Very Specific Pt. 10

Hello friends!!

Welcome back to what is now the tenth very specific post here on my blog! Honestly didn’t think I’d be churning out that many, but I love making them and you guys seem to love reading them and listening to the songs on them, so here we are!

This specific playlist, as many of them do, comes from one of my own playlists on Spotify, girl gang, which if the name isn’t obvious, contains all the necessary artillery for belting out some bangers with the girls.

To be quite honest, I feel like ‘belting out some bangers with the girls’ should be it’s own musical genre entirely, but until that very much needed move is made, I’m here to keep you going.


Hopefully that’s enough – if not, I’m literally a call away, hit me up or even better, you can find the rest of my girl gang playlist HERE. If you’re down to share your favourite songs to sing with the girls, I’d be keen to hear any recommendations in the comments :)))



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