Some Film & Some Tunes

Hello friends, I hope you’re well.

I just wanted to drop in to share some film and some tunes. I know I’ve been absent, but as some of this film might show, I’ve just been living life, dealing with some highs and lows, so I hope you all can accept this small gift of super cute photos of my friends and my life as well as some super cool music that I’ve been enjoying, as an apology.

Come Through – Sam V
Run Away! – The Ugly Boys
Hit My Line – Olivia Escuyos
Whatever Simon Says – Mahalia
How Many Ways – MaKenzie Thomas
Ghostin’ – Wesley Joseph

Derail – Strange River
I Can’t I Wont – Nilo Blues
BYO – Ojikae
Blink Twice – San Joseph
Bad Dreams – Olive Amun
Spaceship – Noah Davis
Forever – Teza Sumendra
Don’t Recommend – Reagan Capaci

Sleeping In – Jye
Archimedes – Srirachi
Mung Bean – Masaya
We Could Go – King Sis, Tilden Parc
On Top – Billymaree
Feel – Arlo Sim
Be My Own Boyfriend – Olivia Dean
Between Dreams – Leah Hawkins

As usual, you can find all these songs plus more on my Spotify. I hope you’re all well.



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