So This Is Christmas…

Is it too early to make Christmas posts? Surely not…

Anyway, I’ll be doing it regardless.

I don’t know man, the last two years with COVID and going in and out of lockdowns, Christmas just hasn’t hit like it usually does, so I’m hoping this month we’re able to revive it. My family have set up the tree, lights have been thoroughly strung and all that’s missing is the infamous Christmas playlist.

However, when it comes to Christmas playlists, I’ve branched out a bit. Of course you have the classics, the typical Christmas songs and usual fun, and you’ll find them in most Christmas playlists you throw on. Which is why you won’t find that many of them in mine.

I’ve discovered that this year in particular, my favourite genre of Christmas track is that late 90s, early 2000’s Christmas album release that every pop/RnB artist was releasing at the end of the year. You know the ones I mean. The ones that with a couple lyric changes could pass for a release at any time of the year. I love them. The ones that hit you in the feels and having you feeling nostalgic without even realising you’re listening to a Christmas tune.

Hard to imagine? Lucky for you I have a playlist filled with these very tracks in particular. Have a listen.

I’ll leave you with this for now, but don’t worry – I’ll try and pop back in before Christmas day to give you some more!



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3 thoughts on “So This Is Christmas…

  1. For some reason I feel REALLY Christmassy this year and I think it’s about time since we’ve had such a rubbish time the past couple of years !! Love the look of this playlist, will definitely be having a listen later!

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