April Tunes // Apparently I Do This Quarterly Now

Hello friends. It’s been a minute. Nearly four months to be exact.

Wasn’t intentional, I most certainly didn’t mean to skip out on three months worth of Monthly Tunes posts, let alone any posts at all to say the least, but alas, it happened and here we are. So what have I been up to since then?

Quite genuinely, not a hint of a lie, literally everything but rest. I’ve been working full time at my retail job which I currently love, I’ve given up my one day off every week to work a second job within my passion industry, barely making it to the gym though somehow still trying and I’m currently trying to fit in a social life and attempting to make some music on the two days I have off every fortnight. I’ve contemplated scheduling in my burn out so that I can get it out of the way and get on with it.

Oh, and my band released an album, for which I had to organise an album launch. Very successful but very stressful as you can imagine.

But, since we’re back, who knows how long for, I’m just trying to make the most of it, let me share what I was listening to in April. Because it was a lot. And don’t even think I’ll skip a shameless plug for the album my boys and I spent a year and a half waiting to release.

We spent all the free time we had out of lockdown working on this album and it’s finally out. We had an amazing album launch at The Leadbeater Hotel in Melbourne, sold out all our merch and celebrated the album being out the next day! So many new people got down and the place was packed. 10/10. Please have a listen!!

Use This Gospel – Kanye West, Clipse, Kenny G: Bumped this track with the boys in the band in the van on the way to our album launch. I’m still staunchly anti-Kanye but this track hit the spot, and really got us pumped. The Kenny G sax solo was especially tasteful and appreciated.

SPF – Felix Ames: I discovered Felix Ames on TikTok, (shocker), and instantly fell in love with this song. Checked back in religiously to see if he’d released it yet, and when he did I added it to my playlists straight away. Given, winter is steadily approaching us here in Melbourne, however this song makes my drive by the beach early in the morning on the way to work a bit less dreary.

Way Out – Jack Harlow, Big Sean: Jack Harlow has me in a choke-hold this year. Every song on this album is incredible and gets me going immediately. I’m seeing him live in July and cannot wait, holy moly.

Starlight – Dave: Ever since my cousin introduced me to Dave, I’ve been finding more and more songs of his to love. This is the most recent obsession. It doesn’t help that it popped up in a TikTok trend almost instantly after it came out but it is what it is.

Over – Lucky Daye: Lucky Daye has been picking up speed this year and this song really shone a spotlight on him especially on the internet. Again, TikTok really picked up this song and gave it some speed but no-one can deny Lucky Daye has the voice of a god. I’ve been in love with his songs and his music for a while now, but this song is definitely one of my favourites. So intricate and detailed.

Oxygen – Beach Bunny: This song is so therapeutic to listen to and the energy it gives me cannot be put into words. It’s another track that’s been added to the work playlist so it’s lovely to hear it come across the speakers every now and then.

Pasadena – Tinashe: I rediscovered Tinashe earlier this year so I’ve been making my way through her 333 album. This song is hands down my favourite. Sounds exactly like summer. Like, imagine you ran outside on a super sunny day with a huge mason jar and just trapped some of the sun and the summer air and the sound of birds singing and kept it forever. That’s this song.

Nail Tech – Jack Harlow: No need to explain.

Whatever Simon Says – Mahalia: Mahalia returned with an absolute track. I love the lyrics in this song and how it builds so perfectly over the chorus and second verse. I listened to it for the first time in the car with a friend on the way home from work and when that bass line came in we both lost it. Immediate stank face.

Alone – Doja Cat: This track just gets me. April was a rollercoaster for me personally, and this song just has a way of chilling me the heck out. It’s a combination of the guitar, how in-the-pocket the drum beat is and how beautifully Doja singing the chorus contrasts with her rapped verses.

Bed I Made – Allen Stone, Alessia Cara: I could never have predicted this collaboration if these two were in the same room, right in front of me, but hearing it, it makes so much sense. This song hit me when I most needed it, and I’m convinced I didn’t listen to anything other than this song for a whole two weeks straight. So beautiful and simple, Allen and Alessia’s voices blend together sublimely and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard a song that made me feel the way this song did.

up at night – Kehlani, Justin Bieber: Another song that had me in a chokehold. These two together make so much sense, but if I’m being honest, I’d be just as about this song without the JB feature. Kehlani completely outshines him in my opinion and brings all the emotion and intention to this song.

As It Was – Harry Styles: What a re-entry. Smashing through the atmosphere if you ask me. This was so unexpected, and I think no-one saw the direction coming, but Harry Styles, like always, pulls it off effortlessly. The synths, the lyrics, that dang bridge. Everything about this track makes sense.

Saturday Night – Summer Thieves: I recently caught Summer Thieves live earlier in April when I went and saw L.A.B in concert (also what a ‘yay’ moment that live music is truly back and I’ve gone for four live music gigs in the last two months) and I immediately fell in love with them. Their blend of rock and reggae was the perfect opening act for the main band, and they had the audience in the palm of their hand. This song has become one of my most listened to tracks over the last month, and my obsession with it has yet to wane.

Everlong – Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters. Before this year, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned Foo Fighters before, the last time I recall properly listening to them was back in the early 2000’s when I was a kid. However, they came down to Australia in March and played an incredible gig out in regional Victoria that was a real standout for the country, and since then I’ve been rinsing their music. I didn’t attend but I heard so much about it that I had to start listening to more, and thus, this song began it’s steady rise to the top of my most listened tracks.

Same Same – WAAX: I super last minute got to see these guys live thanks to a friend who had two free tickets for their gig and it was genuinely so much fun. I listened to some of their music a few years ago so it was a bit of throwback, and such an energetic gig. The crowd was super lively, there was a lot of crowd-surfing and scaffold-climbing, and the band’s energy was just as intense. Fell in love with this song all over again after seeing it live.

White Lines – SIX60: I finally got to see these guys live again in April and it was one of my highlights for the month. It was super easy to get to the front so we were right by the stage and literally every song I listed on my dream set, they played, including this one which is an older track of their. It lifted the energy immediately and set such a vibe for the crowd who were getting right into it.

wish i never – Kehlani: We were finally gifted a new album from Miss Kehlani and they totally delivered. This song is probably my favourite, super punchy and gritty but somehow the vocals are still super sweet and smooth. It’s just Kehlani’s voice man, couple with a super thick bass line, this song was instantly at the top for me.



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