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Hey pals. Just thought I’d come back with a post that has a little bit of a local vibe to it. For this post I’m gonna be sharing some of the best spots that I’ve been to or heard of for music, in my city of Melbourne. Understandably, that’s probably very irrelevant to a lot of you who don’t live in Australia, Melbourne is the music capital so I stay hyping it up anyways.

The Howler Bar
Right. So ya’ll have heard me talk about The Howler before, seeing as two of the best gigs I’ve ever attended, Gretta Ray and Dean Lewis, were both played there. With the best pulled pork slider I’ve ever tasted in my life plus a huge selection of ciders and beers, it’s such a great vibe, perfect for a meal before a show. The gig room itself isn’t massive either; a small bar to the side, a couple of rounded platforms at the back, complete with sofa and cushions for the perfect seat, and an intimately close distance between act and audience.

Festival Hall
Again, I’ve spoken about Festival Hall previously, in my gig review for The Kooks. It’s definitely one of Melbourne’s older concert halls, but it’s housed a huge variety of incredible acts including but not limited to, Macklemore, Sleeping With Sirens, The Beatles, The Kooks, The 1975, Kanye West, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra and a ton more. It’s iconic, and unfortunately there’s talk of it being demolished to make way for more apartment complexes, an idea which I loathe with my entire being.

The Corner Hotel
The Corner Hotel is one of the much-loved band rooms that have held music greats, as well as your old mate from high schools new band. I can think of three friends off the top of my head who have performed at The Corner Hotel within the last four months, yet it also affords the likes of Mick Jagger, Crowded House and The White Stripes. With good beer, room enough for a 800-head strong crowd and a rooftop to die for, it’s not hard to see why there’s events and gigs being held there every week.

Gasometer Hotel
Despite being closed down in 2013, the Gasometer’s death was short lived when it was re-opened the next year better than ever. Again, I can name two or three people I know who’ve played at the venue, while others rave about the line-ups, retractable roof, mezzanine level and cozy 350 people intimacy.

The Toff In Town
Unfortunately I can’t say that I’ve been to The Toff but boy have I heard about it. A bunch of my friends from uni have played a gig there, while others praise it as the best place for after late-class drinks and music.

The Forum
I loved The Forum. It’s where I saw sis, Kehlani, and it’s to date one of my favourite concerts of all time. The huge stage and incredible interior design and architecture makes for a whole experience outside of the music you’ve come to listen to, and the clear seperate sections that designate the bar, the booth style seating and the cinema up on the next level just make it feel fancy as hell.

Okey dokey. It differs from all the rest, but by no means is it any less than the venues mentioned above. I’d go as far as to say it’s my favourite of them all???? YoYo is quite possible my favourite night club that I’ve ever been to in the whole of the city of Melbourne and there are a bloody lot. It’s definitely not everyone’s taste, but for someone who likes to dance, wants a mix of old RnB, hard hip hop, commercial rap/hip-hop/RnB and just a nice time with nice people? Right up your lane. My dudes, the people they’ve had host after parties matches some of the venues above – French Montana, Kehlani (mom), A$AP Ferg, Childish Gambino, Future, Lil Yachty, Ice Cube, Kid Ink, I mean CRAIG ROBINSON as in Darryl from The Office. I’ve gone there for both my 18th and 19th and you can best believe it’s where I’m headed for my 20th this year. Dudes I wish I could bring you with me. I love this place, I could cry.

So yeah! I’ve literally scrapped the absolute surface of all the places you can find music in Melbourne, whether it’s catching your favourite band at an arena or concert hall, watching some new indie bands at one of the many live music venues hidden within the city and inner suburbs, or catching a DJ set at the various clubs and bars around the city. If any of you honey’s find yourself in Melbourne, on the hunt for some good music, you know where to look. Alternatively you could also shoot me a message and we could have a grand adventure, but it’s just a suggestion!!!! Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post, a lil different, but I really had fun writing it!



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