Kissing Ariana Grande’s Butt For An Entire Post

Hello and welcome back friends! I know what you’re thinking if you’re checking this out on the blog rather than the reader – “Priya…why’s the blog changed? Again?”. To that I have to admit – I’ve gone back to yee old Free plan on this lil platform because I’m having to divert all of my attention, time and money towards a project that I’ve been working my lil butt off on, so I hope you don’t mind. More on that relatively soon…

On to tonight’s post. Are we obtuse? We can read the title right? No explaining necessary. We’re talking about Ariana’s latest album, Positions and just straight gassing her up for an entire post.

I’m gonna be real with you – I’m not going through the entire album for you because that’s your job.

What I am gonna do is give you the rundown and share some of my favourite tracks from the record and I highly suggest you listen to the album, back to back, in order, on shuffle, beginning to end, for yourself, and allow yourself to find your own favourites, when I’m done.

When Ariana popped up, like she does, I genuinely found myself bursting at the seams with excitement. I don’t think I’ve been as excited for an album from this woman, as I was with this one. I’ve always been in awe of her voice and her as an individual, but it seems like she’s at the peak of her performance right now. Her branding is sublime like entirely ‘baddie in Disneyland; right now, her songs just get better and better, I can’t think of one that I don’t love and it feels like she can’t put a foot wrong.

Visuals? Perfect. Production? Perfect. The range??? Perfect. Such a range on this album and she does it flawlessly. When the track list was release, everyone I knew was talking about it. For good reason, clearly.

There’s a real childish element to this album that I love, yet at the same time it’s beautifully mature and sultry, in a way that only Ariana Grande can do. It’s like Disneyland grown-up. That’s all I can think of to describe this album in my mind. Not like Hannah Montana Disney either, but like Magic Kingdom and the Castle, Disney. I have many thoughts… but let’s get into my favourite tracks.

shut up
Find me a stronger opening track. You can’t. Are you kidding me? The instrumentation on this track is gorgeous, but then it’s gets to the chorus and her damn vocals kick in. I’ve never appreciated being told to ‘shut up’ as much as I did when I listened to this song for the first time. Personally this is one of those times where I would pay to go back to my first listen of this track. The violins, the harmonies, the plucked strings, I’m all about it.

motive ft Doja Cat
I mean. I mean. This is my favourite song on the entire album. It’s so me, it’s a joke. I mean you got that Loleatta Holloway disco sample that’s pulled straight from You Little Beauty by my man FISHER, you got Doja who has really grown on me over the last year, it’s got a four-to-the-floor beat and Ariana just swims all over this track. This has been my go-to driving song since the album dropped, I’m going out with friends for the first time since March with some friends and I wholeheartedly plan on getting ready to this track on repeat, and I’d happily listen to this song again and again. Ariana Grande over a house beat? Yes please.

safety net ft Ty Dolla $ign
This song really came at an ideal moment for me when I’m really stepping into a time of appreciating Ty Dolla $ign and his musicality and his voice. More to come on his latest album soon hopefully. Such a perfect match, vocally and I’m not sure why this wasn’t done sooner. I really like this song a lot, it’s a perfect driving song, a little bit of RnB, and I think it’s just the vibes for me.

my hair
Let’s not lie, this song is probably on par with motive for me. I don’t know why I carried on like that before when this song was coming up. I got sent this song by four seperate people telling me how much I’d love it and I feel like that kinda says enough. I mean, what’s not to love? The vocals, my gosh. Her voice is one of the strongest voices of this generation, hands down, she just can’t be stopped and I feel like if this song doesn’t say that enough I don’t know what does. There’s so much in this track I could ramble on about; the offensive bass line, the strings that just throw you into like, Golden era Hollywood, her vocals, given, the immaculate guitar and these keys that are just so tastefully sprinkled over the entire track, the trumpet. I give up. Catch me throwing up a poor attempt to cover this song on Instagram, I can feel it coming.

love language
Look, I know it’s only been 2 years since Sweetener was released but this song makes me instantly think that we’re overdue for a Ariana x Pharrell collaboration. That’s the first thing I thought when I heard this song, and then the next thing was that this was a bloody good song. The strings all over this record are so punchy and carry so much energy, especially in this song. I can’t wait for more of the visuals for this record to come out because I’m so positive they’re gonna hit.

I feel like it would be rude, frankly, to not include this title track on the list of faves. I mean, it’s not a stretch for me considering this song is genuinely stuck in my head 24 hours of the day. Don’t get me started on the absolute art people are creating on TikTok with this song. This song is magic. It’s what we needed. Hard to elaborate on it really. It’s gold. The music video, is also gold. That’s all.

Miss Grande really just came in peace to pop in and take her crown.
Please, by all means, feel free to share your favourite tracks from the album below, it’ll be hard for me to disagree with you. This track slaps.
That’s all.



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