Playlist Deep Dive // decolonise ya self

Hello friends! I’m back with another playlist to shamelessly plug. This one actually means a whole lot to me, so I’d really appreciate it if you stuck around and even had a listen!

I love talking about POC artists, especially here in Australia, and we’re not short on a diverse range of artists, however I always find that they’re never represented or shared on a larger scale as much as they ought to be.

Example; January in Australia is a hectic month. There’s a lot going on, and a key event for quite a few people, especially those aged between 15-30, is the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown, where popular radio station Triple J, counts down the hottest 100 songs from the previous year. It’s a big deal. Everyone votes for their top ten favourite tracks, then the votes are counted and we have an entire day dedicated to the countdown. You hang out with friends, usually have some drinks and food out in the sun as it’s consistently a good weather day, and it’s one of the only days when no-one’s in charge of the AUX, because you’ve got the radio on. This year I spent Hottest 100 day at my best friends house, swimming in the pool, having a few drinks, making delicious cheese boards and having the radio on full blast so we could provide our own, even louder commentary, to the songs that made the cut.

It was a good day, I’ll give it that. But the closer and closer we got to the No. 1 spot, the more and more I was realising that hardly any of the POC artists I knew and loved, a lot of whom I discovered through the radio station itself, had even cracked the Top 100. There were a few fantastic exceptions, but there were also some glaringly obvious gaps. We don’t have to talk about the fact that it wasn’t even an Australian artist who came 1st, but the complete lack of diversity in the collection really got to me. So much so, that ya girl did what she does best, and made a playlist.

I created the decolonise ya self playlist, because I just know there are so many talented artists from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities in Australia, yet when it comes to commercial radio, and even a supposedly ‘people-powered’ radio show, these artists fail to be represented or given the airtime they deserve. I also included a lot of NZ artists in the playlist because we love New Zealand music around these parts.

Here’s a taste of some of the songs you can find on the playlist, which you can listen to HERE:

Clumsy Love – Thelma Plum
The Truth – Man Made Mountain, Sampa the Great
Be Free – Soli, Mez Mariye
Colours – Amila
Please U – Becca Hatch, Planet Vegeta
Don’t Need You – Genesis Owusu
Serious – NEKO
24k – Tkay Maidza
Cleopatra – Thandi Phoenix
Come Over – Social Street
Poor Boy – Stan Walker
Out of the Blue – RINI
Idiot – Kira Puru
Twisting Words – Miiesha
Black Face – Ziggy Ramo
One Time – Antoine
Not My Neighbour – Niko Walters
OG Luv Kush pt.2 – Kaiit

I hope you get a chance to listen to the playlist and discover a bunch of new Australian and New Zealand artists you may not have heard of. With so many incredible artists releasing amazing tracks so consistently, it’s not hard to champion these artists and their music. You can definitely count on me to do it.



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G Flip // Live

Hello hello hello!! Welcome back, hopefully it hasn’t been too long.

Today’s post is yet another concert review and wrap-up.

Quite a little while ago, I shared two posts in particular; Kick Ass Females and Australian Music from Australian Artists. Both these posts featured one of the most prominent up-and-coming artists (in my opinion) at the moment, G Flip. She’s actually quite local to the area I live in, a bunch of people know her around here, and she’s become a bit of a hero.

If you’re not entirely sure who I’m talking about, G Flip is a kick-ass, 5-foot-something drummer (thought humbly also a multi-instrumentalist) and singer who’s first released single, About You kicked off on Triple J Unearthed a mere four hours after it was uploaded. Since then her trajectory has been on a steady incline and she returned to Melbourne for two shows at The Corner Hotel.

I invited my close friend and drummer James to join me for the gig, and we were both super excited for what we were sure was to be a great show.

We got inside the venue about ten or so minutes before G Flip came out and revelled at how packed it was. Her sold-out show just about filled the venue, and everyone was super eager for the set to begin.

When she finally came out, the crowd lost it.


If there’s one thing I noticed throughout the show, was that although the lead singer, supported by a two-man band on stage, whenever she stepped behind the drums, her singing wasn’t impacted in the slightest, and vice-verse. She was able to walk the line of each instrument and performance perfectly, delivering a high-intensity show that had everyone screaming and singing along.

G Flip performed a bunch of her well know songs, About YouKilling My Time (personal favourite) and Bring Me Home, as well as newer releases like I Am Not Afraid and Drink Too Much which genuinely blew the lid of the place, as well as a handful of unreleased songs and one of the best covers of Proud Mary I have ever got the privilege of hearing live.

Stupid was an unreleased track I’m super excited about. It was a great song, a bit of tongue-in-cheek story-telling that hooked us all from the get go and unlike other artists I’ve watched live, I loved that G Flip actually took the time to explain some of her songs before performing them, giving us all some context and inviting her inside her a head little bit.

Drink Too Much was definitely a highlight for me. It was also clearly a crowd favourite. G Flip had a bit of a synchronised dance with her band mate and really played up to how cheeky and playful she is on stage, and the audience loved every moment of it.

As we left the gig, James mentioned something that really stuck with me and I agree with 100%. One of the best things about the show was how authentic and real G Flip was throughout the entire time. She allowed her personality to come through, she took moments in between songs to banter with the audience and let us into her life a little bit.

She shared stories about how her dad used to work at The Corner, how many artists she had lined up to see at the venue and how insane it was that she was now selling it out. She also delivered a very convincing argument for the support of Malteser gift-boxes, a few of which she threw out at the audience at the end of the show.

It was genuinely like watching a friend up on stage, joking around with everyone in the audience, doing a little jig in unison with her guitarist and laughing as she saw the crowd’s reactions to some of the tricks she pulled out of her bag.


It was a very humble performance, authentic like I mentioned before and not in the slightest bit contrived or pretentious. It was a really great gig and I’m so glad I got to finally catch G Flip live.



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BENE // Live

Hello hello and welcome to another run down of a gig I probably shouldn’t have gone to because I’m trying to save money but went to anyway!!

Today’s blog is a pretty short little write-up from one of the fun-est, cutest concerts I’ve ever been to, one of my favourite singer’s over the past two years, Bene! If you haven’t caught it already, I’ve already written about the New Zealand singer before, and she’s featured in countless playlists, monthly tunes and Spotify wrap-ups, so I was understandably very excited when Jess and I booked ridiculously cheap tickets for her concert on the 15th of February.


It was a great night to go out. I drove to Jess’ house and from there we go on the train, into the city. We were in no rush, considering we had a couple hours before she came on, so decided to find a nice place to eat dinner, ending up at The Duke, a great bar and restaurant we went to a while ago with Kate before we saw Gang Of Youths.

This time, we ventured upstairs to the dinning hall, where we enjoyed a great meal, but an even better, long over-due catch-up and chat. With half an hour before she got on stage, we left The Duke and hopped on a tram towards Fitzroy, which dropped us right outside The Workers Club where Bene was performing.

Before we got inside Jess got herself a drink and I snagged the second last T-shirt on sale at her small little merchandise table. With a quick glimpse of Bene coming out the doors and heading backstage, we scanned our tickets, got our hands stamped and headed inside.

It was definitely not as full as I thought it would be by the time we got there, but as we waited for her to get onstage, the room quickly filled up and packed out.

Finally, she got on stage and the show began.


It was a really great gig. A really fun show. She walked the line of being really playful and childish, highlighting how young she is, but also switching on and singing some incredible unreleased songs with strong, powerful lyrics, before swapping back to her giggling and thanking everyone after every song.

She played Tough Guy, and it was probably one of my favorite’s purely because I knew it so well. Sadly she didn’t introduce all of her new songs so I had to guess a few of them, but I can’t wait for a song called Afterlife to be released, as well as Snake Charmer, which was one of the first songs she sang.

When she finally sang Soaked, which is the song that really kicked everything into gear for her here in Australia, everyone went mad. It was a fun audience, everyone was down for a boogie, no-one was pushing or being too aggressive to see her and get to the front, I mean a kid nudged his way to the front purely to give her flowers for Valentine’s Day and kiss her on the cheek. It was the purest thing I’ve ever seen and clearly made her night.

Her band were all really cool as well, all of them were super interesting to watch. Everyone on stage seemed infected by her playful personality, especially Tia her guitarist. It was a great display of a group of really talented young people up on stage, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

If you ever get the chance to see Bene live, I highly recommend it. For a great show (at a bargain price???) she’s definitely one to watch. You’re gonna see more of Bene, no doubt.



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Laneway Festival // 2019

Laneway has been running for approximately 15 years, and what was once a self-proclaimed ‘hole in the wall’ speakeasy, has transformed into one of the countries most beloved day festivals.

I’ve been keeping an eye out on the Laneway line-up ever since I first became aware it existed, and 2019 is finally the year I got to go.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So on the 9th of February, I was up and getting myself ready in the morning, prepared to be at the station by 10:00, rain, hail or shine. It was rain, thank god, not hail. Not exactly shine the whole day, but there was definitely rain.

I met up with Jess, Kate and Kate’s younger brother on the train, and we rode into the city where we met up with my younger cousin and her group of friends who we were accompanying into the festival, and our favourite here at You Should Hear, Mia!


It definitely wasn’t an act heavy day for us, we were quite selective with who we went and saw, rather making the most of the great food and drinks available, the covered areas to sit and have chat, do some people watching and commentary, take photos and generally enjoy the vibe of the festival. We managed to catch a bit of G Flip’s set as we walked in and wandered around the festival, and the sounds of Skeggs, Smino, Camp Cope, Mansionair and The Smith Street Band accompanied us throughout the day, as well as a few other of the artists who were playing at the festival.

Processed with VSCO with ss1 preset

The first act we really saw was DJDS, a DJ duo from the US. Most of in the group had never heard of them before, but I can guarantee I probably enjoyed them the most. They played a great set, filled with amazing songs, some incredible remixes and they were one of the firsts artists from the festival I searched on Spotify when I came home.

After DJDS, it was straight to the stage right next to them to watch Masego, who was one of my most anticipated acts of the entire festival. Considering he started with Tadow, it was safe to say I went insane and had one of the best times of my life watching him play the sax, having a boogie myself, staring in awe as he pieced together songs bit by bit and play nearly every instrument up on stage.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After Masego it was a bit of a break with some more drinks, and soon we found ourselves gearing up and joining the ever-growing mosh pit for the one and only Rex Orange County. Rex has continuously been mentioned here on You Should Hear, so I was super duper excited for this set, and I think my friends all gathered that from how much I screamed when he walked onto the stage. It was such a great set. He sang some of my favourite songs, as well as some songs I haven’t listened to half as much, as well as a beautiful cover of No-One by Alicia Keys which nearly had me sobbing as everyone sang along. It was phenomenal.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Unfortunately, I had to be at a friend’s engagement party the same night as the festival, so I was out of there by 8:00 and changed into a fancy dress and heels half an hour later on the way to the engagement, but nonetheless, it was a fantastic day. The music was great, I had an amazing time with my friends, drinks weren’t super expensive like I had thought and the fried chicken was an absolute winner in my opinion. What more could you ask for?



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Gang Of Youths And The Spiritual Awakening


On the 13th of November, two of my best friends and I got to go full circle, and get in the mosh pit for Gang of Youths, a band we saw for the first time live back in February at Let Go Fest.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gang of Youths, they’re an indie-rock group from Sydney, Australia, and our concert was the last of a stretch of 8 shows they did in Melbourne. Considering they initially had two shows scheduled and set for tickets to be sold, the increase in shows during the couple of hours tickets were on sale is a clear indication of this bands reach.

It was an incredible show. The night started off very well, we managed to find a pub a block down from the Forum Theatre where the concert was being held, and grabbed some hot chips and a few drinks, before joining the crowds of people making their way inside the theatre.

It was packed inside, and crowds continued building by the minute, but by 9:50, we were all ready to kick off.

As soon as the band (David, Max, Jung, Joji and Donnie) walked out, it was like everyone was jolted with this huge electrical energy. One thing I noticed was, besides from having a girl break her beer cup and having the back of my feet and ankles splashed with beer, it was a really respectful, chilled out crowd. There was no-one shoving or pushing their way through, there wasn’t anyone screaming or talking loudly when it wasn’t necessary, everyone was just there to have a good time.

We didn’t even catch the two supporting acts, and we were still able to make our way quite easily to the front right of the stage, about six metres from the front.

The beginning of the concert was electrifying. I’ve always said this whenever describing their music, but for me, listening to Gang of Youths is like going to church and being baptised. Or what I think that feels like. You feel so refreshed and spiritually awake, it’s an incredible experience, and seeing them live only amplified that feeling.




Their entire set was incredible. It was just song after song of chest-pounding anthem-ic songs that hit you right in the gut in the best possible way.

For a large majority of the show I was completely spaced out, just watching them on stage. It was hypnotising to watch David move up and down the length of the stage, with or without his guitar and Donnie, the drummer, was a huge stand-out for me. By the end of the show his button up shirt had completely come undone and he was a huge mass of energy and limbs up on his throne at the back of the stage. Time and time again I just felt my eyes being drawn to him and how much passion he put into each song.

But like I mentioned before, David was absolutely hypnotising to watch. The way he danced and moved wasn’t like anything I have ever seen before, and there were plenty of songs where I didn’t move or sing a word because I spent the entirety of them just staring at the band on the stage. They entire band, especially David, had total control of the audience.





At one point David even got down into the crowd, as he had done at Let Go Fest, and ya girl just happened to have her camera ready when he did.




When they started performing Let Me Down Easy, the volume in the theatre just increased tenfold. I nearly lost my voice, considering I was already sick, but everyone’s energies just combined beautifully and it was genuinely like an out of body experience. On the train ride back, all of us mentioned that the entire concert was like one big dream, and listening to Let Me Down Easy live was a huge highlight for me.

Another song I really loved was one of their most popular tunes, The Heart Is A Muscle, another song that made the crowd go crazy. It was when they performed this song at Let Go Fest that Kate, Jess and I all realised we all loved the band and the others just didn’t know. It was a great experience realising we were all singing along and yelling the lyrics, equally as passionately.

It made for an even better show that the guys in front of us were just as enthusiastic about all the songs as we were, if not more.

The Heart Is A Muscle basically ensured I lost my voice completely, but I’m not complaining.



One of my favourite songs from Gang of Youths is Magnolia. I honestly think it highlights how eclectic and unique their instrumentation and song-writing is. There’s so many layers to the song, and the story behind it is so incredibly sad, yet the song is this huge anthem that the crowd just went wild too.





A huge problem I’ve come across, especially in the last two years, is that every concert I go to, ends up being so spectacular that I think it belongs in my top five concerts ever, when the fact is they’re all so different, you can’t possibly compare them. It was something that was brought up at the end of the concert as we joined the hordes of people leaving the Forum. The Gang Of Youths concert was incomparable, as are many concerts. It was honest to god like baptism through fire in the best way. If you ever get to see Gang of Youths live, ever, be prepared for the spiritual awakening.




Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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Ocean Alley

If you’re looking for the epitome of Northern Sydney, beach-based, ‘blue waves and too much sun’ type of music, you’re looking for Ocean Alley.

I personally discovered Ocean Alley as I discover many new tunes, sitting behind my desk at work with Triple J on the radio, shazaam-ing the shit out of every fourth song that comes across the airwaves. It was in this fashion that I heard one of their particularly popular songs, Confidence, a single from their album Chiaroscurowhich was released earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.48.25 am

Coming off the success the album achieved, securing spots on the Triple J Hottest 100, ARIA Album Chart and ARIA Australian Artist Albums Chart, the boys headlined in the USA and America.

I couldn’t manage to make it to the Melbourne show of their Australian tour, but the overload of Snapchats and Snapchat Story’s I saw of the night were enough to make me insanely envious that I wasn’t seeing these boys live. To add some more salt to the wound, they performed a set at Splendour In The Grass, to rave reviews, another set I did not get to see.

If we really want to have a whinge, they’re also playing at Falls Festival, which I am attending. However, due to only managing to get a three day ticket, I’m gonna miss their set which falls on the first day of the festival.

We win some, we lose some.

They’re currently touring around the UK and Europe, and I’m pretty sure they’re set to support Tash Sultana on her North America tour in a couple months, which is insane.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.52.54 am.png

Their song Knees is picking up steam on the Triple J rotation, which is the reason I’m hearing it more and more and loving it a lil bit more every time I do. Not only do they have the cruise-y, slinky type of guitar sounds that are so central to the genre of music, but they have beautiful harmonies too. The entire production and arrangement of that particular song is the reason it’s probably one of my favourites from Ocean Alley overall.

The breakdown in the bridge is the perfect amount of energy and tension to get straight back into a chorus that requires you to sing along with it, whether you in the mosh pit at one of their shows or playing the song over a speaker at home or driving with some friends and listening to it in the car. It’s an easy sound to listen to.

If you’re into some Jimi Hendrix or Dire Straits, definitely give Ocean Alley a listen. I still love thinking back to my experience at BluesFest earlier this year in April, and I feel like they would be the perfect act to round up a lineup over there. Byron Bay, BluesFest, Ocean Alley, it seems like it fits perfectly.

Who knows. There’s always time to add some more acts to next year’s lineup…



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SŸDE With The Trifecta

Hello friends!

Favourite home grown’s on this blog, Will and Mitch, formally known as SŸDE, have released another smash of a tune, and as per usual, I love it.

I’m biased like that.

This time round, the boys have featured Evan Klar, an Australian singer with a beautiful voice, that gave me goosebumps the first time I heard him sing last year on his single Barefoot, and this song does not fail to deliver.



//photo by @shevindphoto//


The song was premiered on Triple J, but officially released on the 25th, and the hype has been too real with these boys. Since releasing Orbit and Above The Clouds, Will and Mitch have been keeping us on our toes, and while the the behind the scenes rehearsal and studio pictures and Instagram stories make for great content, it was only so long until we needed more.

Enter Follow Me.

Follow Me is the perfect blend of acoustic sound with amazing production and beats, which is what I’ve come to expect from SŸDE. Evan’s voice matches perfectly, and provides the perfect vocal performance to match the powerful, yet still mellow beat that the boys have cooked up.

You can’t help but bob along when the chorus kicks in, and I’m itching to take a drive with this song plugged in.


Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 9.09.11 pm.png


In the twelve months since they first appeared on my radar during Triple J Unearthed, you can really tell how far they’ve both come, in terms of skill, production, sound and development. Everything just seems tighter with this track.

They’ve been doing great things, especially here in Australia. Not only has their song been added to a Visa ad, but they’re scheduled to head to BIGSOUND, a music festival and conference up in Brisbane, one that has launched plenty of careers here in Australia. Just last month they were at Splendour In The Grass, and on their return from the festival, teased us with snippets and visuals belonging to Follow Me.

If you’re down for a cruise-y summer hit, partnered with beautiful, raspy vocals, make sure you give Follow Me a listen.



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Ode To The Australian Home Grown’s

Hello friends!

So, resisting the temptation to share my own music, because I am an Australian ‘home grown’, was a thing I had to endure when I sat down to write this post. Was it hard?


Because as you may have gathered, I belong to a generation entrenched in self deprecation and jokes made at our expense so while I know I’m one of the best things to happen to this Earth, I simultaneously hate myself.

HOWEVER. That’s not to say I don’t have tons of other Australian artists that I absolutely love like my own children. So today I’m going to be sharing some of my all time favourite Australian musicians/bands/singers. For the sake of not boring you to death, if I’ve mentioned someone before, I’ll link you to their respective post. Let’s begin.


Song Recommendation: Uninvited

I came across Mallrat last year when she released Uninvited and had to collect my jaw up off the floor. Her voice is really simple and light, but her tunes are actual slaps. This song in particular is quite bass heavy, which we know I love, and I have a real issue with judging anyone who doesn’t immediately start to boogie when I share this song with them.



Song Recommendation: Girl In The Sun

For a while I definitely wasn’t a fan of Allday. But somehow last year I found myself listening to his intensely Australian rapping a lot more than I was used to.



Song Recommendation: Orbit (Hazey Eyes Remix) ft Ashe

I don’t think I can talk enough about these dudes. So far I’ve written two blog posts about them, have a read! Cheers Triple J // Above The Clouds With SŸDE



Song Recommendation: Golden Years

This dude is so young, but last year he absolutely exploded over Triple J. He supported Angus and Julia Stone on their recent tour, and I’ve been obsessed with his voice ever since I hear Golden Years.



Gang Of Youths
Song Recommendation: Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane

The first time I heard this song I nearly started crying. I can’t encourage you to listen to Do Not Let Your Spirit, or any Gang Of Youths song, enough. A huge thank you to Let Go Fest for headlining these guys at the festival. The Heart Is A Muscle went so hard and it’s all I’ve been playing since.



Ruby Fields
Song Recommendation: I Want

When I first heard I Want, I knew I had to write a song about Ruby Fields. She blew up over night, but it was well deserved. Have a read; Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.



Dean Lewis
Song Recommendation: Lose My Mind

I dedicated a whole post to Dean after I saw him live at The Howler here at Melbourne. It was perfect; Same Kind Of Different.



Gretta Ray
Song Recommendation: Unexpected Feeling

Similar to Dean, one of the first posts I wrote on this blog was a gig review after I saw Gretta live at the Howler in April last year. One of my favourite gigs to date; Get Around Gretta. Unexpected Feeling is one of my all time favourite songs, purely because it brings back memories from when I was a couple years younger and heavily on SoundCloud, and we followed each other and I used to listen to this on repeat.



Song Recommendation: High On Life

I love this song. I know the female vocalist and DEX has been gradually picking up speed around Australia, Melbourne mainly, as a rapper to watch. Rooftops is another song to give a listen.



Song Recommendation: Natural Woman

This was one of my favourite releases last year, and I’m patiently waiting for more from Kaitt. For the smoothes vocals, scatting and RnB feels, give this a listen.



The Jungle Giants
Song Recommendation: Used To Be In Love

Besides featuring The Jungle Giants in several of my playlists and posts, I definitely enjoy them on the daily, especially this song. They placed pretty well in the 2017 Triple J’s Hottest 100 on the 27th of January, and you bet I was grooving along at work.



Song Recommendation/s: Go Bang/Changa

Pnau kicked into 6th gear last year when their song Chameleon picked up a bunch of speed. However, their most recent releases, Go Bang and Changa are two of my favourites from the group. Perfect summer songs.



Hockey Dad
Song Recommendation: Beach House

I’ve already babbled about my attachments to Hockey Dad and this song, so I’ll just direct you that post instead of babbling againThanks @wwallowss.



Song Recommendation: Heartburn

I’ve loved Wafia for ages. Ever since she appeared on my radar, I’ve been obsessed with her voice, the music she releases and the incredible amounts of collaborations she’s getting under her belt. Heartburn was one of the first songs I heard from her and it’s still my favourite.



Song Recommendation: Can’t Afford It All

Arguably my favourite from this list, I’ve been all over Jakubi back when I accidentally caught them live in 2014 at a council festival for $2 entry. Rudimental And Jakubi – Live at The Australian Open Live Stage.



Song Recommendation: Speak Easy

I’m not sure if it’s meant to, but this song makes me so emotional and I dream of seeing it live.



Kite String Tangle
Song Recommendation: Arcadia

There’s a certain sense of nostalgia that I relate to this song, I used to cache this song on my old iPhone 3G back when streaming music ate all the phone data you had. It was a magical experience. Kite String Tangle has earned a reputation as a not-to-be-missed act at the several festivals he’s performed at and I hope to catch a set soon. This song makes me feel a kind of way, like I think of a very specific time, of a specific person and a particular route I used to take on the way home from high school in the car. Don’t ask because I’m not sure I even know.





So yeah. Hopefully you discovered some new Australian guns to have a listen to. Thanks to the accessibility on social media and platforms such as my beloved Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, Australian music is steadily on the rise, which I am ever so grateful for.



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Above The Clouds With SŸDE

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.23.19 pm

Honestly, they do no wrong. Will and Mitch have released an amazing new single, Above The Clouds, with Olivia Reid commandeering the vocals like a killer. Have to say, I love this one so much, it’s my new favourite. Sorry Orbit.

Since my last post about SŸDE three months ago, the guys have gained even more monthly listeners on Spotify, bringing them up to over 420,000 individual listeners which is insane for a couple of boys who are just finishing up with high school exams this month.


The latest single was played for the first time on the Triple J program Home and Hosed, eagerly awaited. Above The Clouds is a step up to the next level and the boys have completely outdone themselves since the release of Orbit last year. (Though have to admit, the Hazey Eyes remix is still a staple in all my playlists).

It’s also the first single the boys have released after being signed to Dew Process/UMA, which is an incredible achievement for Will and Mitch.

Olivia’s vocals are so pretty and light, and the music matches her voice perfectly. Considering they found Reid on YouTube, they’ve done well in their choice of singer, because her unique voice and style works so well with the song. . The island vibes still run strong with this one, and it honestly went on to at least three of my playlists (linked) as soon as I heard the tune. You can definitely groove to this one, it’s a perfect song for a festival. I’d even throw it in the back of a GoPro holiday video, and I’m certain I probably will eventually. It’s such a summer song, check out my post about summer tunes for even more, you can definitely find it up on my playlist (linked) for the warmer days.

The song has had it’s fair run on Triple J since it’s release and I’ve been hearing about all the people texting through their love for the tune. The boys have also been super appreciative to everyone sharing their song and helping it climb the charts which is super lovely to see. The song’s popularity on iTunes and Spotify is also climbing everyday, and I’m so keen to begin hearing it more often, because I’m sure I will.

You can listen to Above The Clouds here, and in the meantime I’m gonna be keeping my eyes and ears open for anything else from these guys. I cannot wait for more.



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I’ve finally got around to writing this post! I count myself lucky that I walked into The Howler just as the PLGRMS were starting their set, supporting Dean Lewis. These dudes are amazing. If you’re into sick synths and drum pads, partnered with ridiculous vocals, these guys are all over it.

Jake and Jon make up the Sydney duo, and I saw them on the 5th of August when I went to see Dean Lewis with my best friend. They played an amazing set. Quite different to what Dean played for us later on, but I actually really enjoyed it. I’d definitely be down to see them at their own gig next time they’re back in Melbourne. They’ve also given the You Should Hear Instagram a few likes, so there’s that to boast about as well. How good would an interview be??? One can wish.




But yeah. Their sound is really strong. It really, really hits you. They’ve released a few singles on Spotify this year, starting with Pieces. This song got our attention. I remember my best friend looking at me with the widest eyes ever when they hit the chorus and literally soared, vocals and all. However, the following release of Gemini? Ridiculous.

Jonathan, is huge on this track. The synths and instrumentals are incredible and really drive Gemini, but that’s not to say Jacob’s vocals aren’t insane. To try and completely grasp the extent of how good his singing is, listen to Fools and Their Gold. Jon is great in this track, but I have to give props to Jacob for the vocal performance he gives in this song. The chorus is insane, and watching it live was honestly incredible. Gave me goosebumps. You could see how much effort and emotion they put into the performance of this song, especially Jacob. It was when they sang this song that I made a note on my phone to go home and further look into these dudes. But while you’re here, check out Fools and Their Gold.



Dream You Up is phenomenal. Rhythmically, musically, it’s so different to anything I’m currently hearing at the moment. Definitely check out this song too. I can instantly recognise it as a PLGRMS song now, and a lot of that is down to this distinct sound these guys have created for themselves. I hear a bit of Jarryd James in it, which I obviously love, but they’re so unique and different.

One of the last songs they performed was Crawling Back, which they had only released the day before, on the 4th. I’m coming to love it just as much as Fools and Their Gold. Especially the bridge and the drop back into the chorus. You honestly have to listen to it yourself to see what I mean. (Their Spotify is a gift and their songs feature on multiple of my playlists.)

I’m a huge advocate for live performance, as you can hopefully tell, and Crawling Back was incredible to watch. I have to give props to Jon. The multi-instrumentalist was a machine on stage. I loved watching him manoeuvre around the drum pads and multiple synths he was surrounded with and as equally enchanting as Jacob was, I couldn’t take my eyes of Jon and how much of a trance he seemed to be in while pulling this song together beautifully. It was magical to watch.




Honestly, the whole set they performed was like a dream. Combine unique synth layers, an electronic music fans dream, beautiful vocals and the array of blue and purple lighting before us,  and the audience were treated to an amazing set, that hyped us up for Dean spectacularly. Any audience would be lucky to be able to see these guys live. That said, their music is equally as forgiving when you just turn it all the way up, or put on a decent set of headphones and really take in all the intricate layers that make up each of their songs. It’s a treat. Here’s hoping they come back down to Melbourne soon.

If you missed out on my post from the 11th, I shared a bit of my own original music as well as some background information about myself, so if you haven’t already I’d love if you check out my post, So You Think You Know!

Let me know if you give these guys a listen, and what your favourite song is. Hope you are all well.