I Wrote A Song During Isolation

Hello friends!

Obviously the title of this post is super self-explanatory so I’ll just jump right into it I guess?

Australia moved into Stage 2 lockdown this week, with my state, Victoria, being one of the first to implement the strict rules, and it’s highly likely we’ll be moving into Stage 3 pretty soon. Personally, the stability of my casual job has been up in the air since the situation escalated, and even now, we’re not sure how long our store will legally be allowed to stay open under these new rules.

I’ve been getting used to spending a lot more time at home, with my entire family. It’s not entirely new for me, however I usually have the house all to myself, and in a week, I probably see several of my friends more than two or three times, something I now don’t get the luxury of doing. It’s fair to say that like everyone, this lockdown has changed the daily routines of my entire family.

That said, more time at home is not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve had a lot more time to do the things I really want to do, as has been the case for a lot of people. Which for me, means more time to spend working on this blog, and writing music.

I think I’ve come up with more, musically, in the last two weeks, than I have in the last six months.

On the 23rd I came back from buying my friend a guitar so she had something to work on during this isolation period, and while mucking around on my own guitar, I came up with a short verse and pre-chorus of a song. It had super heavy ‘isolation’ connotations, and I thought it was pretty funny, so I quickly did a recording of it and threw it up on my Instagram story.

See below.
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Untitled design
// mind my facial expressions thanks //

But yeah, I just put that up on my Instagram story, didn’t really think about it, and left to get my flu shot with my mum. When I got a moment to check my phone, I had messages from a bunch of my friends and even a few people I didn’t know very well, responding to the song.

What started out as a huge joke ended up with people messaging me outside of Instagram, sending it to their friends who in turn messaged me, and essentially a lot more people than anticipated ended up seeing my story and hearing the little fun song I had put up.

It was one late night conversation that made me consider actually finishing the song, so the next day when I came back from work, I sat down and tried to finish it. Fair to say, this little ongoing joke, ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but I finally finished it. So this morning when I sat down to write a post, I thought it was a good opportunity to share the song with you!!

Hope you like it, let me know what you think :)))



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Need You, A Statement By Feather Touch

Hello friends!

Sometimes I’m ever so fortunate to get an interview with an incredible artist or band. I’ve done a few really interesting interviews, and recently I was given the opportunity to chat with Lachie David aka Feather Touch, about his recent single Need You.


Need You’s been out for a little over a month, how do you feel about having it out, now that everyone’s hearing it, how’s the response been?

Yeah, it’s been just over a month so it’s pretty new, but it’s been awesome. I’ve been really excited about how many people have been interested in it. Most importantly though it’s always most exciting to get friends and family to hear it and to finally be able to play it after telling them about it and playing them snippets for so long. It’s been really exciting to finally be able to show them the finished product. I’ve been really, really ecstatic with just how far it’s gone and all the different places that it’s turned up.

Where have you found it?

Overseas blogs, it’s been played on a whole bunch of radio stations across the country, which is just awesome and people who’ve supported me before like Joy FM in Melbourne, they’ve gotten back on board with my stuff which is always great.

The River, which you released last year did pretty well. They’re pretty different songs I guess, between The River and Need You. You’ve put your vocals on this recent track compared to when you had a feature singer on The River, what led you to make that decision?

Well, I wanted to be more confident. Aeora, who I had on The River has an amazing voice and it’s easy not to be over confident when you’re sitting next to someone with such an good voice, but I think the intent for Feather Touch has always been to be able to do songs off my own bat as well as well as featuring people so I figured it was really time to step out and own that. With Need You it’s the most I’ve ever really tried to embody being that leading pop singer on a dance song, so it was the one that felt right to me to kind put it out and showcase what I can do. Yeah, I think I’m really happy with it! It’s always a nervous moment when you put it out to the world.

Was it something that made you nervous, being the first time?

Yeah I think I was more nervous after The River because I used to sing and play in bands a lot back in the day, but I’d never sung over an electronic production, so you just have to be able to pitch your voice differently and you can’t rely on other things to cover up for it as much. So I think I was a bit more nervous after The River and this one I just really tried to own it and approach it with a bit of confidence. I definitely do a lot more with my voice in Need You than I do in The River.

I also wanna talk about the genre, ‘tropicalpyso’ disco? I’m so intrigued by it because I’ve never heard of it before but it kind sums up the sound so perfectly, but I don’t know what it is, so please tell me about it!

So effectively I didn’t kinda describe my sound for a long time and my cousin had his 21st birthday and he decided to have a ‘tropicalpyso disco’ theme, and I finally had a word to describe the way my music sounds so that’s where it comes from. So yeah, I really try and make sure I have a really summer feel to my music, it’s important to me that you can move to it. Even before, a lot of my older music, there’s always been a real tropical feel and theme to all of it, I think it’s just a beautiful couple of genres of music and you can’t go wrong.

Along that vein, you mentioned that you were pretty surprised by how much of a pop song this release turned into, were you initially feeling a different vibe or direction or did you just let it pan out the way it did during the production process

I think I always kinda get surprised by any song that I write that ends up being really really poppy, just because it doesn’t always come naturally, but I’m in no way disappointed that it happened. I’m always someone who doesn’t really think about what I want to make when I’m making a song, I just start doing things and see what happens. So that’s why I think I’m always surprised when it comes out like a pop song, because with that approach, you’re kind just putting things together, pop is so structured, there so many elements that you kinda have to think about it ahead of time and sometimes when you’re just pulling things together as you go it doesn’t always come through, but it was by no means disappointing, I mean I love pop music, so that was really cool. I think I’m just someone who feels when I’m writing a song I’m as much trying to do justice to the song that I can hear, I don’t really feel I’m trying to pull it to a genre, I don’t really know where it’s coming from.

I feel like, especially Need You, since that is the song of the moment, you’ve got great songs to perform live, not just from an audience point of view but from your point of view also, have you got any live performances lined up any time soon to get that going?

Yeah absolutely, I’m currently hosting a live space in my studio so towards the end of the year I’m gonna do another show through that, and that’s basically intimate gigs that are also live-streamed gigs. Because it’s been so busy, I haven’t had much time to line up as many shows as I’d have liked, but definitely planning to take this on the road, I have a few more songs up my sleeve so keen to get them out. I definitely plan to take it to as much of Australia as possible.

I was doing some digging, and you shared a song on tripleJ Unearthed a few years ago called Jisas, it’s got a really cool Rudimental, Duke Dumont type of vibe to it. How much personally, do you reckon your style and sound have chance from Jisas to Need You?

A lot haha. I think the thing that ties it all together is that genre, which you can still feel present there. And I think when I pulled together Jisas there was also another song, Anything Goes that also got picked up on tripleJ Unearthed, and I really love where those songs headed but I was still surprised again that they came from a sample based state so I’ve kinda had that avalanche of pulling a story together from different samples and it’s not something I’d expected to write, but I love that it happened. With Feather Touch I’ve always wanted to get it to a place where I was doing the lyrics myself and doing the vocals and that sort of thing, so I think there’s a lot tying it together but I think the big difference between them is the support I had from Haxx who’s doing the production, it just makes everything a lot more polished in terms of the production. The other stuff I was putting out was definitely a lot more DIY and I really enjoyed being able to kinda take my vision to where I’d have liked it to go!

You managed to combine a really great commercial sound with that heavy dark bass which I guess drives the song into the club-based dance type of genre, so was that intentional or was it something that came out of the collaboration with Haxx?

Yeah it definitely, you’ve got elements of music that he does and fortunately for me I happen to love all the music that he works on. I really love that ability that he’s got to make sure that it’s got the elements you need to ensure that dance feel to it, but also the genre bending stuff that he’s able to do, which makes things more interesting than having a 120bmp dance song and being able to switch it up and do things differently. That really suits the music that I like to make, and you can hear it coming through. I’d been looking for someone to be my other half in the music sense, and it really feels like working with him I’ve been able to find that.

You mentioned that you’ve got some new songs up your sleeve. Can we expect any more in the coming months or you working on an EP?

At this stage I’ve still working out if they’re gonna be individual releases or an EP, so I can’t give too much away on that front! But I definitely have a couple of songs already ready to go. Early next year there’ll be plenty of music to dive into.

So I have one last question, You Should Hear is all about sharing music that deserves to be heard, so what’s one song you think everyone should hear, that doesn’t necessarily get the recognition it deserves?

That’s a great question. I’d love to say Over and Out by Sparrows which is currently killing it all over the place so unfortunately I don’t think I can say that because it’s definitely getting the recognition it deserves. There’s actually an old song from when I play in band days by a band called Young Lovers, called Talking In French. That song was the soundtrack for a lot of summers for me and I don’t think I saw it pop up anywhere outside of my playlist but I think it definitely deserves it!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 6.22.08 pm

I love chatting to new artists, and this was a super fun interview with Lachie! Hope you all got to know him a little better, let me know what you thought in the comments!

Make sure to follow Feather Touch on all the socials, and keep up to date so you’re as ready as I am for the new music.




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Tentendo Is THE Mood

Hello friends, and welcome back to another slightly aggressive music recommendation from me to you.

Today’s post is all about a Melbourne musician who I really only discovered earlier this year through the rabbit hole that is Melbourne-based musicians and the ever growing beautiful collaborations that continue to come out of some of my favourites. The music scene here in Melbourne is one of my favourites, and I don’t think any city can beat it.

That said, Tentendo may be one of my favourites to come out of it.

Originally a bass and guitar player, he moved to production after an injury that put his playing on pause and that’s where the magic happened, although he still continues to play bass with Billy Davis but that man and his music is a whole other story.

I listened to his song Dance With Me a song which features an incredible Melbourne rapper, Jordan Dennis, after hearing about it through Jordan’s Instagram and I featured it on my post all about Australian artists.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 11.21.38 am

The song has everything I want in a song, a fat bass line, a really funky drum kit that requires you to groove to it and a catchy as hell hook. The production of the song and Jordan’s energy on the vocals made it one of my favourite songs of the year so far.

My favourite song from Tentendo’s collection is Ghost, featuring Melbourne RnB singer, Blasko. If there is anything you do with the information within this post, make sure it’s listening to Ghost. I listened to this song and promptly had to pick my jaw up from the floor.

I don’t know if it was how unexpected that build up to the hook is and how subtle the ‘drop’ is, but whatever it was, Tentendo spun some magic to make it happen that smoothly. It’s a sound you simultaneously want hug and get down to.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 11.43.38 am

His first official feature on his Spotify page, One Stop Shop, gives me mad late 90’s RnB vibes, and I’m 100% here for it, as I usually am. It’s sung by another Australian singer, JANEVA, who gives me chills.

His most recent track, Waves, is noticeably a bit more chilled out. It’s very ethereal and features Blasko, Jordan Dennis and Rahel.  Each vocalist contributes something beautiful to each verse they take and it combines to make a really pretty track with heaps of lovely layers that just compliment each other and the funky kit that’s still present.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 11.28.44 am

To be quite frank, for me personally, Tentendo is four for four with all the tracks on his Spotify. While Ghost and Dance With Me are clear favourites, One Stop Shop and Waves are just as catchy and tasty to listen to, so I recommend you give his Spotify a good run through.

Melbourne is so bloody rich in musicians and Tentendo, in all his production magic and perfectly executed collaborations, embodies that perfectly. Make sure you check out his Spotify, his Instagram and his SoundCloud, and keep an eye out for Tentendo. I know I will.



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Bene’s Next Move

Alrighty. Time to learn you all a thing. Take notes please.

At the start of the year I was absolutely in love with a song called Tough Guy, by a young girl from New Zealand, Bene. I was also outraged at how she, criminally, only had a bit over 3000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Thankfully that’s grown to just under 6000, but still. Criminally under-appreciated.

My friends, this is a deep youshouldhear moment.

On the 14th of September, Bene released her second single, Soaked. And my goodness, it’s just as good, if not better, than Tough Guy. It’s right up my alley, the right type of edgy with a mad bass line that requires you to groove a little.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.15.56 am//Spotify//

She only shared the music video for Tough Guy, which was released in 2017, at the start of this year, and after making us patiently wait more than half the year, we were given Soaked.

I’m all here for young musicians making big moves, as is evident with my clear obsession with artists like Billie Eilish and Paige and Ruel, and considering Bene is a mere 17 years of age, she definitely slips into that category perfectly.

I’ve had the song on repeat this entire morning, even more before I started writing this post, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for chilling out, going for a driving, but then at the same time it also works perfectly if you’re trying to get down while doing your makeup before heading out for the night.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.16.34 am

The bass line that drives the song alongside a really sharp, funky snare drum keep the song chugging along, and it’s the perfect mix of atmospheric synths and smooth guitar tone that only adds to the absolute vibe that is the song.

Bene’s voice itself is half the treat. For someone so young, her voice has both a punchy energy when needed, and the ability to create amazing light and shade and softness when it’s needed, which she does beautifully, before launching back into a chorus that really hits you in the gut.

At the moment, Bene is two for two with me personally, both Tough Guy and Soaked have been hits with me, and I love them both.


highly recommend you give Bene a listen, whether it’s catching up and checking out Tough Guy or finally jumping on it and listening to Soaked. I 100% believe in her as an artist, and I’m super excited to see what more comes from her! Check out her Spotify, SoundCloud and Instagram too.



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Matt Corby Spare Me Please

Hello friends. Hope you are all doing well and good, hope this week is treating you nicely, cool let’s talk about Matt Corby.

Matt Corby, is one of Australia’s finest exports, and not only is he a beautiful, beautiful creature to look at, but… boy has pipes. He first showed his face during one of our prehistoric Australian Idol seasons, when he was fresh out the womb stunting a side fringe and a vest over his white t-shirt, and then promptly disappeared from the public eye for a couple of years.

He then reappeared with a full grown beard, a guitar, slightly blue-er, dreamy-er eyes and an arsenal of incredible, mind-numbing-ly amazing songs that give you shivers no matter what order you listen to them in.

I’ve definitely done a cover of his song Resolution and to date, it’s one of the most popular songs I’ve ever posted, and I definitely believe a lot of that is down to how incredible the song is.




You may also know his song Brother which is the pinnacle of all contemporary choreographer’s dancing repertoire, purely for the shivers you are guaranteed.

I’ve 100% included some of Matt’s songs throughout my blog, you may recognise his name popping up from time to time, because his songs are scattered generously throughout a lot of my playlists.

However, I was not aware of this song, Song For Interlude, probably because it isn’t on Spotify, and it’s live from his tour. Well, my friend who plays the drums for me, you may recall I mentioned him in my post all about my gig experience, is obsessed with the man. Not only has he shared with me many times that his brain would probably shut down if he met Matt in person, but he’s also sent me quite a few songs and videos that I’ve never seen or heard before.

Specifically the one I’m about to show you.

I have to apologise to my mate, considering I only watched the video a whole day after he told me to, and I have to apologise to myself, for willingly missing out on this magic.



That song, basically sums up the entirety of Matt Corby and what he means to the Australian public. Matt Corby is a national treasure and I dare anyone to tell me different.

That is all.



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Jon Bellion And The Obsession

Hello friends.

This is me, back from the dead, after dying. Losing my life. I swear to God.


I went to update one of my recent posts, my Week In My Life, and for some reason, the entire post was a bit slow to load, while I reposted the blog post again – major key, cheers Mia – and when I updated the time that I posted it, I realised that the entire post was just gone. Checked my phone, gone. Closed and refreshed the page, gone.

Thank God, for the little ‘History’ button up the top, or else I’d have lost a week long writing and editing endeavour that does not deserve that type of treatment.

But on to today’s post.



I apologise if you’re bored of reading this man’s name, but here I am again, with a blog post about me just plugging my love/adoration/awe/respect/undying love for Long Island singer/songwriter/producer/rapper Jon Bellion. This will in fact be the second post about Jon.

Strap yourselves in.


Surely that video is introduction enough.
And yes. I did watch this video on YouTube when I was getting the link for it and then again before I continued writing.


I first heard a Jon Bellion song when I was 15 years old. In the last post I did on Jon, I mentioned that Guillotine was the first song I ever heard by him, but that was a lie. Apologies.

The first song I ever heard was Ooh, featuring Christianne Jensen (his sister!!!), from his 2014 album, The Definition. And in all honestly, I wasn’t hooked straight off the first bar.


One of my favourite things about Jon’s music is the ever-changing and growing nature of it. It feels like it’s this constant rollercoaster and unless you’re already well accustomed to his style or his catalogue, you can’t predict where he’s going to take you. Halfway through the song, you can be assured that he’s probably going to take to somewhere completely unexpected.

That was what made me stick around for the rest of the song, his switch ups were so unpredictable.

That and the insane drum pockets he manages to find in all his songs, whether he’s beat boxing them into the microphone himself or loading samples into a drum machine so he play out the rhythm and the groove just the way he wants them.



Like Jon, I’m obsessed with finding intricate grooves and pockets for drum rhythms within songs. While I’m still trying to work on it in regards to my own music, watching Jon physically play all the beats on his drum machine, or record his vocals, whether he’s yelling, beat boxing or moving around the room to really create a huge sonic space, then turning them into bite sized samples that he pieces together to form the framework for the rest of the song to flow through, is mind boggling.

His entire production style and way of thinking is just so inspiring and innovative. Things like trumpet lines that he chooses to play through an AKAI for Luxury, or using his voice and editing it as a substitution for a lead guitar in Superman, The Gift and The Curse.

Guillotine was the next song I listened to, and it’s the one that made me cry, and scream and literally jump and want to rip my hair out and I know. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but it 100% is no exaggeration.




The other day, my dad and I ended up having to go into the city around the same time, so we caught the train in together, he to work and I to university. He’s become accustomed to hearing me sing Jon’s songs around the house often, and that morning’s car drive to the station had been me explaining my absolute love the man and his music, and how if I ever somehow got to meet him, my body would quite possible shut down. Which then went on to him kinda, but not completely, getting a grasp of how influential this man and his music was on my life, and then me pulling up ‘The Making of Guillotine’ on YouTube as we stood on the train, and forcing him to watch it.



We only got halfway through, but that same day when my dad came home from work in the evening, he came and sat down next to me on the couch, and asked to finish the rest of it. Which turned into me showing him nearly every single ‘The Making Of’ video, as well as live performances and interviews and acoustic versions. Long story short, I’m pretty sure if Jon Bellion comes to Australia, my dad’s coming with me to the concert.


//photo by @dxtrf//

//photo by @dxtrf//

The thing that I love the most about Jon, is that his music stands the test of time. One of the biggest lessons I’ve ever, ever learnt, is to try not to make ‘time sensitive’ or ‘time relevant’ music, because eventually, it becomes irrelevant, and people aren’t likely to listen to it. It drastically decreases the shelf life of a song, if you base the entirety of it’s production or lyrical content around a current trend that’s more than likely to die off in a year or two. It’s better to make a song you’re proud of that’s just genuinely a good tune than to try and make a song based and defined by current trends.

You could hear the same song of his two or three years apart and still feel it in you blood as it gives you goosebumps.

One of the biggest factors that allows me to solidify Jon Bellion as one of my idols, is the fact that when I first discovered him, I was only 15 and he blew my mind. Then I discovered his ‘The Making Of’ videos on YouTube when I was 17, and he blew my mind. I fully understood the depth of his genius, ingenuity, talent and passion at 19, soon to be 20, and he still blew my mind. I genuinely find myself with his songs running through my head all through the day, from morning until the night and even then, I have them in my head while I’m in bed and I’m positive I probably sing them in my sleep too.

The fact that the same songs, regardless of how many more amazing new songs he puts out, still manage to drop my jaw to the floor and have me shooketh, is a testament to how they’re purely incredible songs, and they stand alone in how great they are, regardless of the trending genre or popular production styles at the current moment.


Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 5.41.02 pm

//photo by @dxtrf//

Of the many things I’ve already listed that have added to this obsession, another is his lyrics. If not the beats, then the lyrics definitely make my jaw drop at least once in each song. There are so many clever double-meanings, insinuations, rhymes that shouldn’t rhyme, things that he says that you would just never expect to hear in a song for some reason, and he makes it all sound so incredible.

He somehow manages to reference Jim Morrison and The Doors, Abbey Road, Blueprint, Michael Jordan, Kanye, The Notorious B.I.G (Christopher Wallace), Bob Marley, Chris Zarou and Will Smith in his song Jim Morrison, a song that has become a staple during car drives with my dad.

Honestly just think about the chorus in The Monster by Eminem featuring Rihanna and hear the gears turn in your head when you realise that holy shit, Jon Bellion wrote that too. Along with a whole tirade of songs that he produced and wrote for other artists.

His voice is so versatile and strong, going from singing like an angel in Human to rapping like a god in New York Soul – Pt. ii, and then doing both in Halloween. He is insane.



He’s a huge inspiration for me. I could only think of a few other artists who I see at the same level as Jon Bellion, personally. The way he writes, the way he produces, the words he chooses to share and the stories he tells either have me laughing, smiling, screaming along or crying. Without failure. He doesn’t lie in his music, and he isn’t afraid of calling himself out, or speaking about things that others may not try and touch, lyrically.

To make it even better, last year, on my birthday, the song Obsession  with Vice and Kyle, and it was like…Jon. @ me next time please. Happy Birthday to me.

I rarely make artist specific playlists. The only two I have, are my lads playlist which is definitely on private, and definitely dedicated to One Direction for moments when I need a fix, and my jon bellion playlist. Make sure you check it out. I say that a lot, but I mean it a lot more this time.

Below, is a list of some of my favourite Jon Bellion songs. We all know the love I have for Guillotine,  but there are heaps of songs that hit me in the soul the way that one does too, and his previous three albums are a treasure trove of incredible, blood pumping music.

(note how I’ve linked every single song because of how serious I am about this music)
(also appreciate the immense effort it’s taken not to keep coming back to this post and adding more songs to this list every other hour)


Guillotine – Jon Bellion
He Is The Same – Jon Bellion
Dead Man Walking – Jon Bellion
New York Soul – Part. ii – Jon Bellion
Luxury – Jon Bellion
Human – Jon Bellion
Woke The F*ck Uo – Jon Bellion
Superman, The Gift And The Curse – Jon Bellion
Morning In America – Jon Bellion
Hand Of God – Outro – Jon Bellion
Halloween – Jon Bellion
Jim Morrison – Jon Bellion
For The Dreamers – Jon Bellion
Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction) – Jon Bellion


Omg EDIT; you definitely need to hear some of his acoustic versions. Linked for your convenience and to ensure you don’t have an excuse not to hear this magic.

Run. Wild. Acoustic. Version.

Magic to your ears, bless your souls, feed your children, feed your children’s children, all you need.

Run Wild (Acoustic)
Woke The F*ck Up (Acoustic)
Human (Acoustic)
All Time Low (Acoustic)



I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Articulating my thoughts, about artists as inspiring and as talented as Jon can be challenging for me to do so without sounding like I’m babbling, but hopefully the message got across! I know it’s a but of an overkill linking you guys five videos and hoping you watch them all, but honestly, Jon Bellion can’t be summed up into words. We’re four weeks into the university semester and I’ve definitely already managed to somehow work him into my latest assignment.

As of this moment, I’ve scheduled this post, and then come back to add more and more to it a minimum of six times.

Oh well, off to wait patiently for my Jon Bellion merch to arrive :)) My birthday’s today and I was hoping it’d be here by now, but we can wait…


EDIT: I have quite possibly started a cult. Story time. I was at another rehearsal, and my drummer suddenly piped up going, “Hey have you guys heard this song, Guillotine?” Yes my dude. So then my guitarist goes, “Where did you hear it?” and we learn that my guitarist’s girlfriend, and my friend, showed it to my drummer. So then my guitarist goes, “Hey, she heard it from me!” which obviously causes me to grin at him, and go “And where did you hear it from?” knowing full well I showed him at work, so now the Jon love is spreading and it’s only a matter of time before I form a club. Message me for membership info.



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My Favourite Instrumentals

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is one that I’ve had sitting on my page for a little while, waiting to be written, and I’m finally getting down to it.

For the longest time I could only listen to so much music that didn’t have any words, but now, with the influx of amazing lo-fi hip hop, the concoction of jazz-hop (jazz and hip hop, it’s amazing 10/10 would recommend), I’ve found myself drawn towards instrumentals and amazing music that don’t have any lyrics.

I have two playlists on Spotify that have some of this music, my books playlist, which I generally use while studying, taking notes or writing up blog posts, and my toasty playlist, which is all things lo-fi hip hop and jazz, songs that sound toasty and warm.

So below, I’ve got a list of some of my favourite instrumental songs to exist at the moment. If you’re keen for more, I’ve linked both my books and my toasty playlists in this post, and you can find heaps more to have a listen to and enjoy!

unknown – fLOwTEC
by my side – Flavors, Two Sleep
Again – Wun Two
Mia & Sebastian’s Theme – Justin Hurwitz
tequila – mt. fujitive
Sahasrara – BluntOne
Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
Air – Blvk
Palms – wush
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Bethel Music
So Far To Go – J Dilla 
Flowers – The Deli
Alchemy – Willaris. K
Perfection – Floreyyyy
4Corners – DJ Grumble
When Sunny Gets Blue – McCoy Tyner
Far Away – Tomppabeats
Rain Man – Rex Orange County
5:32pm – The Deli

If you don’t listen to any of those, make sure you check out J Dilla at least, he’s one of my favourite producers, he’s made amazing beats, and his sound is iconic. That’s definitely not all of them, but if you enjoyed of those songs make sure you check out my Spotify for the rest of the playlist!




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I Have An Excuse

Hello my friends!

It may not seem like it to some of you, but I’ve been a bit off on here, haven’t been as active as I definitely could have, but to be quite frank, I’m not sorry. Why?

Here’s my reasoning and subtle attempt at begging for forgiveness while simultaneously plugging my own shit.

Most of you know that I’m a Music Industry student here in Melbourne. The first semester has just wrapped up, meaning a bunch of my friends are drowning themselves in coffee in order to utilise any spare moment to study for upcoming exams, and I’ve been locking myself in my room in order to avoid any people whatsoever, in an attempt to finish all my assignments. I say ‘all’ like I’m drowning in a sea of assessment tasks, but realistically, I’ve had a couple of essays to write and one major music assignment.

Thankfully, yesterday night, I handed the last of the lot in, and I’m now free until mid-July.

However, my procrastination game this semester, was on fire. I thought I had that shit sorted out last semester, but due to the overwhelming ‘meh’ feeling I’ve had this entire semester, I was incredibly great at putting things off until the last minute. As in, beginning the two 2000 word essays I had to write a mere five hours before they were due, and scaring the majority of my family who found me hunched over my computer furiously switching between bashing at the keyboard, double, triple checking how to reference using the bloody Harvard standard style and getting my hands on any form of caffeine I could, all while wasting more time Snapchat-ing all my friends about the self-inflicted absolute misery I was in.

I had one essay that I had absolutely zero idea about, considering I only watched about four of the movies throughout the 12 week semester, and only went for six of the tutorials, but somehow I managed to scrape through and submit the 1800-2000 word essay ten minutes before it was due, much to my parents enjoyment, as they got to watch me scram and panic for a solid hour beforehand. Then last night I happily agreed to take a very much undeserved break and go to church followed by a cheeky Nando’s that only chewed further into the short time I had left. Passing on the opportunity to go to the gym and waste yet another hour or so, I managed to compared the musical genres in Bruno Mars first album and his most recent album, to a decent length, even going the 10% over the word limit.

However, on Friday, I submitted the assessment that’s been taking up all my spare time, and that was my studio recording. If you take anything away from this blog post, make sure is this. Ya girl hates Ableton. With a passion. A loathing, fiery passion. I hate it so much. I had to create a 3 minute minimum song, using sounds in Ableton, thankfully with the added aid of lyrics and vocals on top, write a reflection on why I chose to use the sounds and mix them the way I did (answer: I don’t know) and submit it on SoundCloud for my tutor to listen to and judge. Easy.

Anyone who’s read a couple of my insightful rants about some of my music subjects may remember me mentioning that I’m a singer and a songwriter. In no way am I a producer. Which in my opinion, is the demographic that Ableton happily caters towards. Not only is it a bloody ugly audio work space to use, but it’s just finicky and difficult to manoeuvre around, especially if you have no idea how to use it. Which is the boat that myself, and two of my other friends found ourselves in.

Being three of the four only girls in the entire class, the ‘boys club’ kind of mentality irked us just a lil bit. I hate making myself out to be the victim, but there were just many instances when our calls (emails) for help went unanswered and we were finding ourselves with no clue on how to approach the assignment several times. Enter ya girl, with a fantastic idea.

Having known both these girls for a good year and a half now, we knew each other and our styles well enough that we could confidently work together. I’d spent the last year and a half working with one of them, who is also my best friend at university. So I proposed that we all just book out the studios, work together to make three individual songs, each one taking control of one particular song in regards to how it sounded, and then write the reports ourselves.

Honestly, the two days we locked ourselves in the studio from 11-5 were the best days of the entire month of May. We left only to pee and grab $9 pizzas from the best Italian cafe in the university, but other than that we were underground in the studios, totally removed from everything, only slightly shocked when we’d emerge and it was already getting dark.

I have to say, for a couple of chicks who had no prior idea of what the hell they were doing, we did pretty well. There was a moment the second day when we all listened to the song that was meant to be mine and decided that the day before was a temporary lapse of judgement that resulted in the shit-show that the song was, meaning I started all over again, but it went really well overall. We all genuinely enjoyed working the way we did, at times we’d split up several times during the sessions to move into separate corners of the studio to work on lyrics, then other times we’d descend into tribal insanity and blast catholic all-girl school bops that all of our schools used to play at mass (hit me up if you’re about Shine Jesus Shine or Shout To The Lord).

The point of this entire blog, is not only to try and explain any absence that may or may not (probably not) have been noticed, but to give yet another insight into my personal life, or more so, my life as a music student.

Not only was I down in that dungeon of a music studio (I promise, I love it, I live for it) for two days with the girls, but after submitting the song, I booked out the studio again the day after for another six hours, and went in by myself to fix up my song even more. Why? Because I was proud as heck of it. Considering I made all the sounds that I used, in Ableton, and then mixed majority of and then wrote the lyrics and did all the singing on it, it’s the most I’ve done in a hot minute, and I loved it.

To the point where I decided “You know what, I’m not keeping this song on a private SoundCloud link, only for my teacher to hear, I’m actually gonna put it up and share it cos I LIKE IT.” So I did. And this is it.



I really only shared it on my SnapChat and Instagram. Haven’t bothered sharing it on Facebook yet, but my friends have been really supportive of it so far (looking at you too, Mia). I’m proud as heck of it. Not only is it a song I actually enjoy listening to that encompasses my whole personality as a petty human being, but I’m proud of how much more involved and directly responsible I am of it. It’s all mine.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the song, or even anything I’ve mentioned in this post. Let me know in the comments below.



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Sometimes you listen to a song, and you feel shivers literally crawling up your spine, or your arms fill with goosebumps. I experience this frequently, simply due to the high volume of music I roll through every single day. That said, I do have some very memorable songs that have left me in awe, and full of shivers. And here they are!

Grows Old – Thirdstory
Blessed – Daniel Caesar

Collide – Odette
Wait – M83
Man Like You – Patrick Watson
Blinded By Lights – Dan Caplen
Never Enough – Loren Allred
Confidently Lost – Sabrina Claudio
Mothers Eyes – Six60
I’m Gonna Be – Sleeping At Last
Creep – Ember Island 
You’re The One That I Want – Lo-Fang
Headlock – Lennon and Maisy
Heal – Tom Odell
From Now On – The Greatest Showman
On My Mind (Acoustic) – Jorja Smith x Preditah
Old Pine – Ben Howard
One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men
Ugotme – Omar Apollo
Crossfire – Stephen
Human – Rag ‘n’ Bone Man


Have a listen! Are there any songs that really hit you? I love listening to those types of songs and am always open to hear more! Let me know in the comments below.




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So You Think You Know

So I’ve scheduled this post for the 11th of August, and it’s currently the 19th of July. Fair to say, you’ll be reading a few weeks worth of writing and editing and complete deletions, rewrites and do-overs. Why, you ask? Because this is a different type of post, I guess. I’m putting some extra thought into this one.

Let’s start with the date. Why the 11th of August? Well, it’s actually my birthday. Ya girls 19. So what does my birthday have to do with this post?

Well, for this post, rather than speaking about musicians and bands I look up to, or songs and albums I’m currently listening to, I’m going to talk about a different topic. Myself. I can hear you gasping.

I’m not sure how to go about this without it looking like a blatant plug and self-promotion attempt, but here we go.

If anyone’s gathered any tiny hints from my last posts, you may know my name. If not, that’s chill, I don’t put it all over my posts other than once or twice. In that case; hello, my name’s Priya. p.f, You Should Hear, Priya are interchangeable now I guess.

I live in suburban Melbourne, Australia, which has a lot going on. It’s a great place. I love Melbourne. I’m currently at university, in my first year and I’m studying, surprise surprise, music. Music Industry to be specific. It’s definitely fun and interesting. I have no regrets so far.

But you guys came here for music.

Well, I actually started music myself when I was four. I started singing lessons, and for that I’m ridiculously grateful to my parents. Singing has been a constant with me since then. When I was probably too unsure and so not ready for the pain (blisters and rough fingers), I started guitar lessons, which didn’t work out for too long. Then I moved to the piano. In a sense, this started a lot for me. I learnt piano for four years. Sped through the levels actually. So it makes people laugh when I tell them that I can’t read a note of music and play by ear. I faked my way through six levels of piano by memorising every single song I was taught. My teacher even went through a whole phase of holding a book over my hands so I couldn’t see the keys and had to look at the page, but by then I had memorised the feel of the piano keys from middle C, so that proved futile for ol’ Vic.

He was quite an old, rigid, classical style teacher, and if you’ve gathered anything from my ‘writing voice’, you’ll know I’m…not. So I stopped piano lessons. I continued with my singing though, changing to a different music school when I was around nine. When I was in primary school there was also a music program you could enrol in, so hoping I could further my piano endeavours at least a little, my parents enrolled me in the keyboard classes. Let me tell you, playing Star Wars and The Simpsons on one hand when I’d previously been playing with two hands, no eyes, without taking in an actual note, was a huge waste of time and my parents money, so much to my keyboard teacher’s dismay, I stopped that after a short year and a half.

But, I kept up the singing outside school. By now I’d found myself a teacher, Nick, who I really gelled with, and we were kind of on the same page with a lot. He ended up leaving the singing school I was attending, and I left right along with him, and joined his own singing school that he literally ran out of his home studio. It was sick.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions my parents ever made, on my behalf. As well as gaining an amazing singing teacher and mentor, I’d go as far to say he was a great friend to my whole family. He eventually added small piano lessons to the singing lessons, but this time, rather than forcing me to try and read notes, he taught me chords.

I already knew the basics of the chords, but once I learnt how to build notes and trills around chords, my love and respect for the piano literally changed. One of my friends calls it ‘funky fingers’ because basically, if I know the song, and I have the chords for it, I can manipulate the chords and the way I choose which keys to play when, to sound pretty similar to if I had a note by note piece of sheet music.

It was great to find a singing teacher who was interested in the music I was, and it was around that time that I finally showed him some of my own original songs. That was when I started recording them. I think I was around twelve. The first song I recorded? Terrible. But for a twelve year old it was such an amazing thing to hear and listen to my own voice singing words I’d penned myself.

After that, I barely touched covers as much as I usually did, and we threw ourselves into building up my catalogue of songs, some that were written 100% by me, with all the music and chord progressions my own as well, others with him editing lyrics and playing the music for the recording. I only stopped going for lessons with him last year, at the end of Year 12. So nearly ten years, give or take a few months worth of breaks here and there. But, I achieved a lot in those ten years, and I’m proud of myself.

Yearly, he had concerts. Not even concerts, gigs, at a pub in Melbourne. It was open to the public, our families and friends were all invited and there were amazing potato wedges. Each student sang two songs, usually covers and the two or three of us who wrote originals performed those as well. The best part was performing with a live, interactive, highly adaptable band. I still give mad props to those dudes. It was when I first started performing with those guys around the age of 12, that my ever present interest for the drums peaked. So when I started high school and the opportunity to go for music lessons within school presented itself, I enrolled in drum lessons. Where I was made to learn to read music. Again. Drum music. That lasted a whole of a year, before I decided that was done, that was over, I was cool just chilling and making it up as I go. That said, you are hearing this from the drummer of the school church band, assembly band and rock band. Make your own judgements. I wish you could see me flick my hair.

Then in Year 10 Music at school, there was a semester assessment, where we had to teach ourselves how to play a musical instrument. I took this as an opportunity to have another crack at the guitar. Let me tell you, YouTube is a blessing, because everything I know on guitar now, I got from there, Google or Ultimate Guitar. Being able to play the guitar improved the scope of my songwriting infinitely, and I even managed to pick up the ukulele and teach myself how to play that little guy too.

All of this combined to broaden the scope and diversity of the music I was writing.

In 2014 I released an EP. You can literally listen to it anywhere. Like, iTunes and stuff. Get ready for the shameless promo that I warned you about, because here it is on Spotify for your convenience 😉 Peep the uke.


So yeah, that happened while I was in Year 10. It didn’t blow up or anything, but I made quite a bit of money for two charities through hard copy sales. It was an achievement for me, and I’m so grateful to my singing teacher for literally recording, mixing and bouncing the whole thing for me.

So that was that. That same year I placed third in a national songwriting competition in my age category. That was cool. The year after that I placed third again, got my school a neat electric-acoustic guitar and $500 to go towards a loop pedal I had been eyeing for myself.

Then in Year 12, I decided I wanted to do something with the collection of brand new original songs that I had written and recorded. So, I released an album.




A full length, twelve-track album. Here ya go.



I released this in December, so it’s still pretty recent in the scope of my ‘music career’ if you can even call it that. Since then I’ve just been relaxing a bit.

I’m lucky that with my university course, I get 24 hour access to the studios on campus, of which I’ve taken full advantage of. Sometime in the past two years I also started recording more stripped back, one-take covers, which I posted on SoundCloud. If you’re interested, here is a link to that too. Those have continued to do pretty well. So I did some more recordings at university, which were for actual assignments (how cool though??? Like I literally go to uni to do the stuff I was doing in my spare time??) and posted them earlier this year. Now I’m working on getting through university, writing more music, and hopefully recording and mixing myself sometime soon. Though, I know that I won’t be releasing any more music for a little while. At least until I finish uni. At least.

Like I said before, covers? I didn’t do too many after I started writing my own songs, but now I’m hoping to start up again, beginning with a cover of Ever Since New York by my man, Harry Styles. I actually posted that on YouTube, with some funky clips of my holiday to the USA. Would it be too obvious of a self-promotion to share it? What the heck. It’s my blog. And it’s music. So it counts. Here you go. I did it on GarageBand. With my headphones mic. Be warned.



How aesthetic of me.

What else? Oh, I also work at a music store. Which for me, is the ultimate job. The best job I could possibly ask for. I’ve been working there for over a year now, and I don’t plan on leaving it. Plus, the discounts!!!!!!

I’m sorry if this isn’t the usual post you are probably used to, but when I finally told my parents about this blog, my mum (A.K.A my biggest fan and harshest critic) at once asked me about whether I had promoted myself. And I realised that it was unfair to tell you guys about all the new music that I’m loving, give you my open and honest opinions, but leave out the music that is a huge part of my life; my own. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this post anyway, and if you bothered to listen to any of this stuff, let me know what you thought!