A Musician’s Wish List // UPDATE

Hello friends.

Welcome to an update on me being a brat and wanting things. What makes this the update? I got what I wanted. I’m a more than a few dollars poor-er, but we got there.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check out my original WISH LIST post, where I shared all the items I was saving up for and hoping to get my hands on in the future.

Well, the future is now.

After saving for a couple of months, a slight increase in income due to now not being categorised as a ‘teenager’ and a very generous donation in the form of a birthday gift, I was able to get, not one, not two, not three, but four of the items I featured on that post.

The first item of the list I got was no surprise as I ordered it before the post even went up, however, it did take quite a bit of time to get to my work, so it was closer to my birthday that I was able to get it, and that’s the AKAI MPK Mini.


We love her. She was worth the money I put aside especially to pay for her, and some. I’ve already recorded quite a bit using this MIDI keyboard, and the drum pads are such a blessing, considering I’ve been physically drawing my drum kits into my GarageBand sessions with my computer mouse pad, which has been hell. Personally, I love playing my drum kit in live, and while at university I have the affordances of using an Octopad and some drumsticks, at home I’m limited to my computer keyboard and mouse. Thanks to the AKAI, I can finally get some human rhythm into my songs. She’s a gem.

The next item I got was for my birthday and I will forever and always be grateful for it. If you recall, on my first wish list post, I mentioned that my Mac Air was on it’s way out, (rip), and I was in dire need of a new one, but was not in possession of the funds to get one right away. In comes the family, who agreed to split the cost of a fresh MacBook Pro with me, plus with some upgrades to the system and hardware.

Again, we love her.


Honestly, I noticed the change instantly. How quick it worked, how fast everything happened, how good the graphics were and how smoother it ran my programs…ALSO, it connected to the wifi from my bedroom, which is the blind spot in my house that doesn’t get great wifi at all, so you could say I was blessed this year for my birthday.

The third purchase I made was a rather spontaneous one, considering I didn’t go to work that day with the intention of buying two microphones, but here we are.


Considering I used to record my guitar and my vocals using my iPhone headphone speakers, this is by all means, an upgrade.

I didn’t intend to buy two when I first thought of buying a good condenser microphone, but as I purchased them from work, the margin for the staff discount worked out to even cheaper if I bought them both, and considering how often I find myself tracking live guitars, I thought it was a perfect deal! Also, the fact that our store is never getting this brand back in stock and this was the last box may have been one of the deciding factors too.

So what I have I done with these so far? Well, besides giving them all a real good test, I’ve recorded a couple of covers, one of which I handed in as an assignment for my university course, which, because I’m actually genuinely proud of, I’ve decided to share below.

And finally, what was the final item ticked off on my wish list?

Tickets to Falls Festival.

Honestly, I’m so keen. I’ve never been so ready for an event to come as I currently am. Falls Festival runs from the 28th to the 31st of December, and features some of my favourite acts.




My best friend Jess was able to get tickets for us and three other friends with camping too, so we’re already preparing for an incredible end to the year. I mean, I’m gonna see Toto perform Africa live.

Considering how shattered we were when we lost out to scalpers last year during the online sale that sold out in less than a minute, we are beyond pumped.

So yes, that is my update on my musician’s wish list! Hopefully you liked getting this update, as a follow up to my initial post that outlined some of the items I was hoping to get my hands on!



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A Musician’s Wish List

Hello my friends!

A little while ago I made the conscious decision to broaden my blogging horizons and start sharing a bit more of myself with you folks, and here I am somewhat trying to hold up my end of the bargain!

In the form of a wish list.

Over the past couple of years months, I’ve been narrowing down my search of items that I am setting as goals to save up for, in order to take my music to the level I want it to be, as well as some other cheeky little purchases that I obviously need in my life. So let’s crack on, let me know what you think of  my wish list, I’d love the opinion of someone who isn’t in control of my wallet, or at least can’t see the bank account it’s linked to, to help ease my mind 😉

As I type this in my mind I can see my mum shaking her head and wildly gesturing to the two other guitars I have sitting in my room. I love them, I promise. My Cort is a little worse for wear, a lower end, but still highly functional acoustic guitar, that I really busted up my fingers on learning how to play when I really got into it and then my pride and joy, my Martin acoustic-electric, which my Dad brought back from the USA as a birthday/Christmas gift a couple years back. However, they are both full size. Since I’ve started doing a few more shifts in the musical instrument department at work, I’ve had my eye on the wall of Martin and Maton acoustic guitars that greets you when you walk into the store, especially the 1/2 size guitars. I’ll admit, Ed Sheeran and my front row view at his stadium tour in 2015 have some influence over this desire to own this guitar, but I’ve also loved playing the 1/2 size’s, they feel so snug, and I could easily picture myself on a stage with the lil acoustic under my arms. That said, this is on a legit wish list, because I have some decent saving to do before I can splurge on this item.

ed sheeran small guitar.png

This has honestly been on my wish list for quite some time. It’s a midi controller that genuinely seems ideal and a perfect fit for me. With 25 synth-action keys and 8 sensitive drum pads, it’s really all I need to get a move on with my at-home production that could possibly save me valuable time travelling to and from the city to use the university studios. If you’re familiar with Alex Aiono, and his popular cover videos on YouTube, then you probably have an idea of what I’m talking about considering he uses the exact same one. It’s compact, light, the perfect size to fit into a back-pack and not too expensive at all, considering how practical and useful it is. Honestly, give me a couple of months and I promise you I’ll have this baby in my possession.

I’m currently at work (there are -0 customers so don’t come for me) and I’ve just put in the order, so you bet I’m getting my hands on this midi controller, for a mean staff discount, will give an update when my child arrives.

So this one too, isn’t incredibly expensive as far as condenser mic’s are concerned, but it’s definitely up there with some of the best budget, home studio condenser microphones. We actually have one at work, waiting for me to get my hands on it, and I’d also get a great staff discount, but coincidentally, the order of this item and the midi keyboard before it, matches the order in which I want to purchase it. Plus, the vocal mic’s in the studios at uni are phenomenal, considering some of them cost over $1000 you’d bloody expect them to be, so I’m in no rush for this purchase. This will be a gift to myself for when I really get into recording raw sounds and vocals at home, other than just making beats. It also mean finding an area in my house to possibly soundproof as best I can, which will be a fun DIY we can all look forward to.

So this one is totally dependant on how long it takes for me to get my shit together. I’ve sworn to myself that only once I’ve sorted out my midi controllers, my microphone and an actual space to recording (attention mum: please, can I please clean out the currently unused study room, asking for a friend), only then will I purchase some monitors. I’m currently tossing between Yamaha monitor speakers or Presonus Eris speakers, but at the moment I’m fine checking in on Store Dj every now and then to check out how the prices are looking. The margin on them isn’t incredibly great at work, so I could definitely, possibly get them cheaper straight from the supplier, but like I said, I need to sort my shit out before I even think about spending money on these hunnies.

Once again, this is an item I have a heap of saving to do before I can think about buying it. But it’s gonna become a necessity. Currently I have a secondhand MacBook Air from my mum, and while it does the trick as of right now, I’m constantly running out of space, and I just know that once I even attempt to boot up Pro Tools or Logic Pro X onto this thing it’ll shut down on me. The processing power is pretty weak considering how difficult it is to smoothly run even iMovie, so while it’s holding up for now, I can’t download any of the software I need, meaning I’m limited to GarageBand when I’m at home. In turn, due to the lack of overall equipment, this means I can really only do rough guide tracks at home, and then go and emulate them later in the studio at university. It’s not a problem at the moment, but it would be a lot more convenient, if I could do everything from the comfort of my own home.

This one relies solely on the purchase of the previous item, the laptop, because there is no way I can think of attempting to download it onto my current laptop. It’s not ridiculously expensive, Ableton is a bit over $400, and Logic is a bit cheaper, but considering how well I know my way around Logic, how much I’ve used it in the past year and a half, and all the work I’ve done already on it, I can kinda justify getting the software. There are a couple student bundles I can get, but they also come with programs like Final Cut Pro and a few others meaning I really need a stronger, faster, heavy duty laptop with more storage space. But until then, GarageBand will have to do.

This one has no relevance to being a musician, other than vibes. This has been on my mind since we starting packing and getting ready to move, and the idea of decorating my new room was playing around in my mind. I have a very clear visual in my head of putting them around the large window that faces my bed, which takes up a large space of one of my walls, and I know it’ll look sick. They are definitely the cheapest item on this list, meaning I definitely could have purchased these long ago, but I’ve been putting it off until I find a good set. Each time I think I’ve found one that will last I find something to be unnecessarily picky about, such as the battery life, or the need for WiFi connection to use controller apps of which I don’t get much in my room, or how the adhesive isn’t as sticky as it claims to be. For every different LED strip light I’ve looked at, I’ve read ten more reviews. It’s an ongoing struggle, but we’ll get there eventually. Before my birthday. Surely.

Untitled design (1)

It’s been a hard road, recovering from the shit show that was the Falls Festival ticketing scam that literally made national news, when the festival sold out in two minutes flat, due to scalpers managing to buy a huge chunk of tickets, only to sell them for ridiculously inflated prices on Viagogo and other sites. My best friend and I were devastated for a couple of weeks following the loss, considering the amazing lineup. It’s one of the most well know New Year’s Eve week, four-day festivals in the country, and I’ve been dying to go for years. Last year was the first time my parents were chill with it and I had the money to fund the experience, and I was beaten out by a bloody scalper. That said, I’m keen as hell to try again this year, so I’ll let you know in November how that sorts itself out.

It’s not a long wish list. It’s been edited again and again, and items have come and gone several times however these ones have withstood the test of time. Wish me luck as I try to hustle up the money to cross off my wish list completely kids.



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