February Tunes

Hello friends. I hope you’re all well! Once again I’m left apologising for the lack of posts that I produced this month – however, as per usual, I’m attempting to pull through and make up for it with a deluge of music that I was loving.

Somehow, despite being the shortest month of the year, February decided to pull up with some amazing music. Some of the songs on this list are new releases, others are old favourites, and some are songs that I was just a lil late to jump onto, but now that I’ve got them all here, you can save yourself from making the same mistake!

Here’s what I was loving in February.

Ready Or Not – Church & AP: For real, February has been my month for absolutely plugging Church & AP. I’m currently working on a blog post about these guys but it’s been a while since I was so passionate about an act as much as I am about these two. This song is the song that’s probably the source of the vast majority of their success, it was the No.1 Shazaam’d song in New Zealand a little while back, and for good reason. Obsessed.

Drive – Dugong Jr, Jordan Dennis: I always love when I get to plug local artists, so this is a favourite on this list for me. Dugong is a Melbourne producer, and he’s teamed up with another Melbourne artist, an old favourite around here, Jordan Dennis, to release this track, which came out late last month. I love the production on the track, plus Dennis’ does a superb job as usual taking the track to the next level. I love all the little nuances in the track and I’ve added it to several of my personal playlists. You can listen to Drive on Spotify HERE.

Fire Sale – Dera Meelan, deadforest, Church & AP: I wasn’t joking when I said February was my month for Church & AP. As is the case when you start vibing with a new artist, you get to trolling through their Spotify pages and finding all the songs they’ve released in the past, the songs they’ve featured on, the remixes etc. and this is one of the best examples of an artist absolutely coming through. Dera Meelan is one of Church & AP’s long-time producers as far as I’m aware, and he’s made a fan out of me with this track. Perfect for playing too loudly while in the car or before heading out for the night.

Phone Numbers – Dominic Fike, Kenny Beats: Dominic Fike is continuing to release a steady stream of tunes into 2020, this being one of them. Kenny Beats is also an insanely talented beat maker, one I’m learning to keep an eye out for, and this song has been stuck in my head all month. The chorus is stupidly catchy, I dare you to not sing along.

Aston Martin – Church & AP: I mean, I said what I said. I shared this song on my Instagram story, and I got a ton of people messaging me about how much they liked it which obviously boosted the ego a bit. I was even more shocked when Church & AP reposted it as well as replying to the story. Mama I made it. This is one of their most recent releases, and it’s getting up their with my favourite song of theirs, Roulette, which I featured on my January Tunes. I love how smart these guys are with their lyrics, and usually I can’t really get around Australian rap, but for some reason New Zealand is slowly stealing my heart.

Join The Club – Hockey Dad: I literally ditched all of my friends and family to run to the stage to see this live at Laneway Festival (blog post coming soon I promise). This song went absolutely nuts, and while I wasn’t in the thick of it in the middle of the mosh, I had the best time giving myself whiplash with the rest of the crowd when Hockey Dad played this tune.

Fade Away – Che Fu: A tune. Such a groover. One of the funkiest on the list this month. We all know I love a bit of reggae and island soul, and Che Fu always delivers when I need him the most. This song suddenly popped up on TikTok, reminding me of it’s existence and I have a lot of love for it being brought back into my life. Such good quality.

Love Me – Fia: This song. This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs ever. I’ve showed everyone this song. Not everyone gets around it as aggressively as I do, but I appreciate those who do. It’s everything I love about reggae and insane vocals. It features on so many of my personal playlists, which you can find HERE, and I can easily see it being one of my most played songs this year.

He’s Mine – Mahalia: Another absolute tune I got to see live at Laneway Festival. This was arguably one of my favourite sets of the entire day because I got to have a boogie with my cousins, my friends and my cousin’s friends, just the entire squad of us who went to the festival together. One of my cousin’s in particular loves Mahalia just as much as I do, and neither of us expected her to play this song, so when she did, we both lost it. It’s such an anthem, and listening to Mahalia talk about the story behind it was the cherry on top.

Thanksgiving – YBN Cordae: I’m only just starting to get into YBN Cordae to be quite honest with you. This is definitely one of my favourites. It doesn’t go as hard as some of the other tracks from ‘The Lost Boy’, but I love it all the same. The storytelling and the lyrics in this one just hit me in the heart, I tell you. I just get super sentimental whenever rapper’s write songs about their family’s and matters of the heart, don’t come at me for it.

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd: This song has been everywhere. My good friend Tessa and I went out for lunch and a bit of thrifting, and hand on my chest, this song came on at every single place we stopped. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just proving the point. I love it. The disco-pop/80s sound that’s slowly making a return is getting me so excited for all the new music about to come in 2020. First Dua Lipa and now The Weeknd – all we need is Calvin Harris or Mark Ronson to drop some collaborations and I’ll be happy.

Golden Wings – Gabriel Garzon-Montano: I discovered Gabriel Garzon-Montano through his COLORS performance, which may have been one of the most iconic performances I’ve watched on COLORS ever. The man literally transforms in front of your eyes, and the way he effortlessly slipped between the three songs that made up his medley got me so intrigued that I headed over to his Spotify and discovered this gem. All the little sounds, the harmonies and melody, all of it comes together to create this song that just flows like honey but also somehow manages to hit you in the gut?? I don’t know man.

Universal Love – Sons of Zion: An old favourite. Sons of Zion can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. They just know how to pull on every single heart string. I go absolutely nuts for beautiful vocals and they always deliver just that, mixed in with lyrics that make you feel all the feelings. This one’s just a classic. I highly recommend having a listening to this on a lazy Sunday morning or on the evening drive back from work. Hits different.

The Maze – Manchester Orchestra: Another song that makes me cry. Every time. I got back onto this song after rewatching The Society on Netflix and you can check out the blog post I did about that whole situation HERE. I genuinely spent the entire season waiting for this song to come on, and I got into way more detail in the blog post.

Sauce – Ella Mai: You gotta give it to Ella Mai. The girl’s nailed old school RnB. She just knows how to capture the vibe, the attitude and all the things that make me love the genre in her sound. This song being no different. I never locked in on this particular song before, but for some reason it really just did the trick this last month. Singing it in the car, while I was making breakfast, at work, getting ready with my friends, it was really one of the tunes for the month.

Trust – Brent Faiyaz: Brent, Brent, Brent. 2020 is his year. I mean, TikTok’s already got a hold of him, so it’s practically guaranteed. It’s so well deserved, and this song is a very good example of why. It’s not a long song at all, but it captures so much of what makes Brent Faiyaz one of the best RnB artists of the decade in my opinion. Lyrics, vocal performance, production, he encapsulates it all. I can’t wait for him to blow up.

Supalonely – BENEE, Gus Dapperton: As we all know, I love BENEE. Ever since I got to see her at The Worker’s Club early last year it’s been so satisfying watch her get bigger and bigger. She was at Laneway Festival as well, and her set was probably one of the most crowded sets for the day. Her energy and vibe are so contagious, and while this song is kinda…sad(?), it captures her essence so perfectly. Plus, who doesn’t love a verse from Gus Dapperton. Match made in heaven.

That’s it folks! Those were all the songs I was loving in February, I told you it delivered. Genuinely can’t get over how much good music there was last month, and how much music I listened to! What were you loving in February? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Yeeeaaaahhh new music to listen to!! Laughed out loud when you wrote about Blinding Lights being EVERYWHERE because it is – when it first came out I LOVED it, now I just want to escape it😂 I’ve been listening to a ton of Cage the Elephant and Tame Impala (<3 !!!!!!!) this month xx

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