Duckwrth // SUPERGOOD

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re well and thriving and if you’re not, I hope you are soon. 

Today I wanted to drop in to share with you an album I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, and that is Duckwrth’s SuperGood album. 

I can’t say I’ve always paid a ton of attention to Duckwrth and what he’s up to, and other than adding a couple singles to some of my playlists, he’s not an artist I always have on my radar. So how did I come across this album and why has it become a staple to get me through the week?

The visual teaser for one of the tracks, Kiss U Right Now, appeared on my recommended on YouTube. I loved the aesthetic of it, how much of a teaser it actually was and the song itself was beautiful and super sultry and smooth. Had me hooked straight away. So obviously I ran to Spotify like I always do and checked out the whole song, which led me to finding the SuperGood album. Praise be!

Now of all of Duckwrth’s songs, the one I listen to the most is a track called MICHUUL., which I love for it’s groove and rhythm, and that’s only readily available throughout this album. 

It also comes along with a few notable features, including EARTHGANG, Australia’s very own KIAN, Julia Romana and Kyle Dion to name a few. It’s a good selection of artists to add to what’s already shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of 2020. 

The opening track, New Long Song, is such a perfect debut for the album, mixing in some old school sounds with beautiful vocals and super smooth lyrics. I love Duckwrth’s rapping voice. Then add onto that how much I love his singing voice and you’ve got this perfect mix. The song is also incredibly dynamic. Take’s you to church a bit. 


Quick, which features our boy KIAN, is another favourite of mine. Super percussive and rhythmic, which I really enjoy. It’s really different for KIAN, and he and Duckwrth melt together perfectly on this track. It’s a collaboration I wouldn’t have seen coming, but I’m entirely here for it. 

Super Bounce, which features EARTHGANG is super smooth. It’s one of my other highlights from this record. I get a few D’Angelo vibes from this tune, but it’s also just beautifully intricate in all the sounds and rhythms that are combined throughout the track. In particular, the keys and the synths in this song really come together beautifully, and everything just floats so seamlessly together. 

If you’re looking for some new music to listen through, a new album to put on and work your way through, or some new tracks to add to your playlists, I highly recommend SuperGood. I’m clearly very enthusiastic about it, and I’m gonna be keeping a closer eye on Duckwrth from here on out and you should too. 



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