Australian Music from Australian Artists

Hello friends, and welcome to another blog post.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you a list of songs, from Australian artists. The Australian music industry obviously isn’t as huge as the American music industry, and a lot of our artists end up heading over there anyway, but we still have some amazing artist, releasing amazing music.

Please don’t mind the copious amount of posts that are linked throughout this list, as is clear, I’m passionate about Australia artists and Australian music, hence why I’ve already covered quite a lot of these artists and seen a few of them live. Hopefully you find some new music to listen to!

Give It To Me – Olivia Escuyos
Sweet Lady – Little Finn
Slow Mover – Angie McMahon
Emerald – RINI
Killing My Time – G Flip
The Heart Is A Muscle – Gang Of Youths
Younger – Ruel
Heartburn – Wafia
Follow Me – SŸDE ft Evan Klar
Waiting – KIAN
Daddy’s Got A Gun – Molly Millington
Dance With Me – Tentendo, Jordan Dennis
Selfish – The Kite String Tangle
Future Heroine – Ecca Vandal
I Said Hi – Amy Shark
Monday – Matt Corby
Fools And Their Gold – PLGRMS
Marryuna – Baker Boy
Do Right – Glades
2000 n Something – Kaiit
Let You Down – Peking Duk
Wild Horses – Bishop Briggs
Life Goes On – E^ST
Feel The Way I Do – Jungle Giants
P Plates – Ruby Fields
Too Far Gone – Vince The Kid, KIAN
Couch Potato – Jakubi
Time – Gretta Ray
Mistake – Middle Kids
Be Alright – Dean Lewis

I hope you had a listen to some of those songs, I honestly love all of them, and am very passionate about all those artists. Definitely check out the linked posts as well, they’re all a fun time! Let me know if you enjoy any of the songs or the artists I’ve shared!!



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11 thoughts on “Australian Music from Australian Artists

  1. I see Australia, I CLICK. The only one of these I’ve listened to is Monday (of course) but I’ll be checking these others out asap. Do you like Sticky Fingers the band??? Whenever I think of great Aussie artists they always spring to mind!! xx

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    • Appreciate your click Chloe. And omg okay yes I do, but some members did some shitty stuff recently and I’m not 100% as behind them as I once was, but they’ve been killing it for the last two or three years so I totally get why they’re a favourite, Rum Rage and How To Fly are favourites! x

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