2018 Spotify Wrapped

Another year in Spotify time has come to an end, and with it came the much anticipated Wrapped.

I feel like while last year it was a bit of novelty, some people got on board, others were just interested to see how their year panned out, this year, it was huge. Artists were posting their stats, listeners were sharing their minutes of listening and Top Five artists on their Instagram story, and everyone was making a lot more use out of the marketing capabilities that the 2018 Spotify Wrapped provided.

I have to say, my Spotify Wrapped was of very little surprise to me. I did expect to have more listening time considering it feels like I’m constantly listening to music, but in terms of the artists who featured on my wrap up, I was not in the least bit surprised.

There was a slight change up in the presentation of our personal Spotify Wrapped, which I really enjoyed looking through. There were some new statistics that popped up, horoscope of artists you listened to the most(???), as well as the playlists I had been waiting for, the songs I listened to the most throughout the year, and songs that were recommended for me to listen to, based on my year’s listening habits.

Rather than go into a long explanation, I thought I’d share some screenshots from my Spotify Wrapped for 2018!


Not surprised. Ain’t Nobody, by Chaka Khan, is to date, one of my all time favourite songs, and I have incredible memories with my extended family to this song, and this release by Rufus has been on nearly all my playlists in my Spotify library, with no regrets.



Is anyone else surprised? Because God knows I’m not.






Not surprised at all. Considering my top artists feature in at least one post a month here on You Should Hear, I can’t say I didn’t expect them. Again this year, I probably underestimated how much I actually listen to Chris Brown and Bruno Mars, while I am well aware I listen to a lot of Jon Bellion, Amine and Kendrick.

The Heart Is A Muscle has no doubt been one of my most played songs, so again, not surprised, and same with the Finesse Remix, since it was released three days into the year. I mean I definitely dedicated an entire post to Bene, the singer of Tough Guy, and Pills and Automobiles and Nexus are two of my favourite power songs.

How did you Spotify Wrapped 2018 show up?



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 1.01.15 pm

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7 thoughts on “2018 Spotify Wrapped

  1. Oh my god this is such a good post, I have to make one about my Spotify Wrapped as well! I haven’t actually looked at mine yet but jesus, I’m sitting in class right now and am dying to check my results. I have a feeling Drake will be featured on mine pretty heavily. And Kendrick❤️❤️❤️

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  2. […] Recently I was looking at my stats, and saw that a lot of people were still reading the posts I did about Visualify, a website that gave you visual rundown of the music you listened to on Spotify, within much smaller time frames. It was a great alternative compared to waiting until the end of the year for your Spotify Wrapped. (Btw – you can check out mine HERE). […]


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