Songs You Don’t Know But Should Pt. 29

Good evening everyone. I’m actually not going to bother apologising for the lack of posts for the year so far, your girl has been busy but I’ll get into it later on. Today I just thought I’d drop in to share some gems and then crawl back into my hole again.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the songs on this list, let me know what you think and remember, you can find all of them and bunch more on my Spotify which is as always, linked at the bottom of my posts!

Be My Own Boyfriend – Olivia Dean
Forever – Teza Sumendra

How Many Ways – MaKenzie Thomas
Don’t Recommend – Reagan Capaci
U – Reuben Fleetwood
Ur_Room – Wesley Joseph
Blink Twice – San Joseph
My All – Larissa Lambert
sweet and sour – Amelia Moore
WANDA – Madison Ryann Ward
Favourite Band – chloe moriondo
BS – Milan Ring, Che Lingo
So So Sick – Joyce Wrice



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