Come On Chris

Chris Brown just released a new song. If you haven’t heard Questions, here you are. You’re welcome in advance.


Here’s my issue. Chris Brown the person? I’m not a fan. In fact, I’d go as far to say as I strongly dislike (hate), Chris Brown the individual. Chris Brown the musician? Sign me up. Mailing list, waiting for concert tickets to drop. I’m a fan. But I don’t want to delve too deep into that, because this will become something I don’t want it to be, real quick.

The song is probably one of my favourites of Chris’ tunes. Considering he’s featured Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle, I was a fan the second I heard the obvious sampling, and then the chorus being sung a bit later in the song.

I listened to the song yesterday and loved it, and then this afternoon a football player that I follow on Instagram had it playing in his Instagram Story, and I realised it was now up on Spotify, since it wasn’t up yet when I checked first. Fast-forward to me adding the song into nearly all my Spotify playlists. I kind of want to go out with the girls just to hear this song.

I have to say, when I ignore the fact that Chris shouldn’t exactly be still allowed to produce music and have a successful career, I appreciate his music. I hype it, a lot. So behold, my favourite songs sung by, or featuring Chris Brown. Also, apologies in advance because these are most definitely the explicit versions.

Party: Let’s start with the fact that this video features kids from the Millennium Dance Studio, which I’m obsessed with. And also…Kriss Kross at the beginning? And the fact that it looks like a damn good time.


Ayo: Surely it’s a rule to sing along when this song comes on?


Loyal: I don’t support the message in this song. I support the beat.


Picture Me Rollin: I shazaam’d this song in the club. No shame. That’s how much I loved it, and still do.


Stereotype: You know I try to sing the lead, do the claps, sing the backing vocals and sing the keyboard part too.


Love More: I’m just here for “I got $30 cash – making it rain” … rain finger actions. Also Nicki.


Fine China: Acknowledging just how good this song is, I’m always up for someone injecting some MJ into their music video as well as the song itself. Also, like the literal movie???


I Can Transform Ya: Honestly iconic.


Kiss Kiss: Surely this high school does not exist?


With You: I swear I fell in love with no one to fall in love with at 11 years old.


Wall To Wall: When I ignore how scared I was when I first saw the beginning of this music video, this was definitely one of my favourite’s of his.


Yo: How he got from this to Loyal is beyond me…


Look At Me Now: Surely you’ve said this line at least in once in your life?


Run It!: You know it’s a good place if they play this one.


This Christmas: And finally, my favourite Christ Brown to ever exist. Christmas Chris is the best Chris.



I honestly watched every single one of these before putting them in here, plus I had to cut some otherwise this post would be a nightmare to get through. Hopefully you enjoyed it, because I certainly enjoyed looking back at all my favourite Chris Brown songs, new and old. A trip I’ll tell you.