Songs For Summer

Hello friends!!

Clearly I’m trying to make up for the lack of sun that Melbourne seemed to get this past summer, and the inconsistent weather we’ve been having, by cooking up a little playlist for you all – perfect for when summer hits you wherever you are, or for those days you’re just missing a bit of the sun.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Backlit Luminous Glow - Franjapan Please Tell Rosie - Alle Farben, Younotus Blue Jeans - The Grogans Garbage Bin - Tiny Little Houses Runaway - Ziggy Alberts Pleaser - Wallows Chances - The Calibans Canned Heat - Jam



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A Playlist Dedication // Summer 18/19

Hey friends. How are we?

Summer has officially come to an end here in Australia, but due to the warming of the globe, unpredictable weather, unreliable weather reports/apps and general nature of the way it all is here, the sun has been kicking it up into the next gear, meaning these last few weeks have been spectacular.

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We had an incredibly rainy and wet end to 2018, but luckily 2019 showed it’s face with plenty of sunshine and great weather, which has in turn made me that much more optimistic towards this year and what it has to offer. The last three months have been fantastic weather-wise, which means I’ve actually been leaving my house. Yeah.

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Also, this has been my first summer with a driver’s license that allows me to drive by myself, meaning I’ve found myself heading to my friends house, planning days out, going away and driving myself to the beach a heap more. It’s been fantastic. I don’t even regret the petrol it all costs, because it’s been without a doubt, worth it.





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So with that said, I thought I’d do the first of what I’m hoping to be quite a few posts, a playlist dedication. I mean, my Rye//2019 playlist was the post that sparked the idea because I shared a playlist that I felt belonged to the trip and the getaway with some of my friends, so this is a playlist for this summer. I feel like I might even extend this post to people and places, rather than just times and experiences. Tell me what you think of the idea in the comments below.


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Anyway, here’s the playlist.













Movies – Circa Waves
Aubrey – Running Touch
Sea Blue – BLOXX
Barbie Dreams – Nicku Minaj
Freaking Out The Neighborhood – Mac DeMarco
How Was Your Night – Franjapan
It Runs Through Me – Tom Misch
Losing It – Fisher
Nights Like This – Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign
Caramelo Duro – Miguel, Kali Uchis
Crave You – Flight Facilities
My Hands – Running Touch
Money – Cardi B
Join The Club – Hockey Dad
1901 (Triple J Like A Version) – Petit Biscuit
Everybody – Tash
Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I Wish I Missed My Ex – Mahalia
Better Together – Hayden James, Running Touch
Soaked – Bene
break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored – Ariana Grande
La Di Da – Lennon Stella
Casio – Jungle



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The Soundtrack // Rye 2019

Hello, hello and welcome back to another post!

Today’s post is a short-ish one, but one I love a lot. Over the 24th to the 26th, six of my friends and I took a 50 minute drive out of Melbourne to Rye, a popular coastal town in Victoria. We packed the cars with bathers, drinks and board games and hit the road.

It was a really easy drive, considering we left early on the Sunday morning. Because our AirBnB wasn’t available until 2pm that day, we stopped at Sorrento, where one of the boys in our group had his family’s holiday house and spent a little while there. The walk over to the beach was a short and effortless trip across the road, and the few hours we spent at Sorrento beach were incredible. We played beach frisbee, lay in the sun, listened to music and laughed plenty.


Once the AirBnB was ready, we made our first stop at the super-market to pick up food for the stay, before heading to the house, a beautiful little three bedroom, two bathroom AirBnB with the perfect kitchen and dining area for us to dump our things.



The Monday, the one full day we had in Rye, was one of my favourite days of the year. We made the short drive to Blairgowrie, where we walked down amongst the rock pools to get to a deep, blue, beautiful rock pool sitting beneath a huge rock, perfect for jumping off, which is where we spent majority of the day. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, the water was the bluest I’ve ever seen and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The rest of the day was spent making another stop at the supermarket, an hour or so at another back beach then back to the house for games and drinks.



The following day was a rush of getting the AirBnB clean and out of the house by 10am, with a pit stop for mini golf and fish and chips for lunch on the way home.


Music was constantly playing in Rye.


As soon as we were up in the morning, the UE Boom was on and it provided the perfect soundtrack for everyone to wake up one by one and come into the kitchen to the smell of bacon and eggs. While we all got ready for the day and drove to the beach, a selection of songs became very prominent for me personally, and of course our games and drinks late into the evening were partnered by the portable speaker sitting on the kitchen table behind us.

Here’s the Rye 2019 playlist:


Loverboy – Tash
Alright – Jordan Rakei
dear marie, i’d love to meet your mum – Cody Simpson
Killer Queen – Queen
Deep Down Low – Valentino Khan
Get To Know – Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt
My Favourite Part – Mac Miller, Ariana Grande
Beautiful Escape – Tom Misch, Zak Abel
Senorita – EDEN
How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris, Disciples
Please Me – Cardi B, Bruno Mars
Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
Feels – Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry
Be With You – RUFUS DU SOL
American Love – Smallpools
Gold Snafu – Sticky Fingers
Controlla – Drake
Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen
Rehab – Amy Winehouse




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Tunes For The Sun

Anyone who’s been here long enough would have groaned at the title. But, it’s a definite thing of mine that has wormed it’s way into far too many of my blog posts; summer songs. Songs made for summer. Songs made to be listened to on a bright sunny day. Songs that you play while driving down to the beach. Songs for blasting when your friends put you in charge of the music during a relaxing pool day.

I go on like a broken record, but there’s something about those type of songs that make you feel as though the sun is shining, that make you crave a freshly cut mango or a swim in ice cold water, even if it’s exactly 11 degrees outside and it’s been raining for most the of the day (looking right at you Melbourne). So in this post, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favourite summer friendly tunes for you. If you happen to fall into a daze of summer and just have to find some more, there’s also a playlist on my Spotify (priyafrancis, one word, it’s linked for your convenience, plug, plug, plug), where you can find over 500 more! But anyway, let’s get into it.


Swimming Pool Blues – Miniature Tigers
Beware The Dog – The Griswolds
We Can’t Move To This – Ellie Goulding
How To Fly – Sticky Fingers (rip)
Death To The Lads – The Smith Street Band
Atlas – COIN
Tongue Tied – Grouplove
Dreaming – Smallpools
Take A Walk – Passion Pit
A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
Give Me A Try – The Wombats
Make My Love Go – Jay Sean, Sean Paul
The Girl Is Mine (Destiny’s Child and Brandy) – 99 Souls
Say My Name – ODESZA, Zyra
Pacing – Tep No
Run – COIN
Drop Your Love – Young Franco, DiRTY RADiO
Do What You Want – High Tide
My Way – Calvin Harris
Mason Jar – Smallpools
Boys That Sing – Viola Beach
The Sound – The 1975
All Cried Out – Blonde, Alex Newell
On Our Way – The Royal Concept
This Way – Chris Brown
Turn Around – DECO
T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves
Cruel – Snakehips, Zayn
Greek Tragedy – The Wombats
101 – Walla
On My Mind – Don Diablo
Throw Shade – CRUISR
She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks

If It Ain’t Love – Jason Derulo
Someone Who Needs Me – Bob Sinclair
Bend It – Maleek Berry
Would You Ever – Skrillex, Poo Bear
Talk Too Much – COIN
Santeria – Sublime
Sweet Lady – Little Finn
Beach House – Hockey Dad
Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt
1 Night – Mura Masa, Charli XCX
Pleaser – Wallows

As I mentioned before, my summer playlist (linked) has over 500 songs in it, that are perfect for summer, so this is only scratching the surface, make sure you check it out! Summer arrives pretty soon here in Australia, so you know this playlist is gonna get a workout! Hope you enjoyed some of the songs I shared above and if you did, be sure to let me know down in the comments!




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