Ode To The Australian Home Grown’s

Hello friends!

So, resisting the temptation to share my own music, because I am an Australian ‘home grown’, was a thing I had to endure when I sat down to write this post. Was it hard?


Because as you may have gathered, I belong to a generation entrenched in self deprecation and jokes made at our expense so while I know I’m one of the best things to happen to this Earth, I simultaneously hate myself.

HOWEVER. That’s not to say I don’t have tons of other Australian artists that I absolutely love like my own children. So today I’m going to be sharing some of my all time favourite Australian musicians/bands/singers. For the sake of not boring you to death, if I’ve mentioned someone before, I’ll link you to their respective post. Let’s begin.


Song Recommendation: Uninvited

I came across Mallrat last year when she released Uninvited and had to collect my jaw up off the floor. Her voice is really simple and light, but her tunes are actual slaps. This song in particular is quite bass heavy, which we know I love, and I have a real issue with judging anyone who doesn’t immediately start to boogie when I share this song with them.



Song Recommendation: Girl In The Sun

For a while I definitely wasn’t a fan of Allday. But somehow last year I found myself listening to his intensely Australian rapping a lot more than I was used to.



Song Recommendation: Orbit (Hazey Eyes Remix) ft Ashe

I don’t think I can talk enough about these dudes. So far I’ve written two blog posts about them, have a read! Cheers Triple J // Above The Clouds With SŸDE



Song Recommendation: Golden Years

This dude is so young, but last year he absolutely exploded over Triple J. He supported Angus and Julia Stone on their recent tour, and I’ve been obsessed with his voice ever since I hear Golden Years.



Gang Of Youths
Song Recommendation: Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane

The first time I heard this song I nearly started crying. I can’t encourage you to listen to Do Not Let Your Spirit, or any Gang Of Youths song, enough. A huge thank you to Let Go Fest for headlining these guys at the festival. The Heart Is A Muscle went so hard and it’s all I’ve been playing since.



Ruby Fields
Song Recommendation: I Want

When I first heard I Want, I knew I had to write a song about Ruby Fields. She blew up over night, but it was well deserved. Have a read; Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.



Dean Lewis
Song Recommendation: Lose My Mind

I dedicated a whole post to Dean after I saw him live at The Howler here at Melbourne. It was perfect; Same Kind Of Different.



Gretta Ray
Song Recommendation: Unexpected Feeling

Similar to Dean, one of the first posts I wrote on this blog was a gig review after I saw Gretta live at the Howler in April last year. One of my favourite gigs to date; Get Around Gretta. Unexpected Feeling is one of my all time favourite songs, purely because it brings back memories from when I was a couple years younger and heavily on SoundCloud, and we followed each other and I used to listen to this on repeat.



Song Recommendation: High On Life

I love this song. I know the female vocalist and DEX has been gradually picking up speed around Australia, Melbourne mainly, as a rapper to watch. Rooftops is another song to give a listen.



Song Recommendation: Natural Woman

This was one of my favourite releases last year, and I’m patiently waiting for more from Kaitt. For the smoothes vocals, scatting and RnB feels, give this a listen.



The Jungle Giants
Song Recommendation: Used To Be In Love

Besides featuring The Jungle Giants in several of my playlists and posts, I definitely enjoy them on the daily, especially this song. They placed pretty well in the 2017 Triple J’s Hottest 100 on the 27th of January, and you bet I was grooving along at work.



Song Recommendation/s: Go Bang/Changa

Pnau kicked into 6th gear last year when their song Chameleon picked up a bunch of speed. However, their most recent releases, Go Bang and Changa are two of my favourites from the group. Perfect summer songs.



Hockey Dad
Song Recommendation: Beach House

I’ve already babbled about my attachments to Hockey Dad and this song, so I’ll just direct you that post instead of babbling againThanks @wwallowss.



Song Recommendation: Heartburn

I’ve loved Wafia for ages. Ever since she appeared on my radar, I’ve been obsessed with her voice, the music she releases and the incredible amounts of collaborations she’s getting under her belt. Heartburn was one of the first songs I heard from her and it’s still my favourite.



Song Recommendation: Can’t Afford It All

Arguably my favourite from this list, I’ve been all over Jakubi back when I accidentally caught them live in 2014 at a council festival for $2 entry. Rudimental And Jakubi – Live at The Australian Open Live Stage.



Song Recommendation: Speak Easy

I’m not sure if it’s meant to, but this song makes me so emotional and I dream of seeing it live.



Kite String Tangle
Song Recommendation: Arcadia

There’s a certain sense of nostalgia that I relate to this song, I used to cache this song on my old iPhone 3G back when streaming music ate all the phone data you had. It was a magical experience. Kite String Tangle has earned a reputation as a not-to-be-missed act at the several festivals he’s performed at and I hope to catch a set soon. This song makes me feel a kind of way, like I think of a very specific time, of a specific person and a particular route I used to take on the way home from high school in the car. Don’t ask because I’m not sure I even know.





So yeah. Hopefully you discovered some new Australian guns to have a listen to. Thanks to the accessibility on social media and platforms such as my beloved Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, Australian music is steadily on the rise, which I am ever so grateful for.



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    • Hahahaha I only aim to share the good tunes! They’re all fantastic though it was a struggle picking and choosing which artists to include in this x


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