Very Specific Pt. 9

Hello, hello and welcome back.

Today’s post is yet another of my favourite posts, a very specific post, dedicated to finding songs that belong in the niche little corners of your mind, perfect for the moments that deserve their own soundtrack.

I will admit. I tend to turn to these types of posts when I’m short on time or bigger, better ideas, but I genuinely enjoy making them, you guys seem to love them and it’s always a good time, so I don’t plan on stopping. That said, if you have any very specific moments that you believe require a playlist of their own, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll try my best to curate the perfect soundtrack for it!

Anyway, this playlist is honestly, one of my favourites. I’m sure everyone has dreamed of going on a road trip with their best friends, and whether you’ve followed through or not, the one thing we all have in common, is that the perfect music is very necessary.

Now, in this case, your playlist will probably vary depending on your personal taste as well as what your friends enjoy, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to go with what my friends and I have previously listened to in the car! Hopefully you enjoy some if not all of these tunes!


Huge appreciation for Fiona, in providing me with the inspiration for these visuals. It makes the playlist that bit more official, and also gives you a chance to screenshot it for later on or share it with friends!




There you go! You can find all these songs and heaps more on my Spotify, specifically my summer to end all summer and i can’t drive yet playlists, both of which are linked for you. There are heaps of songs perfect for this very specific situation, let me know what your go-to car songs are!



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Jon Bellion And The Obsession

Hello friends.

This is me, back from the dead, after dying. Losing my life. I swear to God.


I went to update one of my recent posts, my Week In My Life, and for some reason, the entire post was a bit slow to load, while I reposted the blog post again – major key, cheers Mia – and when I updated the time that I posted it, I realised that the entire post was just gone. Checked my phone, gone. Closed and refreshed the page, gone.

Thank God, for the little ‘History’ button up the top, or else I’d have lost a week long writing and editing endeavour that does not deserve that type of treatment.

But on to today’s post.



I apologise if you’re bored of reading this man’s name, but here I am again, with a blog post about me just plugging my love/adoration/awe/respect/undying love for Long Island singer/songwriter/producer/rapper Jon Bellion. This will in fact be the second post about Jon.

Strap yourselves in.


Surely that video is introduction enough.
And yes. I did watch this video on YouTube when I was getting the link for it and then again before I continued writing.


I first heard a Jon Bellion song when I was 15 years old. In the last post I did on Jon, I mentioned that Guillotine was the first song I ever heard by him, but that was a lie. Apologies.

The first song I ever heard was Ooh, featuring Christianne Jensen (his sister!!!), from his 2014 album, The Definition. And in all honestly, I wasn’t hooked straight off the first bar.


One of my favourite things about Jon’s music is the ever-changing and growing nature of it. It feels like it’s this constant rollercoaster and unless you’re already well accustomed to his style or his catalogue, you can’t predict where he’s going to take you. Halfway through the song, you can be assured that he’s probably going to take to somewhere completely unexpected.

That was what made me stick around for the rest of the song, his switch ups were so unpredictable.

That and the insane drum pockets he manages to find in all his songs, whether he’s beat boxing them into the microphone himself or loading samples into a drum machine so he play out the rhythm and the groove just the way he wants them.



Like Jon, I’m obsessed with finding intricate grooves and pockets for drum rhythms within songs. While I’m still trying to work on it in regards to my own music, watching Jon physically play all the beats on his drum machine, or record his vocals, whether he’s yelling, beat boxing or moving around the room to really create a huge sonic space, then turning them into bite sized samples that he pieces together to form the framework for the rest of the song to flow through, is mind boggling.

His entire production style and way of thinking is just so inspiring and innovative. Things like trumpet lines that he chooses to play through an AKAI for Luxury, or using his voice and editing it as a substitution for a lead guitar in Superman, The Gift and The Curse.

Guillotine was the next song I listened to, and it’s the one that made me cry, and scream and literally jump and want to rip my hair out and I know. It sounds like I’m exaggerating, but it 100% is no exaggeration.




The other day, my dad and I ended up having to go into the city around the same time, so we caught the train in together, he to work and I to university. He’s become accustomed to hearing me sing Jon’s songs around the house often, and that morning’s car drive to the station had been me explaining my absolute love the man and his music, and how if I ever somehow got to meet him, my body would quite possible shut down. Which then went on to him kinda, but not completely, getting a grasp of how influential this man and his music was on my life, and then me pulling up ‘The Making of Guillotine’ on YouTube as we stood on the train, and forcing him to watch it.



We only got halfway through, but that same day when my dad came home from work in the evening, he came and sat down next to me on the couch, and asked to finish the rest of it. Which turned into me showing him nearly every single ‘The Making Of’ video, as well as live performances and interviews and acoustic versions. Long story short, I’m pretty sure if Jon Bellion comes to Australia, my dad’s coming with me to the concert.


//photo by @dxtrf//

//photo by @dxtrf//

The thing that I love the most about Jon, is that his music stands the test of time. One of the biggest lessons I’ve ever, ever learnt, is to try not to make ‘time sensitive’ or ‘time relevant’ music, because eventually, it becomes irrelevant, and people aren’t likely to listen to it. It drastically decreases the shelf life of a song, if you base the entirety of it’s production or lyrical content around a current trend that’s more than likely to die off in a year or two. It’s better to make a song you’re proud of that’s just genuinely a good tune than to try and make a song based and defined by current trends.

You could hear the same song of his two or three years apart and still feel it in you blood as it gives you goosebumps.

One of the biggest factors that allows me to solidify Jon Bellion as one of my idols, is the fact that when I first discovered him, I was only 15 and he blew my mind. Then I discovered his ‘The Making Of’ videos on YouTube when I was 17, and he blew my mind. I fully understood the depth of his genius, ingenuity, talent and passion at 19, soon to be 20, and he still blew my mind. I genuinely find myself with his songs running through my head all through the day, from morning until the night and even then, I have them in my head while I’m in bed and I’m positive I probably sing them in my sleep too.

The fact that the same songs, regardless of how many more amazing new songs he puts out, still manage to drop my jaw to the floor and have me shooketh, is a testament to how they’re purely incredible songs, and they stand alone in how great they are, regardless of the trending genre or popular production styles at the current moment.


Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 5.41.02 pm

//photo by @dxtrf//

Of the many things I’ve already listed that have added to this obsession, another is his lyrics. If not the beats, then the lyrics definitely make my jaw drop at least once in each song. There are so many clever double-meanings, insinuations, rhymes that shouldn’t rhyme, things that he says that you would just never expect to hear in a song for some reason, and he makes it all sound so incredible.

He somehow manages to reference Jim Morrison and The Doors, Abbey Road, Blueprint, Michael Jordan, Kanye, The Notorious B.I.G (Christopher Wallace), Bob Marley, Chris Zarou and Will Smith in his song Jim Morrison, a song that has become a staple during car drives with my dad.

Honestly just think about the chorus in The Monster by Eminem featuring Rihanna and hear the gears turn in your head when you realise that holy shit, Jon Bellion wrote that too. Along with a whole tirade of songs that he produced and wrote for other artists.

His voice is so versatile and strong, going from singing like an angel in Human to rapping like a god in New York Soul – Pt. ii, and then doing both in Halloween. He is insane.



He’s a huge inspiration for me. I could only think of a few other artists who I see at the same level as Jon Bellion, personally. The way he writes, the way he produces, the words he chooses to share and the stories he tells either have me laughing, smiling, screaming along or crying. Without failure. He doesn’t lie in his music, and he isn’t afraid of calling himself out, or speaking about things that others may not try and touch, lyrically.

To make it even better, last year, on my birthday, the song Obsession  with Vice and Kyle, and it was like…Jon. @ me next time please. Happy Birthday to me.

I rarely make artist specific playlists. The only two I have, are my lads playlist which is definitely on private, and definitely dedicated to One Direction for moments when I need a fix, and my jon bellion playlist. Make sure you check it out. I say that a lot, but I mean it a lot more this time.

Below, is a list of some of my favourite Jon Bellion songs. We all know the love I have for Guillotine,  but there are heaps of songs that hit me in the soul the way that one does too, and his previous three albums are a treasure trove of incredible, blood pumping music.

(note how I’ve linked every single song because of how serious I am about this music)
(also appreciate the immense effort it’s taken not to keep coming back to this post and adding more songs to this list every other hour)


Guillotine – Jon Bellion
He Is The Same – Jon Bellion
Dead Man Walking – Jon Bellion
New York Soul – Part. ii – Jon Bellion
Luxury – Jon Bellion
Human – Jon Bellion
Woke The F*ck Uo – Jon Bellion
Superman, The Gift And The Curse – Jon Bellion
Morning In America – Jon Bellion
Hand Of God – Outro – Jon Bellion
Halloween – Jon Bellion
Jim Morrison – Jon Bellion
For The Dreamers – Jon Bellion
Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction) – Jon Bellion


Omg EDIT; you definitely need to hear some of his acoustic versions. Linked for your convenience and to ensure you don’t have an excuse not to hear this magic.

Run. Wild. Acoustic. Version.

Magic to your ears, bless your souls, feed your children, feed your children’s children, all you need.

Run Wild (Acoustic)
Woke The F*ck Up (Acoustic)
Human (Acoustic)
All Time Low (Acoustic)



I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Articulating my thoughts, about artists as inspiring and as talented as Jon can be challenging for me to do so without sounding like I’m babbling, but hopefully the message got across! I know it’s a but of an overkill linking you guys five videos and hoping you watch them all, but honestly, Jon Bellion can’t be summed up into words. We’re four weeks into the university semester and I’ve definitely already managed to somehow work him into my latest assignment.

As of this moment, I’ve scheduled this post, and then come back to add more and more to it a minimum of six times.

Oh well, off to wait patiently for my Jon Bellion merch to arrive :)) My birthday’s today and I was hoping it’d be here by now, but we can wait…


EDIT: I have quite possibly started a cult. Story time. I was at another rehearsal, and my drummer suddenly piped up going, “Hey have you guys heard this song, Guillotine?” Yes my dude. So then my guitarist goes, “Where did you hear it?” and we learn that my guitarist’s girlfriend, and my friend, showed it to my drummer. So then my guitarist goes, “Hey, she heard it from me!” which obviously causes me to grin at him, and go “And where did you hear it from?” knowing full well I showed him at work, so now the Jon love is spreading and it’s only a matter of time before I form a club. Message me for membership info.



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SŸDE With The Trifecta

Hello friends!

Favourite home grown’s on this blog, Will and Mitch, formally known as SŸDE, have released another smash of a tune, and as per usual, I love it.

I’m biased like that.

This time round, the boys have featured Evan Klar, an Australian singer with a beautiful voice, that gave me goosebumps the first time I heard him sing last year on his single Barefoot, and this song does not fail to deliver.



//photo by @shevindphoto//


The song was premiered on Triple J, but officially released on the 25th, and the hype has been too real with these boys. Since releasing Orbit and Above The Clouds, Will and Mitch have been keeping us on our toes, and while the the behind the scenes rehearsal and studio pictures and Instagram stories make for great content, it was only so long until we needed more.

Enter Follow Me.

Follow Me is the perfect blend of acoustic sound with amazing production and beats, which is what I’ve come to expect from SŸDE. Evan’s voice matches perfectly, and provides the perfect vocal performance to match the powerful, yet still mellow beat that the boys have cooked up.

You can’t help but bob along when the chorus kicks in, and I’m itching to take a drive with this song plugged in.


Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 9.09.11 pm.png


In the twelve months since they first appeared on my radar during Triple J Unearthed, you can really tell how far they’ve both come, in terms of skill, production, sound and development. Everything just seems tighter with this track.

They’ve been doing great things, especially here in Australia. Not only has their song been added to a Visa ad, but they’re scheduled to head to BIGSOUND, a music festival and conference up in Brisbane, one that has launched plenty of careers here in Australia. Just last month they were at Splendour In The Grass, and on their return from the festival, teased us with snippets and visuals belonging to Follow Me.

If you’re down for a cruise-y summer hit, partnered with beautiful, raspy vocals, make sure you give Follow Me a listen.



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My Favourite Instrumentals

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is one that I’ve had sitting on my page for a little while, waiting to be written, and I’m finally getting down to it.

For the longest time I could only listen to so much music that didn’t have any words, but now, with the influx of amazing lo-fi hip hop, the concoction of jazz-hop (jazz and hip hop, it’s amazing 10/10 would recommend), I’ve found myself drawn towards instrumentals and amazing music that don’t have any lyrics.

I have two playlists on Spotify that have some of this music, my books playlist, which I generally use while studying, taking notes or writing up blog posts, and my toasty playlist, which is all things lo-fi hip hop and jazz, songs that sound toasty and warm.

So below, I’ve got a list of some of my favourite instrumental songs to exist at the moment. If you’re keen for more, I’ve linked both my books and my toasty playlists in this post, and you can find heaps more to have a listen to and enjoy!

unknown – fLOwTEC
by my side – Flavors, Two Sleep
Again – Wun Two
Mia & Sebastian’s Theme – Justin Hurwitz
tequila – mt. fujitive
Sahasrara – BluntOne
Albatross – Fleetwood Mac
Air – Blvk
Palms – wush
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) – Bethel Music
So Far To Go – J Dilla 
Flowers – The Deli
Alchemy – Willaris. K
Perfection – Floreyyyy
4Corners – DJ Grumble
When Sunny Gets Blue – McCoy Tyner
Far Away – Tomppabeats
Rain Man – Rex Orange County
5:32pm – The Deli

If you don’t listen to any of those, make sure you check out J Dilla at least, he’s one of my favourite producers, he’s made amazing beats, and his sound is iconic. That’s definitely not all of them, but if you enjoyed of those songs make sure you check out my Spotify for the rest of the playlist!




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Melancholia Mood: A Collab With Fiona

Hello friends, and welcome to another pit of despair and emotional turmoil courtesy of some incredible music.

Not really…but really.

This post is brought to you by a collaboration with the absolutely amazing Fiona, the mind behind Questions From A Teenager and one of my closest friends in the blogging world.

As is evident, I love music and it’s a love that majority of you share, including Fiona, so we thought we’d put together a lil playlist for you.

A melancholia playlist.

Because honestly, if you’re ever feeling down, music is the only logical response or course of action. Music is one of the most powerful things in the world, and for some reason, when you’re feeling down or sad, it’s this universal thing we all turn to. Melancholy in particular seems like it should be a complete music genre in itself!

So we have a playlist of 20 beautiful songs for you to indulge in, ten from me, and ten from Fiona, which you can find in a Spotify playlist that we have made for your convenience. It’s also a collaborative playlist, meaning once you’ve had a listen to the songs we’ve shared, feel free to add your own songs onto the playlist so we can all be down in the dumps together!

Honestly, prepare for the melancholia mood.

Here are my ten songs:

Human (Acoustic) - Jon BellionIf I Could Fly - One DirectionIn A Week - Hozier, Karen CowleyNotion - Tash SultanaNever Ending - RihannaA Song About Being Sad - Rex Orange CountyPaper Hea

So not only did I shed a tear or two while listening to my own submissions to the playlist, but when I got the chance to listen to Fiona’s picks??? Shivers. Tingles. Tear ducts in over drive. Like I said before.

Prepare yourself.

I love every single one of the songs above in their own special way. Each of them reminds me of a specific time, person, place or feeling and I love the impact music has on us all, especially songs that ignite a sense of melancholia or nostalgia.

For the other half of this collab, make sure you check out Fiona’s picks! She has some of the most beautiful songs on there, some I knew very well, and some that I had never heard before. Rest assured, every single song had me feeling all the feelings.

You can find our Spotify playlist HERE and you can check out Fiona’s blog HERE. Make sure you do. No regrets. Not a single one.



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July Tunes

Um. So the month is over.

I couldn’t tell you where it went or what it did but August is here.

The only good thing about how quickly this year seems to be steam rolling ahead, is that I get to share some of my favourite songs of the month with you all! I won’t babble, let’s jump into it!

Cry Me A River – Davina Michelle: I definitely heard this cover in the background of a YouTube video, but clearly I wasn’t focusing on the video hard enough because I can’t remember for the life of me what it was. This cover though. Her voice, the guitar, how moody and intense it is. I love it. Anyone who covers Justin Timberlake this well deserves the love.

Mud – RAT!hammock: If you caught my post all about my volunteering experience at the CHANGES Music Summit earlier this month, you’d be a little bit familiar with this band. This song was by far my favourite of the set they performed, just because of how mellow the first verse and chorus is, until the bass kicks in and you’re forced to bob your head. It’s a cracker of a tune.

Time – Gretta Ray: Gretta is a family favourite here, and so of course I had to get around her recent single. It’s everything I love about her, amazing arrangement, swelling bass drums, with beautiful lyrics and vocal performance. Her vocals are so full in this song as well if that makes sense, it gives the entire song this amazing warmth.

All Mine – Kanye West: Didn’t think I’d be listening to this song as much as I have when I first listened to it. It’s the chorus I tell you. You can bop your head to it, you can tap your foot, you can have a boogie. The contrast of the how deep that bass is, and how high he’s singing make for the perfect middle ground.

Hard Times – Paramore: A good one. A really, really good one. I don’t know if this song can ever get old for me. It’s pretty recent on the spectrum of Paramore releases, but I love the style, the drums, how singable the chorus is, it makes for a perfect car song.

Sunflower – Rex Orange County: If someone could take stock of how many times I’ve typed the word ‘rex’ ‘orange’ and ‘county’ on this blog and come back with the results, I would be very keen to know.

So Far – Paige: Um. Check out my blog post. All on Paige. All about this song.

The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix) – SZA, Calvin Harris: Okay, it’s not to say I didn’t like the original, it’s just that anything Calvin Harris touches turns to magic beneath his fingers. I revisited this song when trying to figure out what covers I wanted to put in my setlist for my performance (possible blog post coming there) and I fell in love with the bass line and SZA’s voice in this particular song all over again.

Brand New – Craig David: Now was I really born on the cusp of the 90’s, if I didn’t enjoy myself some Craig David? Old Craig David, new Craig David, I’m about all of it. I heard this song in one of my favourite clothing shops, and recognised the voice but not the song, so best believe I tried on a shirt just so I could get right underneath the speaker and Shazaam the heck out of it.

Summer Games – Drake: There are only a few songs off Scorpion that I bothered to listen to. This being one of them. I have an assignment coming up where I need to cover a song and make it my own, and this is at the top of my list. The lyrics are really nice, the flow and the rhythm of it is great and I love the melody.

Summertime Magic – Childish Gambino: Donald came through yet again, not long since releasing This Is America, with two amazing new tracks, ‘Summertime Magic’ and ‘Feels Like Summer’. As is evident with this list, the former is my favourite of the two, not only because of how beautiful his voice is, but because of how good the groove and the bounce gets you when it kicks in.

God Is A Woman – Ariana Grande: I’m sure everyone’s aware of this song, but after watching the music video, I’ve become obsessed with it. I’ve already recorded a really mellow cover of it and I’ve been listening to it on the way to university, on the train, at home, at work. I love it. I’m here for the new Ariana stuff.

Kung Pao – Ceraadi: I’ve been watching these sisters on YouTube for a bit more than a year, and have always loved their music playlists and collections. Of all the songs they’ve released, this is maybe one of my favourites. The music video is hype as heck, and the beat is so catchy.

Emotions – Drake: If it wasn’t the beat that got me with this song, it was the sample of Mariah Carey absolutely killing her song ‘Emotions’ at the begin of the song, coupled with the amazing choir in the background. Amazing work Drake. You did good on this one.

Superlove – Whethan ft Oh Wonder: I was introduced to this song by a friend who told me she could imagine me singing it, which of course turned my heart into a giant ball of mush. She’s also one of my only friends who obsesses over Jake Kodish and the rest of the Millennium Dance Complex group with me, so she found it on one of his dance videos. It’s a bop.

you should see me in a crown – Billie Eilish: Oh goodness she snapped on this one. It’s so moody and intense and the chorus goes so hard. My jaw dropped when I heard it for the first time, and I nearly screamed. It’s one of my favourites my Billie as of this moment.

Sour Diesel – ZAYN: So different. To anything he’s released before. Slightly more rock than we’re used to from Zayn, but it’s still a pretty good song all the same. My cousin and I definitely got a few stares bopping along to it on the train on the way to the football.

Sky Walker – Miguel: Don’t know why I didn’t venture further than Pineapple Skies with that album, but I definitely took my time getting to this song. I watched the making of this song on YouTube, and let me tell you, I could listen to that man talk, let alone sing, all day.

Jim Morrison – Jon Bellion: Um. Self explanatory, especially if you’ve been keeping up with my latest posts. Trust me when I say there’s more to come.

Hand of God – Outro – Jon Bellion: Okay, so like more to come in regards to posts, but also more to come in regards to this list as well. This song is one of my favourites, I’m pretty sure I also saw an interview where Jon said it was his favourite on the album too, and I can see why. It encapsulates the entire album perfectly, PLUS he got the choir who sang on Human Nature with Michael Jackson on the end of it, and it absolutely flies. It’s such a beautiful song, the words, the chorus, the ending, the beat, everything about this song gives me shivers, regardless of how many times I listen to it (which is a lot, possibly too much).

The Way I Am – Charlie Puth: Again, if you’ve been keeping up, you’d understand a lot of these favourites. I listened to a lot of Charlie Puth in June and July, not as much as Jon Bellion, but a lot, because in terms of production this guy is incredible. Not to mention his voice is beautiful and his vision is incredible. Majority of his songs have a great hook or groove to them, and you know that’s what I’m all about.

New York Soul – Pt. ii – Jon Bellion: So remember how I said Hand Of God was one of my favourites? I like this one just as much, if not more. His voice is showcased, his production is showcased, his arrangement and groove is hella showcased, and his rapping takes centre stage and I love every single part of it. I was in my friends car recently and while I took a minute to sob to myself when he told me how much money he’s spent on the car’s sound system, the first thing I did was put on this song. The only way to listen to this song, is loud.

Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill: Miss Lauryn Hill. Since Nice For What by Drake came out, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat, because as much as I love having a dance and listening to the incredible sample of this song in Nice For What, I definitely prefer the original much better.

Bubblin – Anderson .Paak: I found this song once again through YouTube, when I watched his Genius video explaining the lyrics. I love his song Come Down, though this is a close second. I love his personality and his energy, and it definitely shows through, whether he’s performing the song or even just talking about it.

Fall In Love – Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato: Okay, so I definitely was aware that this song was released, and as much as my 15-year old self loved both those women, I never really went out of my way to listen to it too deeply, only when it happened to be on. So why does it appear on this post? Because, I’ve been listening to it quite a bit this month. Why? Because Jon Bellion is one of the writers and provides backing vocals, that’s why.

So that’s it friends. That’s what I was listening to in July. Let me know if you listened to any of those, if you’ve already heard of those or if you have any recommendations for me. I’m all ears!



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Very Specific Pt. 8

Hello friends!

I know it hasn’t been incredibly long since my last specific post, but these are fun, quick posts to write and since it’s my birthday next month, I thought I’d share one of my favourite playlists with you.

I spoke about it briefly ages ago in my post all about playlists, but the importance of good hype music for any type of situation needs to be made very clear. In this instance, hyping yourself up, having fun with friends and preparing for a night out to celebrate literally anything.

I have an entire Spotify playlist dedicated entirely to the cause, fondly and fittingly titled before the uber comes, considering that is when it really gets it’s best run, and it’s one of my favourite playlists on my account.

So without further ado, here’s a very specific playlist, best suited for a boogie before the uber comes.

Fake ID – Riton
Cutting Shapes – Don Diablo
Kiss Kiss – Chris Brown
Work – Rihanna
I Enter – Seconcity
King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar
Tonight – Don Diablo
One Dance – Drake
Be With You – RUFUS DU SOL
Picture Me Rollin – Chris Brown
Freak Like Me – Lee Walker ft Katy B & MNEK
Attention (Bingo Players Remix) – Charlie Puth
Trini Dem Girls – Nicki Minaj
Senorita – Justin Timberlake
Show You Love – Kato
Tipsy – J-Kwon
Deep Down Low – Valentino Khan
On My Mind – Jorja Smith, Preditah
OKAY – Shiba San
Nuh Ready Nuh Ready – Calvin Harris ft PARTYNEXTDOOR
Gasolina – Daddy Yankee
Notorious – Malaa
One Kiss – Calvin Harris ft Dua Lipa
Do It Right – Martin Solveig
You – Dom Dolla

Make sure you check out my Spotify for a ton more songs! I have quite a few playlists dedicated to the hype and you can bet they get put to use.



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