded by all our friends and genuinely just had an amazing time. The energy on stage was A+, the vocal performances were all spot on and it was one of my favourite acts of the festival.

i’m so tired… – Lauv, Troye Sivan: I found this song on the tail of January and had to come back to this scheduled post to add it in. By God, this song hit me at the worst time and literally had me struggling to choose between sobbing on the floor or having a dance. It’s such a good song, and I’ve grown a greater appreciation for Lauv as an artist ever since watching a few of his ‘how i made…’ videos on YouTube, and this song is becoming a big favourite. Of course anything with Troye Sivan peaks my interest too so this was a winner.

Caramelo Duro – Miguel: My Miguel phase is continuing on one upward slant and I refuse to stop it. This song is definitely my favourite and I’ve been playing it just as much in January as I did in December.

Miracle Love – Matt Corby: I’m counting down the days until I get to see this magical man in concert in April. I’m especially looking forward to seeing this song considering how much I’ve played it during January.

A Place That I Don’t Know – Odette, Gretta Ray: I have slight apprehensions toward this song because it was while listening to Odette at Falls Festival that I received the gnarliest sunburn ever, but I was still able to enjoy her set and remember this song for when I got home.

comethru – Jeremy Zucker: A song that I’m sure I’ve spoken about before. I’ve tried to introduce it to as many people as I can because it’s such a mood and I love it a lot. I watched Jeremy’s Genius Verified video for this song on YouTube and it’s one of my favourites.

Breathe (In The Air) – Pink Floyd: Forever grateful to the guys at work for playing the entire Pink Floyd anthology because there were so many songs that jogged my memory and I promptly added this to my 365//2019 playlist, where I’m adding a song for every day of the year, as I’ve done in 2017 and 2018. I’ve linked the playlist if you’ve liked to check it out and follow along this year!

Softly – Tash: This was a song one of my close friends introduced to me on a drive up to our friend’s family farm for a weekend away. The best thing about being friends with people who enjoy and respect good music as much as I do is that we’re constantly swapping songs and discovering new artists, which was the case here. I’ve never heard of Tash, and I’m mad about it but totally grateful to my girl for introducing me to this song.

WESTWORLD – EVAN GIIA: A bit of a different style compared to some of the other songs, but I love it no less. Again, like the song above, this was introduced to me by my close friend. I loved it so much I added it to my 356//2019 playlist and listened to it heaps in January.

Undecided – Chris Brown: At first? I hated this song. So. Much. Like the first time I heard it I thought the intro was ripped from a Nintendo Wii start-up tune. But, as it is with Chris Brown’s songs, it grew on me. I still can’t understand that flute for the life of me and why that sound particularly was chose, but I can work with it.

You’re On My Mind – Tom Misch: This song is beautiful. So beautiful. As is Tom Misch. So really, I should have expected it. We’re huge fans of Tom Misch here at You Should Hear, and this song isn’t a new one, but it never gets old. It’s such a good song, and the level of skill in not only the singing but guitar recorded on this song is next level.

Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy: If you’re looking for a bold, strong song, this is it. Heck, if you’re looking for a bold, strong singer, Dermot’s your guy. He was so understated during his set at Falls Fest. He spent most of the set with his hands clasped, in front of the mic or pacing the stage, but his voice was undeniably one of the strongest voices of the entire festival. I’ve fallen in love with this song after hearing it live, and I’m just waiting for the moment someone catches me belting it from the top of my lungs in the car.

That’s OK – Mahalia: We love Mahalia. I hadn’t heard this song until this month, and I immediately kicked myself for not listening to it earlier. It’s such a good song, and a great reminder of just how good Mahalia’s vocals are. Her songwriting shines in this one as well. I watched her Genius Verified video as well, and honestly guys and gals, if you want to get to know an artist a little bit more, hope they’ve recorded a Genius video and watch it a few times.

New Light – John Mayer: Ask me how excited I am to see John Mayer live. Just ask me. You won’t get a proper response because I can’t properly vocalize it, but I’m crossing all my fingers that he plays this song. It’s so good.  I especially love Alice Kristiansen’s cover of it on YouTube, make sure you have a listen to that one.

Need You – Flight Facilities: Another Flight Facilities song because I’ve been bumping their music since the festival. I can’t honestly pick between Crave You and Need You, but they’re equally as good, so even if you have time to only listen to one, you won’t be disappointed.

La Di Da – Lennon Stella: No secret that I love Lennon, and at the moment La Di Da has been an absolute favourite of mine. It’s such a good song, and Lennon uploaded an acoustic version of it to YouTube that was so beautiful and made me love the song ever more. I’ve added it to my 365//2019 playlist as because, why not?

6 Summers – Anderson .Paak: So. This song is slowly creeping it’s way up there with my favourite Anderson .Paak songs. This song absolutely popped off at Falls Festival and made putting up with the 88 Rising set completely worth it. It was such a fun set and it was great seeing all the people who knew the word’s singing and dancing along with each other. It was definitely my favourite set to have a boogie to.

Lost – Live From Spotify London – Jordan Rakei: If you do anything. Make sure it’s listening to this cover. Holy moly. So I thought Jordan Rakei was as good as he could possibly get. But Jordan Rakei covering my favourite Frank Ocean song? Please. This was absolutely beautiful and completely unexpected. I just happened to throw on the Acoustic Soul Spotify playlist while I was at work one day and nearly tripped over several cables to run to the computer and find out what it was. Be warned.

7 rings – Ariana Grande: I can’t possibly make a January Tunes playlist, without including this song. Nay, without including this masterpiece. Have you ever seen or heard, anyone go in as hard as Ariana Grande and 7 rings? You’re lying if you say you have. If 2018 already wasn’t, 2019 is going to be a HUGE year for that lil gal. I for one, cannot wait.



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Gig Guide 2019 – SO FAR

Hello, hello and welcome back to my humble abode.

At the date of writing this, it’s currently the 26th of January, and in celebration of yet again purchasing some more concert tickets, I thought I’d share with you my gig guide for 2019, so far.

For some reason, I failed to do a Gig Guide for 2018, so I’ll do a really quick dot-point rundown of the gigs, festivals and concerts I attended last year before I move on to this year.

  • The Kooks – January, 2018
  • Rudimental/Jakubi, Australia Open Live Stage – January, 2018
  • Let Go Fest – February, 2018
  • Billie Eilish – February, 2018
  • Jet – March, 2018
  • Bruno Mars – March, 2018
  • Ed Sheeran – March, 2018
  • Blues Fest – March/April, 2018
  • Harry Styles – April, 2018
  • Niall Horan – June, 2018
  • Gang Of Youths – November, 2018
  • RINI – November, 2018
  • Peninsula Showcase – December, 2018
  • Falls Festival – December/November, 2018

So 2018 shaped up to be a banging year for music and live gigs, concerts, stadium tours and festivals, and if I continue the way I’m currently going, 2019 looks like it’ll be much the same.

Here’s the Guide so far for 2019:

Laneway Festival – February
Besides the disappointing news that my queen Jorja Smith won’t be performing anymore (I mean, a clash with the Grammy’s is reason enough I guess), I’m still super keen for this festival. I’m going with a great group of gal pals who I love, and I mean when I’m seeing Rex Orange County, Masego, Cosmos Midnight, Crooked Colours, G Flip and Middle Kids, I can’t complain too much. I am however missing Gang Of Youths because I have to leave early, but still, stellar line-up for what I’m sure will be a fab day.

Lauryn Hill – February
If you know me, you know this is a huge one. Heck, you know she’s one of my top favourite artists of all time, she featured in a squad of five artists I drew and framed for my room, and I’ve been singing Killing Me Softly since I exited the womb. My cousin, who I basically grew up with and have been best friends with since birth and I are going as a kind of celebration for her 21st birthday, and I cannot wait. If you read my write-up for Blues Fest which I attended with my family last year, you’d know I’ve already seen Ms. Hill, but a whole concert dedicated to her? A whole few hours of just Lauryn? Yes please.

Bene – February
Again. If you’ve been around the blog for a little while, you’ll know how keen I am for this concert. Hopefully you’ve read my write-up all about Bene and what a cool chick she is. Heck, I was 100% prepared to go to the concert on my own, luckily my best friend Jess jumped at the chance to come with me when I asked her if she was down. Currently Bene only has two singles out, so I’m keen to see what else she performs at the show!

Kodaline – March
This was a moment for 14-year old Priya. There are so many songs by this band that I listened to throughout high-school, so when I saw they were coming to Melbourne, I quickly messaged Jess who is 90% of the time always down for a cheeky concert, and booked our tickets straight away.

John Mayer – March
I’M SO KEEN. As soon as even the whisper of a concert was mentioned, I was on it. My mate and I waited for tickets and I spent the most stressful twenty minutes of my life trying to secure some decent tickets. Getting the confirmation email that we had our seats was such a relief and I’ve been counting down since that moment. John Mayer live, what more could you ask for? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Matt Corby – April
Another magical man I get to see and hear live this year, and again, I’m counting down. I’m going with two friends who I’ve never been to a concert with before so I’m excited to experience it with them. Again, if you’ve been around for a little while, you’ll understand my obsession with Matt Corby and his incredible voice. Stay posted for the blog post all about seeing this man in the flesh.

RINI – April
Literally the day after Matt Corby, one of my close friends and I are going and seeing RINI, a homegrown, Melbourne RnB artist who we saw only in November! I can’t wait to see him again, he’s released a few new songs, and I’m sure there’ll be some stuff coming out before this concert as well.

Blues Fest – April
I’m super duper keen for Blues Fest. Like more so than I was than last year. ALSO! I’d like to make a small announcement. A few months back, I wrote an short article about a band called Ocean Alley, and said this:


screen shot 2019-01-26 at 9.42.59 pm


Low and behold, guess who was added to the Blues Fest line-up earlier this month? Ocean Alley. But anyway. Besides Ocean Alley, they’re are a heap of artists who I love coming to the festival, like Norah flipping Jones, Tash Sultana, Six60, one of the first bands I ever wrote about here, Allen Stone, Jack Johnson, Snarky Puppy and heaps more. Plus, this time my family and I decided to book an apartment in Byron Bay rather than camp at the festival, so I’m keen to enjoy some beach time and wandering around Byron before heading into the festival for the day.

Shawn Mendes – April
Possibly the cutest concert I have booked this year. I’m going with my best friend Kate, my little sister, and my little sister’s best friend. I genuinely can’t wait to see Shawn live, his vocals and his lyrics are amazing, and there are so many songs off his latest album that are sure to be hits in an arena setting.

December Tunes

Yeah. I know I’m late. But. Um holy moly. December Tunes means this is the last of my monthly wrap up’s for 2018, meaning at the end of this month I’ll be providing you with my first monthly music wrap up for 2019.

Last year literally sped past, I have huge issues with accepting the year is already over, but here we are, and here’s what I was listening to in December.

I apologise HUGELY to anyone expecting Christmas music. I’m sorry. I’m not entirely sure what happened, I don’t know if it was the lack of Michael Buble Christmas special on TV or what, but Christmas music just didn’t really happen for me this year. If you’re in desperate need of some Christmas tunes though, make sure you read the post I made all about my favourite Christmas songs, from last year.

Just Friends – Hayden James: This song has been on repeat for me. I don’t know what it is about the song, but it’s been on my playlist for ages, and I’m only now becoming obsessed with it. I listened to it way too much in December, and it’s yet to get old.

Let Me Down Slowly – Alec Benjamin: This song made waves this month. I saw it everywhere, and so many people got to listen to it. I’ve listened to Alec Benjamin a bit before, some of the songs he wrote when he was much younger have been on my phone from high school, but I only just got reconnected to him through these new songs from his album, Narrated For You, which I highly recommend you have a listen to if you haven’t already.

Carried Away – H.E.R: I first saw this song when H.E.R did a video of it for the COLORS YouTube channel, which you know I’m a fan of, so instead of me talking about it, have a listen yourself.

Fairplay – Kiana Lede: Kiana Lede has been sharing her cover videos on YouTube for years, and every now and then I’d watch a few of them when they popped up on my page, though I’ve taken a huge interest in her own original songs that she’s been releasing. This one is definitely my favourite at the moment.

Couples Retreat – Jon Bellion: Of course there was gonna be a song from Jon’s album that he released last month, and at the moment this one is one of my favourites. It’s just so upbeat and has this great bounce to it. It’s been blasted quite a bit in the car.

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart – Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus: I’m sure everyone saw or heard this song somewhere. It seems like such a perfect pairing that took way too long to happen, but I’m glad it did. Mark’s production and song writing style suit Miley’s singing so well and I’ve been loving the product.

Positivo – J Balvin, Michael Brun: Another older song that’s been in many of playlists of mine for a little while, but I was particularly loving it this month. It’s such a hard hitting song, and since I’m finally starting to get over songs like Mi Gente and Swalla, only a bit, I’ve been in need to find a new song to replace them.

Sincerity Is Scary – The 1975: December was definitely a month filled with The 1975 for me, and this song has by far been my favourite ever since I watched the music video for it.

Killer Queen – Queen:  Another post-Bohemian Rhapsody song that I listened to a whole lot more than watching the movie. I also am quite the fan of 5 Seconds of Summer’s cover version of it, though the original will always be iconic.

Invincible – Amine: It wouldn’t be a monthly wrap up without some Amine, and this month’s feature comes in the form of a song from the recent Spiderman animated film. I’ve yet to see the film myself, but the soundtrack is definitely one worth listening to, if not for Post Malone and Swae Lee’s song Sunflower, then for Amine.

Leftovers – Denis Lloyd: This song was another one I stumbled across because of a COLORS video on YouTube. Which you can also enjoy below.

There’s No Way – Lauv, Julia Michaels: This was a song I found myself listening to or humming or singing a ton in December. There’s something about the chorus, Julia’s voice, the lyrics that keep this song stuck in my head. I even had a moment when I thought I’d written a really good chorus, only to realise I’d just re-written the chorus from this song but with different lyrics, that’s how much this song was stuck in my head this month.

Let It Happen – Tame Impala, Soulwax Remix: I listened to this song a lot before going away for Falls Festival in Lorne, which is a whole other post coming soon hopefully. Not because Tame Impala were playing or anything, but more so because I feel like it’s a huge festival vibe, it captures the essence of a festival so perfectly.

Breakaway – Lennon Stella: Lennon Stella’s album is incredible. If you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend you do, however if you only have time for one song, make sure it’s this one. I had this song on repeat. Like physically pressed the ‘repeat’ button on Spotify for close to an entire day because of how much I love it. It’s so unexpected and different from what I feel people are used to hearing from the Stella sisters as a duo, and I love it so much.

Rhymes Like Dimes – MF DOOM, DJ Cucumber Slice: This is a huge classic for me. MF DOOM is a hero, and this song never fails to pipe me up and put me in a good mood.

Bad Feeling – Joy Crookes: If you didn’t read my post all about Joy Crookes, now is the perfect time to check it out. This song is one of my favourites.

So that’s what I was listening to in December. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year’s. Here’s to more tunes in 2019.



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2018. . . What’s The Picture?

So, we are well and truly into 2018. A little while back I mentioned that now and then I’d be doing a few more personal posts about my own life as a music student/musician or whatever, so here we are.

This year I need to focus heaps more. That’s not to say I didn’t focus at all during 2017, I just probably didn’t achieve as much as I would have liked to, music wise. So this year, I’ve got a list that I’m gonna work through, in terms of making some moves with my music and I thought I’d share them here on my blog.

Not only will it let you guys in a bit more into my life outside of blogging, but last year I was lectured about accountability by a university lecturer, and apparently actually writing the shit down is half the step. I already knew this, but I’m at what you would call Level 10 on the laziness scale, so I’ve always put it off. In that sense, if this list is here, for you all to see, I have to at least try to get something done.


TEACH. I know. It’s a bit of a big step for the first goal, but I’m already working on it. I’ve got my Working With Children’s Check which you need if you’re . . . working with children, in my state, and I’m basically gonna be doing what I went through during singing lessons as a child (which I wrote about in my personal bragging post), but I’m going to fill the role of the teacher this time around.

From what I’ve learnt as a singing student, music student and working in a music shop myself, a lot of the time when you learn a musical instrument, you start off with the classic stuff. When I learnt the piano, I was being prepped to play Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, which is definitely not what I wanted to do. My singing lessons as a kid were one of the only times I was in a contemporary music setting and still learning. When music was offered at school, once you got to VCE or higher gradings, you were singing songs that were 50 years old that had no relevance to you or your interests so you best bet I didn’t do that.

I’ve also got the hang of  audio engineering and music recording. Once I rig up my studio, I’ll probably incorporate some of that into my lessons so that students have a legit recording of themselves to take home, which was one of the sickest moments of my life when it happened for me, but for the meantime I’m sticking with singing and songwriting lessons. Two students already down so surely I’m holding myself accountable by now??


WRITE. 2017 was a slow year for song writing myself. I think I had maybe four months where I was in a frenzy and thinking of lines and grooves at the gym, at work or in the shower or late at night right before I fell asleep, but for the rest of the year it was pretty dry. I did however write a ton of poetry, so I’m in the process of working some of that stuff into possible songs.


GIGS. I know. I’m already heading to a ton of gigs. I’m talking about my own performances. I already have a showcase in February that I’m currently preparing for, but I’m desperate to get some more performance experience. I did it a ton when I was a kid, but that was always through a singing teacher or school. I’ve barely done any independent gigging, so hopefully that’s something I can kick up to this year. I’m not extremely fussed about this one, but it is a long term goal that I want to start working towards this year.


BUILD. I’ve been in the process of doing this for a while, but now that I’m moving houses I’ve had to put it all on hold. I’m working on a studio in my house. Our new house has the perfect study and I’ve been given permission to use that as a studio where I can chill with my own music, and as I mentioned before, hold classes there too.


SHARE. I didn’t share as much music as I would have liked this year. December of 2016 I released my album and I didn’t really follow up with much for 2017. A SoundCloud upload or two, but not much that I was keen to share. So this year I want to share a lot more.


COLLABORATE. There are so many opportunities to collaborate with my music, and this year I’m set on grabbing all that I can. I don’t care what it is, but working with other musicians is something I really want to do, whether its producers, DJs, rappers or other singers. I need to.


That’s my list so far for my music in 2018. I’m positive it’ll grow as the year progresses, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I start hitting these targets. If I don’t, someone call me out on it.




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